Top 10 Biggest Disadvantages of Being Left Handed

Before you read this list, I would like to assure you that you take this list with a grain of salt, and that correlation doesn't always equal causation, so for left handed people, don't worry too much. We all have advantages in some ways. That being said, I recommend you to approach this list with curiosity.
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1 Being left handed is linked to mental illnesses

Sadly, this may be one of the biggest worries if you're left-handed. A study shows that people who are left-handed are more likely to develop schizophrenia. When you look at schizophrenic patients, there's a 40% chance that they are left-handed. It's pretty scary to think about.

Wait, what! But I'm left-handed and I don't have any mental illnesses, or do I?

2 Higher risk of breast cancer

If you're a girl like me, then prepare to be disappointed. A study from 2007 shows that left-handed women are more likely to have breast cancer in their lifetime. It's particularly common for women who have experienced menopause.

3 Left-handed people are more likely to drink alcohol

I'm not sure why, but it's been shown that left-handed people are more susceptible to alcohol abuse. A 2017 study shows that left-handed people are also more likely to be addicted to drugs such as heroin. Fortunately, this doesn't affect me, as I have no interest in using drugs and I only drink water anyway.

4 Left-handed people are more likely to have sleep problems

If you do most things with your left hand, then your sleep is more likely to be affected differently. A study has shown that people who are left-handed are more likely to develop limb-related problems, especially during their sleep. In short, you are more likely to jerk your legs or arms involuntarily while sleeping.

5 Being forced to use their right hand for certain tasks

Sadly, it seems as if the world is meant for right-handed people! Good thing I can adapt fairly well, but my right hand is still not as skilled as my left hand.

Yup, also sharpeners and certain kitchen tools can be a struggle for me.

6 Left-handed people are more likely to be embarrassed

Left-handed people tend to be more conscious about doing something wrong. A behavioral study tested 46 left-handed people and 66 right-handed people, showing that left-handed individuals agreed more with statements about being shy and easily embarrassed. I guess this explains why I'm an introvert.

7 Left-handed people are more prone to being scared

Being left-handed is more linked to experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. It's more likely to experience this effect the more strongly left-handed you are. This is because most left-handed people are more right-brain dominant than right-handed people, and the right brain is connected to emotions.

So, think twice before you watch a scary movie or something that has jump scares!

8 Left-handed people are more prone to anger issues

Not only is it linked to anger issues, but left-handed people are also more likely to be pessimistic. I guess it has to do with our brain hemispheres short-circuiting everything. This is why we have a short fuse.

9 Left-handed people can't use scissors well

Most scissors are designed for right-handed people, although there are a few scissors that suit left-handed people. If you don't happen to have a left-handed scissor, then you're basically doomed.

10 Bumping elbows with the person next to them

Say you're at a dining table and you sit next to a person that's right-handed. Being polar opposites, you tend to bump elbows with each other. This gets very annoying when you're trying to eat.

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11 Left handed people are more prone to allergies
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