Top 10 Things That Should Not Happen In 2016

A sequel of "top 10 things that should happen in 2016". 2016 is comming soon and the year would be ruined if those things happens
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1 World War III

Well not only in 2016 I wish that world wars never happen. How much do they effect our society and also many innocent people die. Again a world war means again uncountable kids would call themselves orphan, no clue how many women will say 'i m widow' God, I just wish a peaceful world.

It's probably gonna happen pretty soon. And with that thought, I'm kind of scared. When it happens, it'd be in our greatest interest if we just hope for the best.

Donald Trump is secretly planning this in his not-so-secret mansion for when he (thinks) will become president.

You know, we are so close to it... I mean I hope it doesn't happen, but we are so close to having another World War.

2 TheTopTens shuts down

But if it does shut down.. TopTenners should gather to make a new website just like TheTopTens. Or just the toptens re mastered.

That would be horrible! TheTopTens is my favorite top ten website.

This would be bad. Very. Very bad. At least I have an Instagram account.

Anyone who likes this website is a troll.It should be banned from existence

3 Ebola becomes worse

Ebola did not end, they have isolated the people who come in contact with anyone with it or the people who actually have it.

Good news! The last person who has Ebola in Liberia is now cured!

I pray for ebola to be completely eradicated.

That would be the end of the world

4 People still argue about the dress

It just depends how your brain perceives it. Mine saw that it was White and Gold. Others may see differently. It doesn't matter. It's simple when you think about it.

I show a show on illusions. It had a thing about the dress. The host wore it after the little clip. It's black and blue. Everyone saw black and blue.

It's black and blue! Please, can we just move on? There are far more important things to worry about than just some color of a stupid dress.

Remember this : When directly to the sunlight from the sun, the color is greyish and gold and When directly to the darkness from our moodlight, it's blue and black

5 Britgirl and Keyson break up

They are such an amazing couple and they should not break up.

6 A TopTenner Dies

This is what basically happened to DisneyAnime1234. And yes, it is sad that a beginner toptenner who just starting their account die. I feel sorry for MontyPython that her sister died, that is depressing.

I fear one day ill die and never have a way of telling you guys. I know for sure people have shared this thought.

With a hundred thousand accounts, one of them has at least died.

Already happened, his name is Jihadi_John_ISIS, but it's a good thing though

7 Evanescence splits up

Evanescence is my favorite band and music would be screwed if they split up

Nope,sweet sacrifice was the song I've been looking for since my birth.

That would be a good thing

8 Deadmau5 dies

Yes! He is my favorite musician, and he has been going through SEVERE depression, and I got emotional when I found out. Please don't let him die... I'M TALKING TO YOU KANYE WEST!

I can only imagine the confusing headlines.

Again, music would be screwed if he died

He's not dead? His name is a lie!

9 Chris Brown wins a Grammy

Since Manny Pacquiao also wants a singing career, and there is simply not room in the world for both of them, and Chris Brown likes to punch people so much, how about we let them bsttle it out to see who gets to go forward.

Great idea, I would love to watch Manny Pacquiao turn Chris Brown into a quivering mass of jello.

He is my least favorite music artist an doesn't deserves a grammy

Rihanna is my bae and he bruised her so I would not favor it. but ya his music is catchy though

10 Second 9/11 Attack

Thankfully no more 9/11 attacks happened this time!

No, that would be the worst thing ever

That would be really bad

Non Americans exist

The Contenders
11 Donald Trump gets elected president

I have followed this election from the beginning. I've seen Donald Trump call Mexicans "rapists", promise to build a second Berlin Wall, use nasty slurs against women, imply that prisoners of war are weak because they were captured, praise Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, quote Mussolini, be flattered by praise from the Ku Klux Klan, announce his desire to have sex with his daughter, promise to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, insult the intelligence of a federal judge based on his heritage and accuse Barrack Obama of orchestrating the mass slaughter at Pulse Night Club.

Donald Trump is also a global warming denier, claiming that it is a hoax made up by the Chinese. He uses absurd conspiracy theorists to rally up his voter base, claiming that Ted Cruz had affairs with five women (including his own spokeswoman) through the Inquisitor, whose manager is personal friends with him. He has also accused Cruz's father of assassinating JFK, ...more

No, the idiots would be those who would elect a political newcomer to the most important job in the world. Hillary is not a--to use your term "retard"--she is the most qualified presidential candidate since Jefferson. Those aren't my words, those are the words of Bernie Sanders supporter John Fugelsang. Did I mention that I work with the mentally handicapped and have for the last 28 years? Obviously I found the term you used quite offensive, but I've come to expect that sort of thing from Trump supporters. Why? Because you were right about one thing. He is a jerk.

About time you mentioned him. He should be way higher as he would be much worse than Hillary. In fact, compared to Trump, Hillary is Mount Rushmore-worthy!

You idiots rather vote jeb, ben, hillary, and bernie? He speaks the truth I know he's a jerk but if we get any of those retards were screwed. This is a retarded website

12 Robot Chicken is renewed for 20 other seasons

Robot Chicken is the worst show ever and it would suck to not have this crap cancelled

20 seasons? Please, don't make this happen.

Never. This should never happen.

Please don't make this ever happen.

13 Jackie Evancho dies

Luckily she is a typical healthy 15-year old, who even attends public school in her hometown of Pittsburgh.
One of her biggest gigs ever is coming up on April 26, 2015, when she will perform at Andrea Bocelli's concert in Thailand, and will also do at least one duet with Bocelli himself.
She has a solo concert near home in Pennsyvlvania on 4/23, and then it is a long, long trip from the USA to Thailand, so everyone should wish for safe travels.

Actually, besides Eminem, she might be the person to revive other music besides stupid pop music.

We will lose one of the best voices if this happens

Worse yet, she might get another website.

14 People still say YOLO and SWAG

Why you need to say that? When you has SWAG

15 A new meme happens

DAMN DANIEL! Back at it again with another meme

16 Hilary Clinton becomes president

Gosh, if Hilary Clinton gets elected I'm killing myself. If HilLary Clinton gets elected I'm moving to the U.S. right away. GET HER NAME SPELLED RIGHT IDIOTS

Well, its time to move to England. At least Trump will keep me in the USA cause I'm white even though whites are European not American but okay

You're right, I don't want Hilary Clinton to become president. I want Hillary. At least spell her name right, third graders.

You know, one thing nice about Hillary being president will be that with all the sexism going on, we'll hardly even notice how racist the U.S. Is...

17 Positronwildhawk Becomes a Rapper

I am from the top tens!
I type on it without pens!
I'm really into physics
But I don't like rap music!
You get the idea.

Yeah, PositronWildhawk be all rappin' 'bout quantum physics and ****. All right.

18 Inside Out 2 is Released

How is this bad? This is for Worst Things That Could Happen, not Best Things That Could Happen!

What? I never knew people hated Inside Out… I like Inside Out, and I hope the 2nd one is about her teenage years.

The middle is boring. And the middle is long.

I love that movie this is a great idea!

19 More Songs About Partying, Sex, Drugs, Butts, and Drinking Get Made

I just want some less mainstream artists to become recognized (not popular, because then bad things can happen). Come on Troye Sivan and Melanie Martinez! Take over the industry with your talent. Also, more Twenty One Pilots on the radio!

This would suck. I'm already on a pop music diet. I only listen to alternative and 80s music. Also 90s and classic rock.

If this happens I'm going to pretend I'm living in the 60's. Just because of this music being absolute B.S.

If only we still had John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, and Kurt Cobain...

20 Rainbow Dash fans take over the world

The world will be doomed, rainbow dash is an evil character hypnotizing innocent people into cyber bullies, who agrees? We have to stop cyber bullying.

I hope not kill all the rainbow dash fans and bronies!

No, this should not happen.

21 ISIS takes over the world

I would never have that happen as soon as I'm old enough I'm joining the army

Please don't scare... it would be the worst thing in the whole universe

I would go to a secret island and hide in a secret bunker

It will be nightmare to the world

22 Justin Bieber Gets Famous Again

He's still famous. And will remain famous until we finally stop reigning our hatred against him. You realize whether or not we like him, the more we say his name, the more money goes into his pocket. I stand indifferent and hypocritical.

I hate Love yourself, it makes me wanna hate myself

I think he's more infamous.

23 The Justin Bieber joke on TheTopTens continues

I actually enjoy that

24 The Xbox 360 and PS3 Get Discontinued

Uh.. They were made in like 2 years ago

I hope the Xbox 360 stays, PS3, not a fan.

This happened

25 The end of the world

Duplicate list, might as well delete it now.

FAKE as the world is going to last for billions of years

God might be coming back this year people get ready.

This may haplen but we will never know

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