Top 10 Non-Essential Places We Can't Live Without

There are two types of places in the world;

“Essential places” which are places that every city in the world must have, they may include hospitals, houses, schools, grocery stories, and workplaces.

“Non-essential places” which are places that most cities and towns have, but aren’t exactly important.

Although non-essential places aren’t exactly needed, there are many people out there who find them quite important and can’t live without them.
The Top Ten
1 Restaurants

Going to restaurants is always a very good experience to get out of the house and eat breakfasts, lunches, or dinners at a large and fancy-looking building.
Despite this, they're not exactly essential, because people could cook stuff in their own homes.

What about those who don't have a home or don't have a stove in the hotel they live in? Good point, though

Especially fast food restaurants.

2 Concerts

Whether you love rock, metal, pop, or rap, most people love attending concerts where they get to see their favourite music artists performing live. Concerts also have lots of cool effects such as flashing lights, flames, and fireworks.

I went to my first concert right before covid stopped the world. it was probably the best day of my life

3 Cinemas

Most people love going to the cinemas because it's a viewing experience, and you get to have some of that delicious popcorn too! Although, it's not quite important since you can get things like your streaming services, and DVD's.

Should be higher, we can't live without them, as the pandemic has shown us

4 Airports

Airports are complex places for taking off and landing aeroplanes. Planes are what gets us from one country or city to another in the quickest possible way. Although they're quicker than say boats and cars, they're not exactly essential.

Most of the time, yeah I do agree. But for business trips, airports are the only way that work for most

5 Automated Car Washes

Automated car washes are not only effective and cheap, but also not as much time-consuming. That being said, they're not important, as some people can still do car washes manually.

6 Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are a place where many people (especially teenagers) go out and have fun while riding on wacky rides, or even buy merchandise and food from some of the markets seen at the parks.

7 Playgrounds

Playgrounds are often the type of place that kids hang out to play on equipment such as slides, and swing sets with parents supervising. Lots of children's parties take places in playgrounds as well.

They kind of are important for children, especially during recess where they're taking a break from classes.

8 Night Clubs

Although there are lots of people out there who aren't keen on night clubs, it's also a getaway place where people often spend the night drinking, partying, dancing, and overall just having a bit of fun.

9 Sports Arenas

Very similar to music concerts, there are many rapid sports fans in the world who just simply can't live without their beloved sports. They're loud places where people root for their own clubs and celebrate whilst having beer.

10 Buffets
The Contenders
11 Museums and Art Galleries

Whilst their are some people who love watching sports at sports stadiums, and listening to music at rock concerts, there are also the more quiet people who enjoy having a look at wonderful paintings by famous artists, or amazing looking 3D sculptures.

12 Banks

Where else would you store your cash?

13 Theatres
14 Laundromat
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