Top Ten Skills that Could Possibly Disappear in the Future

From vintage skills, to everyday skills that some can't really grasp as of today; even the most basic skills could be possibly automated and we won't be really using them in the future due to the sheer exposure to technology. Here are some top ten examples of the following skills that the future generations wouldn't really touch, or rarely at least. Note: These are just predictions, and they may not be accurate as time advances.
The Top Ten
1 Basic Car Care

Basic car care such as changing a flat tire. This is a basic skill that is surprisingly not grasped by some people even as of today, and sadly have to rely on a mechanic for a fix, and if within the next decades if cars are able to self-repair themselves (might be an over-exaggeration, but again, no one can accurately predict the future), then we don't really need to change tires anymore.

2 Handwriting

Although it already is, it's slowly getting obsolete now. Most of us may have learned cursive writing, but we don't really use it due to technology advancing as it is almost entirely replaced by keyboards and smartphones. Yet surprisingly, writing in cursive is very necessary for writing a signature even as of today. But unfortunately in the next generations, some or even the majority will not be able to read cursive due to less exposure to old fashioned things and more exposure to technology.

3 Opera Singing
4 Knitting
5 Basket Weaving
6 Glassblowing
7 Harmonica Playing

I can't see this disappearing. In fact, if anything, it's becoming more popular. I, myself have taken to playing this amazing little thing. (Whether or not, I'm any good at it is beside the point).

8 Social Skills (Person to Person)

This is already depleting and especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has started. Everyone has switched to texting, voice chatting, video chatting, and social media. In the newer generations, quite a lot of us are struggling how to keep up a conversation nor even keep good manners, and this shows even in our current generation. And even the next future generation, Gen Alpha will most prefer socializing digitally instead of person to person.

Yeah, its fun making friends online, but it's still important to have face to face conversations.

9 Scything
10 Driving

It's no doubt that driving will be an obsolete skill due to the possible widespread of self-driving cars in the next decades. Either you call your future car to drive for you, and command whether the location you wish to travel to, all by probably voice command and nothing else. If AI like this becomes so advanced, we don't even have to touch the steering wheel anymore, and if anything unfortunate happens to your vehicle and you have no prior training, then good luck fixing the problem.

The Contenders
11 Remembering Phone Numbers

This is a basic skill that no one really cares about. Today you just make a list of your family's phone numbers in your smartphone or in a paper without really having to look again unless it's necessary. Oh, but what if in the case you lose your smartphone or that paper you kept and you have no memory of your family's phone numbers? In that case, especially when you're separate from your family, you're doomed.

This shouldn't disappear either.

12 Written Calculation

Especially in developed countries, you will rarely see anyone doing basic calculation in written paper. No doubt that this will go very soon, since we have calculators.

13 Surfing Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which is usually carrying the surfer towards the shore.

I don't see this disappearing in the future. (Unless the most of the oceans happens to be severely polluted in the next centuries, which is an overexaggeration at this point), but who knows?

14 Sewing

This old fashioned skill is slowly disappearing even today. 3D printing is slowly creeping out to be the next revolution in technology. In the next few decades, there could be multiple models of 3D printers or other advanced machines that are able to create virtually any household objects if possible, including clothes. If you belong to the next next generation, you don't even have to inherit your sewing skills by your grandmother anymore nor the current sewing machines we have; just pick a design you want and some piece of textile from the 3D printer, click, then you're all set. Your personalized set of clothing is created.

15 Ironing

Excluding my family I have never really met anyone who seems to iron their own clothes. I honestly doubt that the next generations are ever going to see an iron in their lifetime, especially when clothes could potentially become influenced by nanotechnology.

16 Farming
17 Analog Clock Reading

This is a small yet essential skill, but I notice a handful of people who are unable to read an analog clock.

18 Cooking

This is one of the most important skills that is sadly falling today due to online deliveries getting more widespread. Even some adults in the more recent generations really have no clue how to cook from scratch. Scary to think that even cooking could possibly be automated by AI. Yes, fast food restaurants and delivery can be a good substitute, but cooking can save you a good handful of money and leads you to living healthier.

19 Reading a Map/Navigating

No, not the digital maps like the ones you see on google maps or any apps on your smartphone, a physical map like the ones drawn on paper, and the maps on signs you see whether you go outside. Today, the majority of people tend to rely on GPS applications that guide them to their destination. Picture this: what would you do in the case you lost your GPS device and you lost track of where you are?

20 Cleaning

A very basic skill that could potentially become obsolete once AI and nanotechnology is widespread. Nanobots could be just cleaning everything free of filth, and we'd be not worrying about dirty stains at all. Just like cooking, this can be automated

21 The Whistle Register
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