Top Ten Things That Have Changed the Most Over the Years

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1 Technology

Well, let's compare the 1900s to the 2010s. So, in the 1900s, there were telephones, cars, and lightbulbs. They just all looked differently back then, and as the years went by, there were new technologies popping up such as TVs, computers, radios, medical devices, and of course smartphones.

Technology used to not be very advanced. Telephones weren't invented until the late 1800s and cars weren't invented until late 1800s/early 1900s. Now many of us have smartphones which can give you any info you want, any time.

And since 2004 we have had TheTopTens!

2 Culture

Today, our culture's definitely more sensitive and more sheltered. I almost feel like it's too sheltered, as anything can be taken to offense very quickly. Not to mention that most people grew their own food until the industrial revolution.

3 Communication

Agree! People seem to have lost the power of speech because of the internet. And when we DO manage to form a sound, it comes out letters and shortened down words. It's made us lazy.

Back then, the only way you could communicate is 2 options: One is face to face, other is by an old wall phone that could only be used for calling.

Letters are no more, they have been putnto shame by the Internet, where you can message people from across the world!

I agree but for the opposite reason! With only one reason thanks to internet I met my loved Britgirl

4 Social Skills

Everybody communicates online. And then they all get really depressed and forget how to really socialize

Not as many people are social these days... Incuding me in the tally.

5 Language

1900s: Hello, ma'am, how are you doing?
2010: Hey, dude, what's up?

This shows that people became less formal as the years went by.

We're definitely not as formal as the olden days...

6 Entertainment

Do most people go to a Shakespearean play for their best entertainment these days? About as many people as you think do that.

Well, there's now movies, T.V. shows, heck, even the internet!

7 Sciences

Back in the 1200s, we didn't even know what the concept of gravity was!

8 Religion

There aren't as many religious people as before, I've noticed. Atheism's becoming more common.

Back then, people were more religious.

9 Transportation

Back then, people relied on horses and carriages, trains, or on foot for transport. Now you have things like cars and airplane.

10 Music

In the early 20th century, there was no rock, hip hop, or even blues and jazz. Well, there was a derivative form of blues called ragtime.

When you came Britgirl arrived, weird right?

Music changed for the worst.

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11 Fandoms

This might just be me, but I can name some INSANE fans.

These really didn't exist until the 20th century.

12 Foods

It's not like you could go back 1,000 years just to get a bag of crisps!

13 Animation

When Snow White and the seven Dwarves came, The hand-drawn animation came popular and then came to Pinocchio,Bambi,Fantasia,Cinderella and up to Tarzan.
1995, the year of infamy :D
Toy Story became a popular movie and since that movie came, Dreamworks started doing Shrek, the most popular movie in 2001, 6 years after Pixar was made.
While Toy Story got popular and still known. It got a sequel and came to have Finding Nemo, Up and Ratatouille. In 2007, hand-drawn live action came popular with Enchanted, a movie about a princess in a adventure in New York City.
In 2009,hand drawn has been revived when The Princess and the Frog came to theaters
In 2010, CGI got popular when Tangled came.
In 2013, Frozen, the only animated movie to be on the top 10 2013 movies. It topped the top 2 in the list, behind Age of Ultron.

All animation back then was made using the traditional way which was making frames to combine into a short film.

14 Education
15 Politics

Back then, the democratic and republican parties were opposite of each other. Now it was like if they were people who switched bodies.

16 Games
17 Traditions

Slavery. That's all I'll say for now.

18 Feminism
19 Political Correctness
20 Environment
21 Human Rights
22 Patriotism
23 Comedy
24 Liberalism
25 Sports
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