Top 10 Signs You Are a Great Friend

I wanted to make a list about many positive traits about someone being a truly good friend. However, there is so much more to being a good friend, rather than just being nice and liking someone. Friends and family are always here to support each other whether you need any help, spreading love and compassion to one another. We always stick together and never give up.
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1 You care about other people's feelings

It's good to care about other people's feelings, including your own friends and peers. You try to help other people out and you are very caring towards your friends and family. You can also try to make them feel happy by doing the best you can, which is a true sign you are a wonderful person.

I'm glad this is first. What is a friend when they don't care about your feelings? Real friends comfort you when you feel sad and they are always there for you. I'm grateful to have such friends who care about me.

Obviously. What's the point in being friends if you don't care about the person?

2 You are honest

Honesty is very important. It's good to be honest about your emotions and feelings. A true friend is honest towards other people, often tells the truth and truly cares for their friends. Dishonesty on the other hand, is the opposite of being a good friend; a bad friend. However, nobody is perfect, and even usually honest people at one point, tell lies. That's because it's something everybody does at one point, even truly honest and trustworthy friends do this. It's still important to be honest with others, especially with your friends and family.

Honestly is sadly rarer than most people think but one of the best traits of a good friend

Honesty is key.

3 You are kind

Being very kind to others is another sign of being a good friend and a really nice user. You have a heart of gold and you truly are sweet towards other people. Kindness is a very nice quality to have for a good friend and it makes other people feel good about themselves.

Kindness is key in some moments.

4 You are very respectful towards others

Even if you don't agree with every single thing that other people say, it would be nice to respect other people's opinions and show some respect towards other people's talents and feelings. Whether you make a new friend, best thing to do is show some respect and talk to them in a friendly matter.

Na, I like to roast. Just know when to stop.

5 You are patient and understanding

The type of friend who is patient and tries to understand others is another good trait. When you are talking to others, being patient with them and trying to understand what they are saying or thinking is very polite and respectful. Also when your friend is having a conversation with you, it's important to listen carefully, try to be calm as possible and don't interrupt.

Patience is a virtue.

6 You are funny and try to make others smile

Sometimes being funny and having a good sense of humour can make other people feel happy and smile. You have a good sense of humour and you like to make your friends feel happy. That's another wonderful trait to have.

This is probably most important to me.

7 You are trustworthy

An example of a trustworthy friend would be a friend that you can actually trust properly. These types of people wouldn't betray their friends and they are usually very honest. However, sometimes there are situations where you cannot trust everybody, especially since some online users could pretend to be your friend in order to manipulate them for their own doings. It's true you can't always trust everybody, but there are some really good people out there who would never betray you, including your best friends and your family.

I like friends that are reliable.

8 You try to do the right thing for others and help out

Helping other people is a very nice thing to do. Whether they actually need help, try to understand them a bit better and do the right thing, such as saving their own lives or helping them as a guidance. Besides whether you are in a huge amount of trouble, your friends are usually there for you.

This is very important. Just try to be a good person overall.

9 You lend money to your friends

I don't think money is a defining factor of what makes a decent friendship. Once in a blue moon is fine, but you're just going to create a feeling of obligation between you and your friend whenever they stumble on financial issues. If you lend money and they don't give it back to you, then that's not a healthy friendship. The act of giving someone money, especially if it's your friend, is a risk that would cause some people to behave otherwise, but in hindsight it's a pretty useful tactic of determining whether someone is a genuine person or not, sadly with a price.
Speaking from personal experience.

Does it count if it was at coin crazy?

10 You are loyal

Most of the list sums up that loyalty and trust is important when it comes to friendship. If you are a loyal friend, you can always look out for the people who truly care for you and be faithful towards others whether you are looking for someone by your side. A loyal and faithful friend is a truly wonderful friend indeed.

I don't like when friends are not loyal.

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11 You are fun to talk with and be around

Being fun to talk to is a sign you are a friendly person to be around. You say nice things to other people, you have a bit of a laugh now and then and your friends can also go on adventures together in our own ways, travelling to different places. We can also have fun talking to each other because that's one of the reasons about what friends are for.

This is very important to me. Don't be boring.

12 You defend your people against bullies

The way this one was worded makes it sound like we're talking about a world leader or something; not your everyday friend. But I suppose it's otherwise spot on.

My friends and I get bullied a lot so we take up for each other.

13 You are dependable
14 You think about others
15 You look past others flaws and mistakes
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