Top 10 Most Annoying Sayings, Phrases & Expressions

Which sayings, in your own personal humble opinion make you all "Bro, here's the thing: I am literally going to kill myself if you say that one more time. Just saying'. Don't get mad. We're still all cool with each other, no homo. Ya feel me?"
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1 Bro/brah

When did this become a thing? I'm not your bro or your brah. I guess it's the current version of "dude" or "man".

Who says it? Bros under 25, especially dumb, white frat boys.

Bro is alright. Brah is another story.

2 Just sayin'

Translation: I just said something rude or snarky or sarcastic or something blatantly obvious, but adding "just saying'" at the end makes it all better.

3 Overuse of "literally"

Who does it? People who do not understand the distinction between "literally" and "figuratively".

Example: Hearing some of these stupid phrases literally makes my blood boil. (If my blood actually boiled, I'd be dead, literally. )

I literally just ate a potato with literally salt it was literally salty.

People have destroyed its meaning because of this.

4 It is what it is

Translation: I've absolutely nothing to add to this conversation, but I feel the need to state the some fact is, in fact, a fact.

5 Ya feel me?

I can almost guarantee that if you're asking me that, then, no, as a matter of fact, I do not "feel" you. People who use this expression tend to use it many times in one short conversation.

6 So, here's the thing

So, here's the thing: I've been guilty of saying this, too. I'm vowing to stop. Why do we need to preface our statement? Is it a warning of some sorts for the listeners to prepare themselves? Why can't we just state the thing?

Example: I could have started this comment by simply stating, "I've been guilty of this, too."

7 Deez Nuts
8 Here we grow again
9 IMO and IMHO

Unless you are an expert on a particular subject matter or have some first hand experience with the subject matter, then everything you say is just your opinion. You don't need to explain that to me. I get it. And I take it for what it's worth. There is no need to remind me that you're just spouting off. It makes you sound weak. Which of the following sentences sounds authoritative? "In my opinion, the death penalty should be abolished." vs. "The death penalty should be abolished."

Even worse is writing or saying "in my own opinion" or "in my own personal opinion". If it is your opinion, then necessarily you own it, and it is personal to you. (Of course, this is all just my own personal opinion. )

I am guilty of this a lot honestly.

10 Riiiight?
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11 No homo

Who says it? Boys and men under 25 who are very insecure of themselves and their sexuality.

Do they really think that if one guy says to another guy, "Hey, nice shirt," that the 1st guy wants to have sex with the second guy or is attracted to him? Do they think that adding "no homo" makes everyone else think that they are 100% hetero and would never, ever, in a gazillion, trillion years try to hide their gayness by claiming their not gay?

This is homophobic

12 Overuse of the word, "like"

Very annoying to hear someone say this word countless of times.

In this one episode of dance moms JoJo Siwa overused this word.

13 Shut the front door
14 I could care less...
16 O.M.G.
17 Yeet
18 This, that, and the other

Am I the only one who thinks this phrase makes no sense?

19 A form of the verb "to be" + "all"

I am all mad at him because he was all drunk and puked in my car which made me all, "Bro, what? "


Not so much anymore.

21 Spill the tea
22 Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger

There's a reason soldiers come home from war different than how they left.

23 Not being funny, but...
24 Second of all...
25 Lol
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