Top Ten Stupidest Moral Guardian Moments

If you ever thought the social justice warriors were bad, think again. Moral guardians make them look like petty activists in comparison. The moral guardians are extremely annoying, often religious wingnuts (but sometimes even liberal, but that's rare and would more fit under social justice warrior) who deem that a work of media (video games, music, television shows, etc.) to be damaging to society, especially their main focus - Children. Some of the things they've tried to ban are rock and metal music, depictions of Satanism/Gothic/irreligious content, stereotypes, intercourse, curse words, violence, "any difference to same" (read:LGBT) relations, the pig (in Malaysia/Indonesia) and so forth.
Unlike most social justice warriors, however, they actually work their plans... by complaining to organizations like the PTC, PTA, FCC, or any other media watchdog group, sometimes using heavily biased methods and making nonsensical or thin views about why what they dislike are bad. I'm not making these up, obviously. You can find them everywhere on corners of the internet (especially mother groups), but TVTropes page on "Moral Guardians" is a good place.

I won't be including events about video games, mostly violence, apart from a select few, because it would take a lot of time talking about, and even if I'm trying to make this long, I'm only detailing events that could bring out the stupidity in these people.
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1 UK advert for KFC banned for depicting "bad eating manners"

Back in 2008, the UK advert for KFC showed three women eating new KFC items who then sing a song while eating them. According to the groups of moral guardians themselves, apparently this "promoted bad eating manners", and the advert was taken off the airwaves. Yes, an innocent advert was taken off because of something as ridiculous as that, which you can stop your children from doing by the age of seven if you're an actually intelligent parent (not like most of these are).

2 The censorship of music

Everyone loves the late 20th century for their large portion of rock and metal music, the growth of hair metal, punk, and other genres. But of course, rock and metal music themselves has had a complicated history. Ever since Elvis Presley hit the markets in the 1950s, parents were upset that rock and roll was corrupting their children, even more so than the previous target of jazz, and tried to get his music censored. Then cases like The Beatles misunderstood speech about Jesus, the Columbine massacre, and other such events went further to madden Bible Belt guardians, followed by accusations that bands like Black Sabbath or Judas Priest put Satanic lyrics in their song backwards.

But rock and metal were not the only victim of this treatment - Back in the 1990s, when gangsta rap music had taken it's claim to fame from MTV, moral guardians once again whined that the music influenced violence and worshiped it. Obviously ignoring of the fact that gangsta rap mostly puts gang ...more

Everyday you scream at me to turn the music lower
But if you keep on screaming, you'll make me deaf you know.

3 The Comic Codes Authority

In the 1950s, when comic books swept the nation and parents were concerned about the "bad influences" they could have on young children, psychologist Frederic Wertham made a book called Seduction of the Innocent, which detailed problems that Wertham believed could be linked to troubled children (unfortunately, it was later realized that Wertham did his studies on distorted, fabricated or even biased pieces). He later sent his book off to the companies behind the comics, and by 1954, the CCA was in full swing.

The CCA is a textbook example of how bad censorship of media could be - Comic books now had to have happily-ever-after endings (read:good beats bad), and no depictions of scenes such as excess violence, horror comics (this nearly put EC Comics, known for humorous horror comics, out of business - It did not stop MAD, however) and zombies/werewolves/vampires/ghosts, swears, interracial relationships, LGBT characters, and EVEN artistic styles what were not to their ...more

4 The National Action Against Obesity

Have you ever thought the SJWs were bad with their "pro-obesity" campaigns? Here's proof that even the anti-obesity side can be bad. The NAAO, an organization run by health activist MeMe Roth.

According to MeMe, anything that promotes candy or sweets (or possibly any food that is not in the fiber group) positively is in her words "glorifying obesity". She has pushed against the Girl Scouts, depictions of Santa, and demanded that the school her two children attend give permission slips for food such as birthday cakes (she believes eating cake is like putting a gun in your mouth). She has also criticized Angelina Jolie, Jordin Sparks, and Michael Phelps, who she believes are "overweight" (not in the slightest) and believes they influence people to be obese.

5 Jack Thompson and the Hot Coffee Incident

Everyone knows that Grand Theft Auto has caused the biggest moral outrage in years. Back when the third game in the series was released, people started blaming it for every shooting, murder, or violent act that went on, which eventually passed onto its sequel, Vice City. One person to blame for this?

Jack Thompson, a lawyer and an anti-video gaming activist. Thompson, while failing to achieve getting III and Vice City banned, tried persuading the courts to get San Andreas, the most recent game, banned in the series, after a modification for the game enabled an unused minigame titled Hot Coffee. While the Hot Coffee game is crude... you know what, it certainly was not as bad as Jack made it. However, Jack managed to get Hillary Clinton to help him, which ultimately cost 2,000,000 dollars worth of damage to Rockstar Games. Eventually, San Andreas was re-released to remove the Hot Coffee modification.

However, while Jack initially succeeded, his video game paranoia ...more

6 My Little Pony character scrapped after showing an "offensive portrayal of the disabled"

Remember the character Derpy Hooves? The character was pulled off merchandise and redesigned to remove the fish-eyes and renamed to "Ditzy". Apparently, her characteristics were seen as mocking the disabled, despite the fact that the character was supposed to be a ditz. This also caused the episode The Last Roundup to be taken off iTunes and off the air as well.

7 Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons

In 1982, Irving Pulling, a troubled student of a school in Richmond, Virginia, committed suicide. His mother, Patricia, believed that his addiction to Dungeons & Dragons had placed a "suicide curse" on him, and put the blame on the principal of her son's school. Earning a role as a private investigator of the occult, Patricia set up BADD to get the famous tabletop game series banned, attempting to get the developers to stop selling the games. Patricia made several appearances on the media up to her death in 1997, blaming RPG games as influencing the occult. She objected to things such as three six-sided die, which she believed were "Satanic symbols", and believed that 8% of Richmond, Virginia citizens were Satanists, which she made up by predicting (she thought that 4% of the population made this up, then doubled her result) instead of actually surveying. Eventually, her death thankfully brought mostly the end of anti-RPG sentiments.

8 PeTA bashes Super Mario 3D Land for "using fur from a real animal"

Oh yes, anything by PeTA could go here, but this one stands out as the stupidest move - They ranted about how Mario gains his Tanuki Suit powerup in Super Mario 3D Land... which they believe he rips from an animal. Clearly they didn't do the bloody research, let alone play the game. In a game where you'd think they'd be more ticked off that you get to kill mushrooms, turtles, and a giant turtle-monster, they're more concerned about a powerup that just looks like a fur suit than all of that? Smart move.

9 Italian psychologist gets Sailor Moon taken off the air in Italy

Sailor Moon is very popular itself in Italy, but back in 1997, a "psychologist" (read:moral guardian whiner) called Vera Slopey, known for her anti-anime rants (she had way more than just this) claimed that "Sailor Moon makes little boys gay" due to three alien characters who change into their female form to fight. The creator pulled the show off the air, but years later, Sailor Moon managed to develop a cult following in Italy, which comes to show how stupidity can make a work more popular.

10 The Hays Code

The Hays Code is a very tricky thing. The censorship it caused was absolutely terrible, causing characters, endings, entire plots to be rewritten. Artistic liberty was put behind the morals of the time.
At the same time, the movies we got from that era were the greatest and biggest Hollywood had to offer. Movies that went down in history and not only influenced cinema but also our general culture wouldn't have looked and felt the same.
That's my conflict: from a moral point of view, I despise the Hays Code, from a cinephile one, this era was not unlikely the greatest of all.

Made in the early 1900s but not enforced until the mid 1930s, The Motion Picture Production Code, also known as The Hays Code, was essentially the CCA of the American film industry. Set up to stop governments from banning or censoring films, the code had a dark side to many films of the era - Films focusing on different standards of life of the time (poverty, LGBT, interracial themes), violence, sexual content, or even swearing were all prohibited. This Bowdlerized films of that time ridiculously. However, unlike the CCA, it was easier to get past THC,

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11 Getting A Joke About Diabetes Removed From The Home Media Version Of Hotel Transvania 2
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