Top Ten Reasons Why the Stereotypical Beauty Standards in Modern Culture Should Be Stopped or Toned Down

"You must be thin to be pretty"
"You must have fair skin to be pretty"
"You must have wide eyes to be pretty"
"You must have blond(or In asia, usually pure black) hair to be pretty"
"You must be tall to be pretty"
"You must have long legs to be pretty"
"You must have a pointed nose to be pretty"

And so do the beauty commercials say. Now while some people may think it's okay, I personally disagree and find the modern beauty standards as unfair to those who can't fully meet up the standards. I have a pointed nose, I have long legs, and I'm in a way tall, but I'm not thin, I'm tan, my hair isn't black or blond, and my eyes aren't that wide.

While I know that of course they have to say things like that In beauty commercials so people will buy their products. But It's overly done. And It made a mindset to young girls nowadays, that you must exactly be like what all the commercials said to be happy and loved.

I find these overly shoved to the face standards as a bit offensive and belittling to those who don't meet such standards. Especially how according to them, that If you meet up such criteria, some parts of your life problems are easily solved. Popularity, friends, romances, and even careers such as plane female attendants. Now here are my reasons why I find how such standards as a bit too far and wrong, especially to young girls.
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1 It tells girls that being pretty is the only thing that matters

For those who are curios about the beauty standards mentioned above, apparently In Indonesia those are the trending standards. A really white, and soft skin that looks like It's made out of porcelain, long straight pure black hair, an above average height, long slim legs and arms, curving eyelashes and fingers (yes even fingers have to be curved to be considered as attractive) and a body shape that looks like a spanish guitar. That's what's considered as attractive right here and right now (In my country)

Honestly, I've saw a lot of girls in my school nowadays obsessing over how they must look like either Korean idols or Victoria's Secret models. I like K-Pop, too, but this is just too much. And In extreme cases, some even forget their studies and would save large amounts of money for plastic surgery.

It's not just women that get this effect, men do too. That's why magazine covers are too good to be true - They often modify a person's body parts just to make them look better, remove some features (body folds, tattoos, etc.), and they still do it regardless of what happens when the person is not amused.

Do men really want thin women like Taylor Swift? Whatever kind you prefer! But curvy women like Kate Upton and Scarlett Johannsson is where it's at! These Beauty standards are so outdated!

2 It can lead to body shaming

We shouldn't be encouraging obese/underweight standards in people, but we shouldn't be promoting younger people to become too thin either. It's much more important to be healthy rather than to be curvy or anorexic.

In case you don't know, many young girls suffer body shaming over things such as body weight, hair colour or skin.

If you're a fat ass you deserve to get shamed the same way smokers do.

3 It can cause low self esteem

Following the previous item, not only It can cause body shaming It also leads to low self esteem.

4 Everyone is beautiful in their own way

Everyone is beautiful in their own ways. Regardless of their age, race, height, weight.

5 It can make young girls resort to plastic surgery

Have you ever heard the song Mrs Potato Head by Melanie Martinez? You should watch it's music video as well. It's a song about a woman who does plastic surgery. It has some inappropriate lyrics in it, but really, give it a watch

People honestly should only get plastic surgery if they really need to, like to remove a scar or something, or if their face has been damaged. That being said, I am not against it.

Like what I said In the first Item. And I heard someone even would rather spend millions of dollars just to look like barbie.

Lots of girls and women want the same nose but a small upturned nose isn't the only beautiful nose and noses are wonderful.

6 It can cause bullying from peers

Nowadays, the most usual word bullies say to their victims is either 'ugly' or 'fat'. It's like saying that if you're not attractive enough(based on the modern beauty standards), you're more likely to be bullied then those who meet up the standards.

7 It can lead to inequality in social circles

Just like the previous item. I also saw some articles (well, they're comedy posts but still) online about 'Pretty Girls vs Ugly Girls In Boys' Point Of View' (It's In Indonesian). Not only about girls, but also about boys! The posts were hilarious, though. But It demonstrates about the inequity in school from members of the opposite sex (both in boys and girls, so no sexism, okay? )

8 It will cause young girls to find themselves as unworthy for respect and love

Because according to the standards, If you want to have a boyfriend and a lot of friends you must meet up such standards.

9 It can make young girls use extreme, yet unhealthy diets in order to be thin

Yes, this is true. And very common in real life. In fact sometimes I would starve myself or eat in a very small portion to be thin. So for the young girls who are reading this, here's my advice If you're considering to do so: don't put yourself on massive diets or consume "fat burning" pills, except if you're in a state where your doctors advice such as (no offense) obesity. It won't give you any help at all, in fact It can hurt yourself and make you easier to suffer various diseases

10 It can leave people out of jobs

A few of America's big name clothing companies don't hire employees if they aren't attractive to them or if they're older than usual. It's kind of pathetic, honestly.

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11 It may cause depression and suicide

You might think that I'm overly exaggerating, but It's true. A lot of people WOULD fall into depression and would commit suicide because of these matters.

12 It can increase chances of anorexia or bulimia
13 It puts young girls down when being called ugly

Ever seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 when Drax tells Mantis that she's ugly?

14 It makes people who are actually beautiful without meeting such standards feel ugly

Big noses and thin lips are cute and beautiful too.

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