Top 10 Japanese Urban Legends

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1 Kuchisake Onna

How spooky is that? A woman with a gash on her mouth asks if she's pretty while carrying a large pair of scissors. Depending on your answer, she'll either use her scissors to make you look just like her or kill you on the spot.

Man, this sounds horrible. I would hate to be killed with scissors. Do these legends exist?

I should have drawn the mouth on when I had a sort of surgical mask after a doctor's appointment.

2 Teke Teke

She uses a saw or a scythe to cut anyone she sees in half. When you hear this sound, you better run.

Why do I want to see a person run like Teke Teke does?

3 Aka Manto

His name literally means "red cape." If you are in a bathroom in Japan, he will ask if you want red paper or blue paper. If you choose red, you will be butchered to death and covered in blood. If you choose blue, you will be strangled until you turn blue. Either way, you will die.

If you request a different color, you will be dragged into the netherworld. The only way to survive is not to answer his question.

How are there so many versions already? There's paper, cloaks, vests - so many of them. I'd like to try it since I know my way out of it, and it seems fun.

4 Red Room

"Do you like the red room?" Does anybody else kind of want to see this pop-up just because they're curious?

5 Cow Head

Pronounced Gozu in Japanese, the story is said to be so scary that many people who have read or heard it have died.

I like hearing about this story, but I want to know the actual story that drives people mad.

6 Kokkuri-san

I need to play this, but I don't think people will want to play it with me.

7 Okiku Doll

A 17-year-old boy bought the doll for his 2-year-old sister. She loved the doll so much that she played with it all the time. However, she died a year later. It's said that her soul resides inside the doll because its hair is constantly growing.

Tests were even run on some of the hair at one point, and the results showed that the hair was human.

8 Human Pillars
9 Joro-Gumo

She has spider-like features. She lures victims with the sound of an instrument, then traps them in a silk web so she can devour them for her next meal.

10 Nure Onna

Half-woman, half-snake creatures, they love the taste of your blood. Beware!

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11 Kashima Reiko
12 Kekkai
13 Hanako-San

I would honestly play this because it sounds so interesting, and I'm curious to see what would happen.

14 Hachisakusama

The eight-foot-tall woman takes children. The stories about her are really cool, and so are all the videos.

15 Tomino's Hell
16 Daruma-san

I love this game. You just sit in the bathroom and say, "Daruma-san fell down," over and over while washing your hair at night. Just don't open your eyes during the game.

17 Futakuchi Onna

This is a woman with two mouths: a normal one on her face and one on the back of her head. Creepy!

18 Kisaragi Station
19 Kagome Kagome

Okay, true story (but feel free to dislike this and reply saying it's fake). My cousins and I were waiting for my mom and aunt, who were out grocery shopping. One of my cousins suggested we listen to the Kagome Kagome song used in the kids' game. At first, I wasn't spooked and thought, "No big deal, it's just a creepier Japanese version of 'Ring Around the Rosie.'"

The next day, the cousin who recommended Kagome Kagome told me that last night, a ghost came to her and sang the Kagome Kagome song! Ever since that day, I have been terrified! Yikes!

20 Hikiko-san

I seriously feel bad for Hikiko-san and what she had to endure. But what was the actual cause of her death - suicide or saving a kitten?

21 Okiku Ghost
22 Baku

This is a demon that feeds on your nightmares. It's often depicted as a tapir-like creature.

23 Yuki Onna
24 Iso Onna
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