Top Ten Ways to Annoy People In Certain States of the United States

So, this is my first of a new series of lists on ways to annoy people of different parts of the world. This may be a controversial series. It is stereotypical, so do not assume all the stereotypes are true.
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1 Always ask if they would like potatoes with their meal (Idaho)

Idaho is known well for growing the nation's potatoes, and we often see "Idaho Potatoes" on labels of potato bags.

2 Make sure all meals contain cheese in some form (Wisconsin)

Wisconsin is pretty much the staple of cheese in the US.

3 Ask how many murders they have witnessed (Michigan)

It's sad how many people think Michigan is a bad place because of Detroit's reputation, but the state is actually a safe place other than parts of Detroit and Flint.

Anywhere you go, this is escalating quickly.

4 Purposefully mispronounce their name as "Our Kansas" (Arkansas)

It's a hard name to pronounce at first, but it is not pronounced "Our Kansas".

5 Wear blue and maize at a football party (Ohio)

The Ohio State University and Michigan (Colors are blue and maize/CORN) are bitter rivals.

6 Ask if they've ever been bitten by an alligator on the way to Disney World (Florida)
7 Ask why their state isn't called Cyrus (Montana)

Wow. Didn't get that at first, but after reading it a few times- this is funny!

Ha Ha Ha! If I come to Montana I might definitely say that!

I'm not going to explain any more.

Haha this one is funny

8 Send a text asking how the weather is (Alaska)

Due to its geographic position.

9 When they ask for a present, give them coal. If they ask why, say "I thought it could add to your collection" (West Virginia)

Fact is that this is the fattest state on average. "Coal" could loosely translate as "food" for them.

The state with the most coal will be very upset with you.

10 Ask where the nearest marijuana dispenser is so you can "smoke on the slopes" (Colorado)

Two stereotypes into one. Viola.

Thanks for reading!

The Contenders
11 Ask if they have ever slept with one of their siblings (Alabama)
12 Say "Howdy y'all! Want some bar-b-q with that butter?" (Texas)

I'm pretty sure this is actually how people talk around there.

13 Tell them you prefer badminton (Tennessee)

I'm sorry, this is just the lamest pun that I've concocted for a while.

14 Ask if they eat corn every meal (Nebraska)
15 Tell them to "Pahk ya ca in Harvad Yard" (Massachusetts)
16 Tell them to find a historic monument (Kansas)
17 Say their accent sounds terrible (Pennsylvania)

You'll manage to offend people from Pittsburgh or Philadelphia with that statement.

Ha we Pennsylvanians do get triggered by that, although I still think New York and Boston are worse.

18 Mispronounce their state name as "Nev-ah-dah" (Nevada)
19 Talk about the Yankees (Massachusetts)

That'll grind their gears!

20 Tell farmers to make more fruit (California)

Those farmers will tell you that your fruit will soon be bruised beyond repair.

They grow tons of fruit.

21 Tell them that New York is better (California)

Vice versa. However, Cali is better because there's beaches you can actually swim in, amusement parks, good weather, and more

22 Ask why there are no pro basketball teams in the state (Missouri)

St. Louis has had a couple of NBA franchises over the years.

23 Assume your guest likes peach cobbler/pie (Georgia)
24 Ask where the best place to die skiing is (Vermont)
25 Call them a hipster (California)
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