Top 10 Things Considered Socially Unacceptable That Should Be Accepted

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1 Men expressing their emotions

Bottling up your emotions is unhealthy and will only lead to more harm, so why encourage men to do this when it's obviously not healthy? Imagine you're unhealthy and you're trying to improve your health by exercising and changing your diet around, but for some reason society shames you for it and encourage you to keep going down the dark path that would eventually lead to an early death. THAT's what being forced to bottle up your emotions due to societal pressure just because you were born the "wrong" gender. This society is pissing me off.

Hate when women and annoying people like Andrew Tate think that expressing emotion is weak. Those are the weakest type of people. They need to grow up and learn that it is wired into our brains and expressing our emotions helps us feel more happy. But obviously, a nine-year-old on his mom's iPad is going to edit a clip of some man expressing their emotions, make fun of them, then put a man working out and a title that says "Embrace Masculinity," then post it to YouTube.

They should be able to express their emotions like everyone else. by the way, why is everyone being so misogynistic in their explanations for this one? This issue stemmed because of the patriarchy. But to get back on topic, men's mental health is very important. We need to stop associating masculinity with unhealthy coping mechanisms. Expressing your emotions is one of the strongest things an individual can do.

We all know that men are more likely to bottle up their emotions instead of sharing them which is a problem because it's unhealthy for anyone but why are men shamed and looked down upon for expressing their emotions? Men are supposed to act tough and suck it up. Usually it's women who are the ones who find men "unattractive" for expressing emotions and crying So a man is told that he needs to express his emotions more but he's ridiculed by the women who encouraged him to express his emotions in the first place? You see the problem here? If you look it up there's some alarming statistics about men's mental health that don't get talked about enough men are more likely to stay silent about their mental health than speak up about it they are less likely to get help and more likely to commit suicide. This needs to become more socially acceptable because a lot of men feel embarrassed about expressing their emotions and crying just because of the negative stigma associated with it

2 Men spending time with children

If you're a man and you're seen spending time with children who aren't related to you chances are people will think you're being creepy and weird. I promise you not every guy who spends time with kids is a pedophile. If girls can spend time with children guys can as well. I know it's more acceptable during summer camps and camps regarding like football or basketball but outside of those settings like if You're shooting hoops and see a kid working on their shooting form you should be able to give them some advice without being labeled as weird for it.

I'm pretty sure ever since child groomers have gotten more attention, men spending time with children became far less acceptable since people immediately assume that he's a groomer with no further evidence.

3 Not being in a relationship

There are some people who are better off alone than in a relationship. Relationships can be beneficial to tons of people, but tons of people doesn't mean every single last person on and out of this planet.

Amatonormativity is responsible for it being socially unacceptable.

4 Taking a day off from work for mental health

This is something that is slowly becoming more acceptable as mental health becomes a bigger deal. It seems like managers are very strict on making sure that you're actually sick, but I think it's perfectly fine. Let's be honest, you shouldn't be working if you're not in the right headspace. You should be working when you're healthy and capable of doing your job to the best of your ability. If companies like to preach that they support mental health and care about their employees, then they should allow employees to take a day off to mentally recharge and recover. There would have to be some restrictions to prevent people from lying and taking advantage of that, but they shouldn't stop employees who need a break.

My school has a thing called well being day so everyone including the teachers gets a day off

I took today off from school for mental health reasons :0 it helped

5 Telling the customer they are wrong

We've all heard the saying "The Customer is Always Right" and for the most part those in retail or restaurants are told to live by that phrase no matter what. It makes sense why from a business perspective you want your employees to provide quality customer service. You want customers to feel welcomed and appreciated and you want them to return in the future. But more often than not customers take advantage of that because they feel entitled and if you've worked in retail or the food industry you have more likely than not come across customers who are in the wrong yet insist that they are not. By saying the customer is always right you're also inversely saying the employee is wrong and you're not putting the employee first which can create morale problems when customers are given a platform to make unreasonable demands that simply cannot be met. Companies need to understand it's impossible to please everyone and at the end of the day customers are more expendable than employees. Both ...more

Imagine a Karen accuses a fast food worker of being a spy for lSlS just because they forgot a ketchup packet. Well, according to the overused and overrated phrase "the customer is always right", you're exactly that (even though you aren't), and if the manager takes that phrase to the extreme, you're done for.

"The Customer is Always Right" is advice for stocking your store, not for customer service.

Customers get things wrong frequently. They are not the ones running the store. Their expertise is not based around the store.

6 Men having a mental illness
7 Being quiet

Why is it that being extroverted is considered normal but being introverted isn't? People expect you to be loud and obnoxious but if you're quiet and reserved people say ask why are you so quiet? Like there's nothing wrong with being introverted or extroverted. Stop treating introvert people like they can and should "get over it" there's nothing wrong with being reserved and quiet especially in public places or uncomfortable situations where you're next to strangers. If you're not comfortable talking to strangers you shouldn't feel obligated to talk to them and you shouldn't be labeled as rude for not talking to someone simply because you're uncomfortable with it.

8 Not having kids

I've talked about this before but it's nobody's business whether or not a couple decides to have kids. It's a big decision that requires a lot of commitment. Even if there's no underlying reasons if a couple doesn't want children that's perfectly OK. I mean have you seen little kids in public? I don't blame people who don't want to deal with that because let's be real kids can be a handful not to mention if you're working you have the additional stress of finding a babysitter for your kid. Some people shouldn't have kids anyway because we've all seen examples of bad parenting as well. Why do your parents expect you to give them grandchildren? You have no obligation to have kids that is completely up to you and your spouse and nobody else's decision

9 Girls asking guys out

It's been tradition for an eternity that the guy has to ask the girl out and he has to ask her to Homecoming Prom and any high school dance. The guy is the one who is asking for her hand in marriage and asking her father for his permission. Any guy can tell you that it can be stressful to work up the courage to ask especially if you've dealt with rejection in the past. Girls get off pretty easily for the most part they don't have to worry about being rejected. I feel like if you truly love someone you should be able to ask that person instead of waiting for them to ask you because we can't read minds and girls I promise you that most guys are terrible at picking up signs. It shouldn't be abnormal for a girl to ask a guy out who she likes.

This one is obvious it's really dumb that girls asking guys out is still often seen as pushy or desperate. To be honest though I might have ulterior motives in thinking this.

10 Being a virgin

The term "virgin" these days has a negative connotation. The word itself means someone who hasn't had s*x before, but the internet has basically warped its definition to mean some degenerate who is completely incapable of getting laid, even if they want to.

Also, we'd all much rather be a virgin (the textbook definition of virgin not the internet insult) for life than to have to pay insane amounts of child support to some greedy women who would only use it for her own benefit with the whole end goal of losing it.

It's especially disgusting when people are pressured to lose their virginity before adulthood.

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11 Farting in public
12 Having a queer sexual orientation

This is accepted

13 Not being loyal to your employer

Look at the end of the day a job is a job. As long as it's paying the bills and giving a little extra cash for the weekends that's all you can ask for. I find it hilarious that jobs that pay minimum wage or near it expect you to be loyal and happy about your job and put said job above everything else like if you're working minimum wage you're likely trying to save some money and probably a high school student you're not looking to staying at that job long term. Honestly unless an employer is a perfect fit you have no obligation to stay there. If you find a better position that pays more then by all means go for it. Also the company does have the authority to fire you at a moments notice basically.

14 Menstrual leave
15 Getting an abortion
16 Talking about pay

Personally I don't think it's as big of a deal as people make it out to be. Sometimes you just want to compare and make sure you're getting paid similarly to others who have similar a similar job and similar amount of experience. It doesn't make sense why talking about pay is considered taboo in our society if anything it would make things more transparent if we did talk about pay and could actually help address the wage gap.

That's the reason for financial illiteracy - we need to normalize this!

17 Pissing off liberals
18 Declining an invite because you don’t want to go

Usually if you decline an invitation because you'd rather stay inside you're looked down upon by your friends. Sometimes you just need to rest and recharge your social battery. It's nothing personal but sometimes you need those days and people should learn to accept that. If someone asks you to do something and you say "Nah I'm thinking about just staying in tonight." Then it's a perfectly reasonable and acceptable response. Sometimes you're not up to going out. But be careful that doing this too often will result in your friends not inviting you at all anymore

No this is rude

19 Choosing a life of celibacy

Yes. It seems as though nobody talks about this outside of religion.

20 Jaywalking
21 Women paying for dates
22 Having 5+ kids
23 Flirting

If I didn't flirt in public I wouldn't have had a wife or kids.

24 Spanking kids
25 Toplessness

This should be acceptable because men are allowed to be topless so therefore women should also be allowed to be topless. It's sexist if women aren't allowed to be topless but men are allowed. If women are allowed to be topless just like men are, we would have gender equality.

I agree, and stop saying women can't go topless. They actually can, but they just have to wear a bra when they go out. That's it. I am currently shirtless as I type this

Men can do it but women can't? Why did we sexualize random parts of our bodies? If men can do it women should be able to. If women can't men shouldn't.

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