Top Ten Reasons to Love Jackie Chan

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1 He does his own stunts

His stunt accidents didn't stop him from performing all his stunts on his own. He is awesome!

Jackie Chan doesn't need any help! He can do it all by himself.

This is amazing! I thought every movie star had a stunt double.

2 He's funny

I love Jackie Chan because he's a great actor and skilled. He knows how to make good films. And I love every blooper at the end credits of Jackie Chan's movies, especially the Rush Hour series!

He was absolutely hilarious in Rush Hour. It's my all-time favorite Jackie Chan movie. Chan and Tucker are flawless together!

Yes, Rush Hour is simply an all-time movie. I love Jackie Chan!

3 His stunts are unique and out-of-this-world
4 He is for all ages

Everyone has to love this guy. He's not like Bruce Lee or Jet Li, who are more adult-oriented. Everyone can watch his movies.

Kids and even adults love to watch him. When a person sees him or just hears his name, it's like... "Oh my gosh! I'm going to spend all my money for this movie."

5 He's a UNICEF ambassador
6 He's handsome

True. But it also matters what's on the inside.

He can perform the most badass feats in cinema history and still be a charming, lovable cutie.

7 He deserves an Oscar

An Oscar must be reserved for him. Jackie Chan is the god of action-comedy and the best self-stuntman ever in the history of the world. He must be awarded at least one Oscar.

He is a blessing and an asset to the film industry. I just don't understand why he didn't get an Oscar yet.

Damn right! For being the greatest movie star Asia has ever produced... period.

8 He is more comedic than dramatic

We know Jackie Chan doesn't fit in dramas... especially serious action. No-no. Jackie goes for the comedy.

9 He became famous because of his old yet comedic films
10 He played Bruce Lee when the real Bruce Lee died
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11 He is generous

Philanthropists like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates inspired him to donate his assets to charities after his death. He has established a charity foundation that provides scholarships to young people for education and training in the arts. In every good way imaginable, Jackie Chan is truly the 'ACTION KING'!

He says he wishes to keep on donating his money to good causes and hopes that when he dies, his bank account is empty. Truly humble and generous.

Philanthropists like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates inspired him to donate his assets to charities upon his death.

12 He's always smiling
13 He is multi-talented

He is not only an awesome martial artist and actor but also a very good singer!

I don't know him, but he sounds amazing! I need to watch one of his movies!

14 He is multilingual

He speaks English, as well as Mandarin and Cantonese. He also speaks some Japanese in some movies.

15 He defends the forsaken people in real life
16 He made cookies
17 His movies are the best movies ever

I love all his movies. What an amazing actor!

18 He's an awesome martial artist
19 He's very quick

Just look at his stunts and find the truth.

20 He knows Jaden Smith
21 He's a good 
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