Best Things About November

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1 Thanksgiving

I imagine things are different in California, Rain, but in Canada

- It can't make up its mind whether to be snow or rain. November is awful for weather.
- The leaves are already off the trees and decomposing
- Our Thanksgiving is celebrated in October.

Right now, the only thing I like about November is that it has thirty days, and not thirty-one.

You hang out with your friends and family and get to eat a lot! Plus the fall break thanksgiving is in is a long one

I love thanksgiving. It reminds me of everything that I have going for me.

I love eating 50 pounds of gluten every year and it's a holiday! AMAZING!

2 School Breaks

I get tons of days off.

So my brain can rest

I only get 4 days off...

We got 5 days off!

3 Warm Drinks

The perfect weather for hot chocolate!

Talk about Starbucks... Am I right?

4 Your Birthday

Yeah, usually it is the best month to have a birthday, because when buying a gift for someone, the "holiday" deals really make it easier for buying a gift for someone. I would recommend you people to get Google's brand new tablet, the Nexus 9.

My birthday is on the 20th of November, I knew "Your Birthday" was gonna be on this list! AARGH it's maybe 12-11 days till my birthday and I'll be 9!

I don't personally have a November birthday, but I have always wanted one.

My birthday is on the tenth of November, and I have no idea what I want to do.

5 The Weather

November is chill and lively. Not freezing not hot. Perfect weather. And everything seems to get beautiful even though it does not snow in our country (and in my fantasy snow is a beautiful thing). K I'm 14 so don't judge I haven't seen much to this world yet. But as much as seen I've loved them. And if I haven't liked something I'll learn to love it don't worry. because every wrong has a beauty in it. ;) november is nice time. And all these years november has always been super crazy. So november makes me nostalgic. you know what I mean. I love this month. Worst part though is you usually have to stay at home and prepare for the exams next month -. - I still don't mind. Beautiful weather

November isn't my favourite month, but the nice cool weather has always satisfied me. Except for just this morning, in which I was drenched in the heavy rain.

I love the constant overcast weather we get in Edmonton, Canada.

I love how romantic fall gets.
Just like the name, I love falling in the fall.

6 New Clothing

This is probably my favorite part because I could get out my favourite clothing article... SWEATERS!

Oh yeah scarves and headphones baby!

7 The Scenery

Weather / scenery is why I love the fall and winter because in the summer going outside at night can be dangerous of you live in cities like harlem, Detroit, Chicago, and etc..

8 Baby Animals
9 Football American football is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end.

Football is the best

10 Bonfire Night

Put this higher, not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving or even knows what its all about besides eating and watching T.V..

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11 The Peanuts Special
12 Perfect Time For Walks
13 The Leaves
14 Pumpkin-flavored Foods

Pumpkin Pie is the best

15 Fireplace Appropriate Time Of Year

Today my family toasted marshmallows on the fire, just 'because.

The day it turned November this year all of these possibilities just happened

16 Movember

Wait, I don't get it, why people don't? It has something to do with 'movember', but How?

17 Lots of Big Games Coming Out

Why wasn't this on the list? It's the first thing I think of when I think of november

Never knew about that

18 The Christmas Commercials
19 Snow
20 Black Friday
21 Almost Christmas
22 Turkey
23 Eating Contests
24 Killing the Turkey
25 Buen Fin (Good End)
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