Top Ten Things Canadians Get Teased About

To some other countries (with one particular country in mind) the subject of Canada and Canadians are perfect targets for poking fun. While we Canucks mostly all enjoy taking a stab at ourselves every now and then, some of the jokes only seem to confuse and frustrate. The things on this list may be mutual amusements or targeted attacks. Either way, they are the things (truthful or not) that Canada gets laughed at most for.
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1 Our "accent"

In reality, nobody does or ever has said "a-boot". That is a 100% fabricated lie. The closest we ever get to that is saying "a-boat" and mind you, that's only in select areas of Atlantic Canada. And of course there's "EH" (which all Canadians do say a lot, by the way).

I've had Americans mistake me for a Brit. I've had Europeans mistake me for an American. I guess it's somewhere in between.

So many things make fun of your accent.

2 Our money

Ok. I get it. Compared with American bills, Canadian money does resemble "Monopoly money" to a degree. For decades our $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills have all been pretty colours and, for the past few years, been made out of polymer (plastic). And YES! I'LL ADMIT IT! Our brown-coloured $100 bills are dipped in a solution that gives them a maple scent. If you think I'm kidding, I'm not. Picture me with Squidward's "Does this unsure to you? " face.

Gotta admire them for their use of Braille on bank notes.

3 Our politeness

I would argue that we ARE a very friendly country. However, making it look like everyone says "sorry" and "excuse me" as if they're the words "the", "and" or "it" is taking it a bit too far. We can be jerks too, at times.

What is so wrong about being polite!?

4 Our weather

I know a few people who work at the Canada/U.S. border (in Niagara Falls, Ontario) who have told me about American tourists coming over during the middle of summer with skis and winter jackets asking where the slopes were. WE HAVE SUMMER TOO, PEOPLE. Unless you're in Nunavut. It's always cold up there.

5 Our "slang"

I, for one, frequently use the word "serviette". If you don't know what that means, you're probably not even a little bit Canadian. The same goes for "toque". If you don't even know how that is pronounced, well... you know.

6 Our food

Most of the food we eat is just as processed and greasy as American food, believe me. But we do get called out on a few of our eating choices. In Canada it is not unusual to prefer malt vinegar or gravy over ketchup when it comes to eating fries. Throw in cheese curds with that gravy and you have the delicacy known as the "poutine". But as I am told, Americans put mayo on fries. So, remind me. Who has the weird taste, again?

I, an American myself put barbecue sauce on my fries. Maybe that's just a rumor or something, but I'm really crazy about your poutine!

7 Our politics

I am not a political person. I don't even know how the political system works in Canada. So I am not the one to argue for or against how dumb our government is. Anyone who wishes to comment below, feel free. Just keep it friendly. This can be a hairy topic.

I must admit, they don't make it as big a deal as their neighbours below. As for the British, we love to make fun of our own government, and nobody else cares.

8 Our armed forces

You know, we may not be the biggest team on the field, but we do have one of the best flying programs in the entire world. Some of the world's best pilots come from the great white north.

No offense Canada but it is fun to make fun of your army.

9 Our sports

Another true fact: Canada is 100% fueled by hockey. Speaking of which, it's the playoffs! Gotta' run.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are like the Titanic. Both look great until they hit the ice.

10 Our wildlife

Once somebody made a joke that the moment you cross the border from America into Canada, a bear will eat you. I think this is funny, but because the person who told the joke obviously wasn't aware that America has a lot of bear also.

It's not so much that people make fun of our geese, beavers, moose, and polar bears. It's more that they're plastered on everything that has anything to do with Canada (that's not in Canada, of course).

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11 Our leaders
12 Justin Bieber is Canadian
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