Top 10 San Francisco Events for Party People

If you like to party with friends and people in your community, then check this list out to see what fellow San Franciscans will be up to throughout the year.
The Top Ten
1 Oktoberfest

Like beer, food and music? Then you'll definitely love San Francisco's very own Oktoberfest.

2 Bay to Breakers

What better way to welcome the summer than attend Bay to Breakers. Wake up early in the morning to get drunk with thousands of San Franciscans, in costume none-the-less. Runners beware, this isn't your average marathon.

3 LovEvolution

The streets get shut down again for this party that brings the summer season to an end. Over a 100,000 people flock to San Francisco to celebrate the love we have for our community. Dress up in bright colors and prepare for a day of music, dancing, and pure debauchery.

4 Outside Lands Music Festival

It seems almost common to have 100,000 people get together in San Francisco. This time the event is in August and the reason is to celebrate World Class musicians. Past artists have included Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, and M.I.A.

5 Exotic Erotic Ball & Expo

Feeling a little naughty? Every October San Francisco has its very own Exotic Erotic Ball. Spend the weekend indulging in the XXX industry. 2009 will mark 30s of this sultry event.

6 Burning Man

Although this party isn't in San Francisco, it is still up there on my list because it seems like half of San Francisco flocks to the desert for this event. If you don't have friends that are going, do not worry. Ask your closest neighbor for a ride because I'm sure they already have a caravan lined up.

7 How Weird Street Faire

The mission: "an experiment in creating peace and to benefit the non-profit World Peace Through Technology Organization"

It's may, the weather is getting nice... why not dress as weird as possible and party on the streets. After all it is in the name of charity.

8 Noise Pop

If you love indie music, film and arts then Noise Pop is THE event to know about. Not only will you see the latest and greatest talents the world has to offer, you will also get to celebrate with people who share the same appreciation for the arts.

9 Oysterfest

Oysters, beer and music. For $20 you can consume as much as your little heart desires before going home with the person you love... or maybe just a cute stranger.

10 ETD Pop

Electro Techno Disco Pop. If you like to listen to music, dance, party, have a good time, or all of the above check out ETD Pop. This party has been going strong for over a decade.

The Contenders
11 Bring your own Big Wheel

Adults riding little kids' plastic bikes and trikes? I would SO do this!

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