Top 10 Scariest Natural Disasters

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1 Tsunami

Tsunamis are one of the most terrifying natural disasters ever can you imagine I'm so glad that they don't happen where I live what makes them even scarier is how big they can become like hell tsunamis can become as big as a damn building I can see why this is number one.

When you see a Tsunami, you aren't going to have Aquama to save you. Your screwed and that's that. You will either drown, killed by whatever aquatic animals live in the waters in the flood, impaled by debris or shards of remaing parts of buildings and other things, knocked out, or the aftermath of flooding and debris kills you. There's a 96% chance that you will die. The other 4% doesn't occur often. So if you see a 10 story tsunami hurtling towards you, you could try to run but I doubt you'd get very far before it sweeps you off your feet.

You're at the beach, relaxing- then, a huge eruption of screams is heard. You see in the distance- a wave, far, far larger than any you've seen before- a wave of fear hits you, all the warmth in your body has vanished- and you can hardly move. You struggle to get to your car, but as you pull out, the traffic of other cars blocks your way. You open your door and step outside, to see the wave smack the ground, a slice of water heading right for you.

2 Earthquake

It can happen without warning. Buildings fall down, people run through the streets. Other disasters can come from it. It causes the tsunamis and landslides that killed hundreds of thousands. The 2004 tsunami was caused by a magnitude 9 earthquake. Plus, there's the fires that rage on due to destroyed gas lines. You can't escape, because roads have been destroyed. Electricity goes out, and you can't get running water because pipes are destroyed. The downed power lines serve as a hazard. There's rubble and glass in the streets, and you might be trapped under it. And it gets worse as smaller earthquakes called aftershocks follow.

There's usually a lot of natural disasters that occur due to other natural disasters. Earthquakes are so unexpected that you have no warning, no time to prepare, nothing. All you can really do is hold on to whatever sturdy thing you are closed to for dear life and pray that you'll be okay.

3 Tornado

Someone did survive a tornado by hanging on to a fence but most of the time, if you are within distance of a tornado and not inside in the basement or windowless shelter, then you will probably be swept off your feet. I personally think tornados are the scariest since I live in a state where lots of tornados happen. You can predict them and there are sirens to alert you and the news but it's still scary. The strange thing about a tornado is that they move in a very odd pattern. If you live in a suburban neigborhood, then the house next to you could be destroyed into thousands of pieces and then the house in front of yours would get destroyed and then the house on the other side of yours could get destoryed. I've seen News casts of neighborhoods that have had this occurance. Never underestimate a tornado because even if it was an F1, it could quickly develop into something much worse. Always be alert when there is a tornado.

4 Hurricanes, Cyclones and Typhoons

Hurricanes are the most deadly natural disaster ever. Tornadoes have the highest wind speeds, but hurricanes have the most power. Look at these two hurricanes. Odile: Deadliest storm surge than any other hurricane. Katrina: The costliest hurricane in U.S. history. THIS SHOULD BE #1!

MY top ten worst hurricanes #1 hurricane Katrina. #2 hurricane Mitch #3 hurricane Wilma #4 hurricane Andrew #5 hurricane Camille #6 hurricane Irma #7 hurricane sandy. #8 hurricane Mathew. #9 hurricane Ivan #10 hurricane Isabel

When there was a hurricane in 2012, I was on vacation. My dad was driving fast so we could get home. When I turned around and saw the hurricane. But it was far from us and brown.

5 Volcano

It's not just the lava that's the deadliest. It's the aftermath also. You have time to evacuate before the volcano explodes. Once it does, the lava could flow for miles, burning everything in its path. I've seen CACCOONS of people covered in ash and tar. Even when you escape, the gases and radiation from the volcano can be even more deadly than the lava itself. The gases are water vapor which isn't dangerous but when it combines with carbon dioxide, it could spread for miles and miles, suffocating anything. The vapor could also mix with hydrogen flouride which is even more deadly. So even when you think you are safe, just remember that these gases can spread a vast range of miles.

Every natural disaster here (maybe except for hurricanes and definitely volcanoes) end in a short amount of time. Volcanoes don't just erupt. They spread, they kill a whole part of the ocean, they cover a whole island with ash, they burn everything in their path, cause forest fires, and were contagious. No human had ever found out a way to survive a volcano...

6 Sinkhole

Sinkholes seem like the longest, excruciating deaths you could have with a natural disaster. Tysunamis can drown you and it takes appoximately three minutes to die when drowning. Sinkholes on the other hand sound way worse. Just the though of suddenly being swallowed up by the ground and closed in inside the earth. You quickly suffocate and slowly die. It's already your own grave.

There is a story of a man who was chillin' at home, when all of a sudden, a sinkhole opened up in the middle of his bedroom- his brother rushed their, and, as the man was sinking into the sinkhole, his brother tried to save him- to no avail. The man emitted his final screams, and his body was never found, despite numerous attempts.

This is like being buried alive and no one can go rescue you because its way too dangerous and the sinkhole might close up! And even if you are still alive after you fall you can't get out you have to wait for your death!

7 Acid Rain

Its like God throws up on you.

U can't us an umbrella so duck for cover ohh wait your already dead

8 Flood

I swam through the '1,000 year flood' in Louisiana in 2016. Most terrifying thing ever. I remember watching water snakes and alligators slide through the water from my window, then my house flooded and I had to swim through it.

Even if you don't drown and you dread the waters, the flow of the rapids could swallow you under, debris impales you, or you get attacked by a ten foot gator or snake.

I never experienced this.

9 Forest Fire

Forest fires sometimes can help to eliminate invasive species where regular species survive because they adapted to it. It also helps some trees germinate.

Imagine a massive blaze carried by the wind to a city and how much damage and hell it would cause. Spreads the fastest and destroys everything in its path.

I've been through the one in Oregon, I think it was in 2020 or maybe 2021. I don't remember. It was terrifying though, that's al I remember.

10 Avalanche

Would you be happy if a huge jumble of rocks was crashing down right behind you and you had no way to stop it? Didn't think so

Can rip through forests at crazy speeds.

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11 Asteroid Impact

The radiation from the asteroid could poison and suffocate anything nearby such as plants and animals maybe humans. It killed the dinosaurs which could withstand injuries and chemicals better than we can but it still killed them. Thanks to the technology these days, I think we'd be able to spot if there's an asteroid army hurtling towards earth.

It killed the Dinos so we should be afraid of this more than tsunamis or earthquakes! (not to mention meteors manipulate other natural disasters)

This could destroy the whole planet. An asteroid is basically a cosmic nuke.

12 Gamma Ray Burst

There is a theory that a gamma ray burst from a star light years away may have caused one of the biggest mass extinctions in this planet's history with the Ordovician period. If one were to hit us right now we'd be toast, literately.

Probably not going to happen for thousands, maybe millions of years, but if it did happen, it would be scary!

No more humans if this hits.

13 Pandemic

This should be number 1. If you give a Donald Trump a pandemic, he uses it to destroy the country. "You don't need me to tell you everything is a mess. Donald Trump is destroying our country..." - Billie Eilish.

When epidemics reach greater proportions, you get a pandemic. Most disasters are scary enough, but few have the power to wipe out all of humanity like a pandemic does.

14 Thunderstorm

I have a crazy fear of lightning b/c I think it will kill me with fire! I don't understand how everyone else acts so CALM when there's a thunderstorm. Even though I know that hardly any people are killed by it.

Have you seen pictures of this? Even if its not life threatening, its scary as... heck.

Deadly, but 1/700,000 chance to be struck, and even if you do get struck, you can survive (don't know how people manage to survive 50,000 Fahrenheit temperature, which is MANY times higher than lava!)

15 Waterspout

Not really that scary as soon as it gets to land it doesn't sort of dies. But just imagine fish or other living creatures dropping out of the air

16 Landslide

I've seen a couple of these, been past a few, escaped from one of these in Cali. It was terrible. Dust everywhere, rocks still falling right in front of our car.

Imagine hiking a mountain, the blazing sun shining against your forehead, and your walking stick knocks down small pebbles. Then, a faint rumbling sound is heard - growing louder, and louder, suddenly, you see millions of boulders tumbling down your way - imagine the sinking feeling of knowing that is your last moment on earth.

17 Solar Flare

Natural space disaster when the sun releases massive amounts of energy damaging electrical powered machinery, satellites and other space craft.

18 Bushfire
19 Flash Flood
20 Drought
21 Vortex
22 Fire Swirl

A tornado made out of fire how do you survive. But still not as scary as a tsunami.

23 Whirlpool
24 Pyroclastic Flow

Kills more people than the initial volcanic eruption.

25 Blizzard

In certain regions, blizzards are so bad you can't even see more than 4 or 5 meters in front of you.

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