Top 10 Reasons Why a Good Reputation Should Matter to You

I've been visiting this site for three years now and I've seen a lot of users who have had pretty bad reputations (either for not respecting different opinions, quantity over quality, immaturity, etc.). I just wanna say that I think it's extremely important to have a good reputation as a user. And I have a lot of reasons as to why I think it is.

This list doesn't only apply to users of TheTopTens, but to pretty much everyone. Your reputation matters more than you think and you should always keep a good one for many different reasons.
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1 So More People Will Think Positively of You

Doesn't it feel good when someone else thinks positively of you? You really don't want a lot of negative comments about you on here because it'll just have future users thinking more negatively of you and possibly even staying away from you.

2 So You Don't Get Hate

Honestly, what's the point of hating and getting hated? Life's too short for those kinds of things. We should at least try to love and try to earn love through a little hard work.

I will get a good reputation in the Future because I have been nice to others in Vine Middle School

3 So It Can Help You Learn More

I've had to learn a lot of things about life and there's probably more I need to know in the future. I still don't know a whole lot of the things I need to know but I have a reputation of trying my best to learn them as fast as I can (and I should at least be fortunate enough that I live in the age of the internet where people are learning things faster than they have in the past).

4 So You Always Keep an Open Mind

Speaking of open minds: I wonder what I have done different than others to not be completely hated. I like many things people on this site hate, embrace several hated subcultures and don't care about several things that are loved on this site.

It's really important to keep an open mind because maybe you could learn new ideas that might help you in life. Always keep an open mind so that you can succeed in life.

5 So You Don't Make More Mistakes in the Future

You really don't wanna make more mistakes in the future, trust me. As a visitor I made a ton of mistakes but I've learned from them and I try to not make them again. I try to forget the things I did in the past but I never forget what they taught me.

6 So You Don't Get Yourself in Trouble

You really don't wanna get yourself in trouble because trouble does lead to consequences (especially if you murdered a person or shoplifted at a store).

7 So You Mature More

Maturity is one of the most important things a human being should have. Maturity helps you become more adult and to always remember how life really works.

8 So More People Will Respect You

I try to earn respect by having the best reputation possible. And you should too if you want more people to respect you because it'll have people think that you've finally improved and are ready to face certain challenges in life.

9 So It Can Help You Remember the Things You Need to Know

I always remember the most important things I need to know just to protect my reputation. And you should too if you wanna keep a good reputation yourself.

10 So You're Nicer to People

How would you like it someone else was rude to you? It doesn't feel good now does it? I try to be as nice as possible because I don't want others being rude to me back.

Also very true.

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11 So You Don't Become Self-Conscious

I think that the opposite will occur if you are popular...

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