Top 10 Sounds that are Considered Normal in the Daytime but are Horrifying at Midnight

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1 A sound of a child's toy going off

Yes. This would just make my heart stop. To clarify, I wouldn't think it was a ghost as I don't believe in ghosts, or anything paranormal/supernatural for that matter. I would think that a homeless or runaway child with a toy had broke into my house.

You know what's more scary than most horror movies? A sound of a child's toy triggering itself at midnight. Bonus points if the battery is low and disrupts the sound.

Nothing wakes you up like the sound of childhood. At night time. When children should be asleep.

2 Clock tower bell ringing

Okay, clock tower striking at 5:00 PM? Normal. Okay. Good to know. Clock tower striking at 2:00 AM? I'd be scared.

3 The door creaking

Anyone else get jumpscared over a sudden creaking door, only to find out it was just the wind? Happens when I forget to close the windows.

4 An object falling to the floor

I lived for a while in a home that had a cat which constantly tricked me into thinking my housemate was home even though he wasn't.

You can consider this as a good reason not to own cats.

5 A phone ringing

Exchanging conversations via phone calls is perfectly normal. But you know what's unsettling? Getting a phone call from a loved one around midnight. Happened to me when one of my relatives had a stroke, crap pretty hit me hard on that one but fortunately he had a good recovery.

6 A poster falling off the wall

Nothing like when you are trying to sleep and then you hear the sound of one of your posters randomly falling off of the wall. Without explanation. The fan in your room was off. You suddenly feel a bit of adrenaline as you wonder what caused fate to act in such a way that now, of all of the times, the once secure poster fell off of your wall.

7 An Emergency Notification going off

Now this is something most people would find annoying occasionally, but have you received a weather alert buzzing at 3 AM? That hits different.

I mean what if like something bad happened like a genocide or something?!

NOW? I don't want to be in a horror movie, I want to sleep!

8 Ice cream truck

You know those pleasant nursery rhymes those trucks play in their music box? Now picture as if that truck was casually drifting by the road at 3 AM with the same melody.

If some sketchy dude came up to my house with an ice cream truck, What the heck are you trying to do? It really gets more creepy the more you think of it.

Thank you for putting this wonderfully horrifying idea into my brain.

9 Laughing children

This would 100% scare me if it was at around 2:00am! As someone who believes in ghosts, this would creep me out big time, and personally I think children ghosts are one of the scariest ones there are!

Children playing outside? How delightful. Children playing outside at 3 AM? Now that's a horror movie.

10 A knock on your door

Bonus points when you hear somebody whom you don't know shouts your name. Could it be paranormal activity, or some obsessed stalker? Who knows?

Even scarier when it's your bedroom door.

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11 Running water

I'm not sure about this, but if the faucet is running with full force without human interaction then surely you've got a ghost in your house.

12 Someone screaming

By no means it's not normal in the day, but it is horrifying in a quiet night; indicates that something may have gone tragically wrong in that house next door.

13 Footsteps
14 A doorbell

Somewhere lies a kid who took "knock knock ginger" too far and proceeded to ring one of the doorbells at the house next door at 3 AM.

15 A neighbor shouting

We don't hear this much at daytime, but it could be concerning.

16 Someone whistling

In multiple cultures you are NEVER supposed to whistle at night. If you heard someone whistle back, it means you've awoken something that you shouldn't have.

In eastern cultures it is known that whistling at night can summon ghosts into your home. Never do this.

17 A clatter

Very similar to an object falling to the floor, just as worse.

18 Cat meowing

Not as worse as a falling object from a cat. Maybe if it was a cat you don't own that's an exception.

19 Singing
20 Tapping on windows

This terrifies me. It's like my house is getting robed or something.

21 A dog barking

Especially when it's quiet, and the sound comes off as explosive.

22 Someone's breathing

That happened to me one night. I was sleeping by myself was half awake when I heard someone breathing next to me like if they were sleeping next to me, sounded like a little girl snoring, that scared the hell out of me.

23 Buzzing of mosquitoes

More of a personal thing, but this tends to be annoying at the day, but at 1 AM when you're just about to fall asleep, that's a different story.

24 Cats fighting

Depends on where you live but if its in a suburban or rural area you may get this often

25 Toilet flushing
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