Top Ten Sadly Ignored Facts

People tend to ignore facts that don't either tend to affect them, or because they simply dislike or disagree with them until the face of reality hits them. This list ranges from most obscure yet important facts, to facts that are constantly reminded yet are sadly ignored.
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1 Life will always change

Life is constantly changing; everything is temporary, including your peers and loved ones. Sometimes it's very difficult to accept this fact, since change can be very unpredictable and tough. Inevitably, we will have to move on in some point of our lives. Unfortunately, a lot of people prefer not to acknowledge this fact because change is often seen unpleasant.

2 Hard work doesn't always mean success

Just because you work hard, doesn't mean you will be guaranteed success; luck and advantage plays a role on this. There is always an obstacle there and there, but this really depends on the context. There are many factors in life and at times be unfair, and the best way to get along with this fact is to work smart, and not expect success at all. Just remember not to neglect your health over work.

3 Astrology doesn't determine your personality traits

During some conflict, I once heard someone say they wouldn't apologize or sort the problem out because he was a Leo, and they would constantly blame him because of his zodiac sign. It's okay to to poke some fun on astrology or take a few quizzes just for fun, but if you obsess basing your entire personality on your own zodiac sign, or worse, never hang out with someone because he/she is a Taurus, that's where you have crossed the line.

Zodiac signs are basically designed for people to experience the Barnum effect and other cognitive bias. In the past it contributed to astronomy and was useful for predicting events, yet its use in the modern world doesn't make sense when you apply it seriously.

I heard someone who is way too crazy about these signs and they would treat others depending on their sign they like or dislike instead as a person. I feel bad for these people yet they need a reality check.

4 The ocean produces more than half of our oxygen in our planet

It's not just trees or bushes doing the job; did you know oceans produce a part of our oxygen as well? In fact, it is estimated that 70% of our oxygen comes from algae and plankton by the use of photosynthesis. Specifically, the prochlorococcus bacteria is known to be the most common phytoplankton in earth, responsible for most of the oxygen we breathe, which is another reason why we should protect our oceans.

5 Wisdom isn't the same as intelligence

Most people tend to confuse this and mix these up interchangeably. Intelligence is the knowledge you get and the ability to learn and solve problems, while wisdom is what you gain from actually experiencing in life, and applying things through judgement. Even a teenager can be more wise than an old person.

I couldn't agree more, Leafeon. I left school with hardly any academical qualifications (and so what?) but I do know a thing or two about life and its ways, which, quite frankly, is more important.

6 Not all people who die as a result of disease or war are counted

Especially when it comes to statistics in COVID-19 and other plagues. The statistics are just educated guesses of how many people succumbed to the disease, and it could be much more higher or even lower, but we'll never know the true number of deaths since the statistics are almost always not 100% precise. This applies to war casualties and other disasters as well.

7 Feeling cold doesn't make you sick

Also applies to taking cold showers. You can't become sick just because of the cold itself. The only way to become sick is to catch a virus, and temperature doesn't play a role on that. An exception to this is that you are cold for a long period of time, weakening your immune system and thus getting more susceptible to infection.

8 Global warming is real

YES! THANK YOU! People think that they can just litter on our beautiful planet! People do things like smoking just because they enjoy it! you can't have everything go your way!

9 You can't please everyone

Even when you seem to be doing good deeds for other people, not everyone would really appreciate what you are doing and you won't satisfy everyone's standards, even your best friend. Sure, it's good to be a people pleaser helping others and all, but sometimes it's better to prioritize taking care of yourself first before caring others. This also applies when it comes to opinions, even when you're trying to come off as neutral and unbiased as possible.

10 We could die in any second

It may sound nihilist to you, but this is why we should make the most out of life; you will never know what time you meet your end. Life is very short and very unexpected things happen throughout life.

Anything is possible

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11 Vaccines don't cause autism

Which is a sad fact people reject that some people choose not to vaccine their children, and yet countless of studies have debunked this myth already.

I'm offended! How is this sad?

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