Top Ten Things Most Kids Collect

Kids hoard stuff. It's just something they do. I know, I used to be one. These list items are the things you'd be most likely to find lots of in any kids' bedroom (or anywhere else around the house and yard).
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1 Lego

I have some Lego, but my dog chewed up most of my people! *Hello darkness my old friend*

I like to build hats out of lego's.

2 Toy Cars

Many who lived on the East Coast recognize these gas station Christmas toys, along with their catchy jingle. The company Celebrated 50 Years and made an awesome 50th year anniversary truck.

The Hess Truck is back and it's better than ever...

I collected toy cars as a kid. I'm from the East Coast and I have seen those Hess truck ads but I never collected those.

Specifically, what kind of toy cars? Transformers, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Micromachines, Go-Bots?

3 Barbies / Dolls

I had so many Barbie's when I was little 4 bin's full. I was a hard core Barbie lover.

I once wanted to sleep with my whole barbie box at night but my mom said to sleep with one so I did

4 Stuffed Animals

I have a stuffed animal that I always hug at bed time... It comforts me a lot! I hug it whenever I feel sad or lonely. Cause it will understand your feelings no matter what. And it will always be there for you! I don't really collect them but I have a lot of them sitting on my bed or some in a basket

Why do you use the word "Stuffed animals" that's a dead animal that's been put in a museum.

I collect stuffed animals too but they HAVE to be koalas. I have over 20 right now.

5 Movies
6 Happy Meal Toys

McDonald's is a rare treat for my kids that we only ever really get on a road trip so they act as a souvenir for remembering the fun day we had.

7 Coins / Cash

This is the only thing I have that my sis doesn't and I use it against her by buying her favorite stuff and then enjoying it in front of her. You should see her face. Serves her right.

Used to save up every penny and count them whenever I got sad...

I collect foreign coins. When I went to a coin store, the man at the store was surprised to see a girl who collects coins, I think that anyone can collect coins:)

8 Pokemon Merchandise

I just collect the cards. I have a ton of Pokemon cards.

Best cards EVER! I fill 3 drawers with my collection!

9 Rocks / Stones

We love collecting rocks and or stones. We use them for crafts and all kids of stuff. My kids favorite is to melt crayons on them

I was kind of suprised when I heard that my science teacher collected rocks because I do too. I brought my collection the next day

I used to collect rocks when I was little. I still have a pretty large stash of them in my room.

10 Nintendo Memorabilia
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11 Squishies

My daughter has hundreds of squishies and she loves them. When she feels sad she knows that she can just squish them and look at their adorable faces. She can also take them with her wherever she goes and they are good for something to take with you traveling.

My cousins have these. They ripped them apart just a few months after purchasing them. What a ripoff!

12 Slime
13 Bouncy Balls

A weird thing to collect for some people but if you collect try these.

Just a really fun thing to collect.

14 Beanie Boos
15 Pokemon Cards

I gave my son mine from when I was a kid and he has been obsessed with them.

16 Match Attacks

I collect then and I'm still trying to get a full team at least. there's no end to it

17 Funko Pop!

I love funko pops! I have a bunch of Harry Potter, disney, and greatest showman

I have justed started collecting funko and I already have loads

18 Fidget Spinners

I was collecting them, but my sis broke them all, then I gave up.

You can do lots of fun tricks with them!

19 Stamps
20 Action Figures
21 Key Rings

"My little sister collects key rings everywhere we go. She loves having fun so this is the perfect way for her to remember the great places she has been when she is older.

22 Dum Dum Lollipop Wrappers

I love dum dum lollipops so I can go around town to collect the wrappers.

23 Lip Balm
24 Baseball Cards
25 POP! Bobbleheads

These bobble heads don't cost much, and they don't take up much space! Kids and even grown ups, love them!

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