Top Ten Stupidest Moral Guardian Moments

If you ever thought the social justice warriors were bad, think again. Moral guardians make them look like petty activists in comparison. The moral guardians are extremely annoying, often religious wingnuts (but sometimes even liberal, but that's rare and would more fit under social justice warrior) who deem that a work of media (video games, music, television shows, etc.) to be damaging to society, especially their main focus - Children. Some of the things they've tried to ban are rock and metal music, depictions of Satanism/Gothic/irreligious content, stereotypes, intercourse, curse words, violence, "any difference to same" (read:LGBT) relations, the pig (in Malaysia/Indonesia) and so forth.
Unlike most social justice warriors, however, they actually work their plans... by complaining to organizations like the PTC, PTA, FCC, or any other media watchdog group, sometimes using heavily biased methods and making nonsensical or thin views about why what they dislike are bad. I'm not making these up, obviously. You can find them everywhere on corners of the internet (especially mother groups), but TVTropes page on "Moral Guardians" is a good place.

I won't be including events about video games, mostly violence, apart from a select few, because it would take a lot of time talking about, and even if I'm trying to make this long, I'm only detailing events that could bring out the stupidity in these people.
The Top Ten
1 UK advert for KFC banned for depicting "bad eating manners"
2 The censorship of music

Everyday you scream at me to turn the music lower
But if you keep on screaming, you'll make me deaf you know.

3 The Comic Codes Authority
4 The National Action Against Obesity
5 Jack Thompson and the Hot Coffee Incident
6 My Little Pony character scrapped after showing an "offensive portrayal of the disabled"
7 Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons
8 PeTA bashes Super Mario 3D Land for "using fur from a real animal"
9 Italian psychologist gets Sailor Moon taken off the air in Italy
10 The Hays Code

The Hays Code is a very tricky thing. The censorship it caused was absolutely terrible, causing characters, endings, entire plots to be rewritten. Artistic liberty was put behind the morals of the time.
At the same time, the movies we got from that era were the greatest and biggest Hollywood had to offer. Movies that went down in history and not only influenced cinema but also our general culture wouldn't have looked and felt the same.
That's my conflict: from a moral point of view, I despise the Hays Code, from a cinephile one, this era was not unlikely the greatest of all.

The Contenders
11 Getting A Joke About Diabetes Removed From The Home Media Version Of Hotel Transvania 2
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