Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Shopping

I hate shopping, and I'm not sure how many more of you out there hate it as well, so I decided to list my reasons as why I find shopping annoying
The Top Ten
1 It's stressful

I just want to go home but my parents always choose something that is fit for me I want to sleep at 3pm but instead we went home at 5pm.

This whole list is right! Shopping is annoying

2 People can be annoying

WHY do mothers bring their annoying babies and kids in minivans and SUVs. Just to annoy others and you to death? Here are the worst things that The babies and kids do there:

1. They steal.
2. They annoy as hell.
3. They run around like it was a playground.
4. They stare at you, just because you are grabbing stuff.
5. They block the whole shop.
6. They are a waste of space.
7. They throw temper tantrums because they don't get candy.
8. The shop after their horrible visit is indescribable.
9. Their mothers always steal your parking spot and her baby and kids are laughing their asses off.
10. They turn your average shopping day to never ending screaming, whining, crying and annoying noises.
11. Their only safe zone is the toy section where they stay the whole shopping.
12. They look at your car funny.
13. The only things they want are sweets and toys wich are way too expensive and they get bored by playing with them for a few hours.
14. They embarrass you, even when its not your child.
15. Their mother praises them and If somebody touches her kids, they must go to jail for lifetime.

That is it.

3 When clothes in one section are too small and the next one up are too large

If you don't understand what I mean here, it means when you can't fit into kids clothes because they're too small. Then, you go up to the teens section, and those clothes can't fit you either because they're too big. It also works for going from teens section to the adults section of clothing

Happens to me all the time. I pretty much stopped shopping for clothes altogether for that reason.

4 Bad service

Especially slow cashiers that seem to have totally forgotten how to do their job. Like, we've spent 3 hours in Target, and you're slowing down the process!

5 When a parent you go with gets distracted

When a parent or guardian gets disgraced to get themselves stuff when they take you out for stuff for you is way too annoying. My dad taught me to poke my mom when she gets distracted while shopping

I agree this is annoying as hell, especially whenever my mom or dad sees one of his/her friends in the shop and starts talking to them.

Next time I'm (forced to go) shopping with my mom, I'll pray that there won't be any discounts...

6 Most teens clothes being crop tops and shorty-shorts

It's such an unpleasant style. The equally disgusting male equivalent is polos and tacky t-shirts, also with short shorts. I much prefer long-sleeve shirts and long jeans of assorted colour. What makes those harder to find is how they are almost ALWAYS too small.

I hate when I see the majority of the teens section is just crop tops and shorty-shorts. I want clothes that don't make me look like a stripper, I want to look like a normal person. And hell, you aren't even allowed to wear that stuff at my school!

7 Items being way too expensive

I pride myself in being an excellent shopper. Especially when it comes to stretching a dollar. Seems to run in the blood (heh).

8 Making decisions

Coming from Mrs. Baddesicionmaker, I can't make a simple decision, from a shirt to a blanket for my bed!

9 Spending lots of money

As one matures, one learns to budget. This still limits the things I can practically use money on.

I refuse to spend $80 on a shirt, leggings, and a blanket.

My mom buying me clothes is a waste of a lot of money, because my closet is completely full (honestly, I don't need that much clothes...)

10 Waiting in line to pay

Yeah, that's a pain if your impatient.

The Contenders
11 Traveling a long way just to get something

We are from Philly. Despite having Apple stores within a 20 minute drive from home, whenever we buy laptops, phones, and tablets, we usually drive 45 minutes to a mall in Delaware because everything in DE is tax-free. Why can't PA and NJ be tax-free as well?

I have to travel up to a half hour to get clothes where I live. It's ridiculous, especially since even those ones are still god-awful.

There are no apple stores in kingston ontario. The nearest one is 2 hours long which is in ottawa.

12 Crying babies and kids

Look at my list titled The most annoying things kids do while shopping. Its great

13 People buy expensive things to make fun of the poor people

And how, do you find this annoying?

14 The moment when your companion has done the shopping and sees another thing and buys it
15 Going in and out of dressing rooms

I hate shopping, and this is the reason why. I hate going in with new jeans and get out to show to my mom, then she gives me another one she just found, and repeat for hours.

16 it's boring
17 Lack of choice

There are so many places I go, such as clothes shops and electronics shops, where the range of goods and features of said goods has little to nothing to what you look for. It is this which has made me resort to acquiring things such as music online, and storing them digitally, because music shops prioritise mainstream pop.

18 The whole parking lot is full
19 When the aisle you want to be in is crowded but most of the other aisles are empty
20 When you save up money to buy something, and then the time you go to get it, it's sold out
21 Being filmed by other shoppers without your consent
22 You find plenty in stock of what you are not looking for on the shelves only to learn the one item you came for is out of stock or discontinued
23 Merchandise in stores in recent times look like a bunch of junk tossed around
24 Busy parking lot or garage
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