Top Ten Things that Bring Out the Worst in People

For most of the things on this list, we’re talking the extremist. If you get offended by something on this list, you’re probably an extremist on it and I feel you should and deserve to be offended. So knock it off and quit letting these things bring out the worst in you.
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1 Politics

To be hyper-political you have to be a hypocrite. It's a must or it won't work. It part of the GAME if you're dumb enough to play it. Just look at the hyper-political users from both sides on this site for proof. Nothing politicians do are for you. They do not care about you and one side is not more patriotic than the other being that neither are truly patriotic to begin with. They both don't care about your rights or the constitution. I use to feel kinda bad for hyper-political people thinking that their side is right and actually cares about them and the people of this country. Not anymore. It's so blatant and obvious now that if they still think they care, I see them as hopeless idiots. EVERYTHING they (including Trump and now Biden) do is not for you! Think about it. Seriously. Everything they do is for their lobbyists, business interests and their Wall Street buddies not for you or the people. Everything! Yet you argue, fight, terrorize and even kill each other over this fake nonsense. Playing right into their hands. Order through chaos. These same cretins on both sides fighting for "our freedom" and "our rights" are going to be the one who get even more of our so-called freedoms and rights taken away. It's by design in my opinion. All planned and purposely instigated and both sides are equally to blame. There's two goals for both political parties; Get themselves along with their business interest and friends rich while in office and strip freedoms away while tightening their grip of control and power. That's it! They are not there to protect you and your "freedoms". Your "freedom" don't matter one bit to them. If they're pretending to care about one of your "freedoms" you better bet there's a business interest behind it every single time. Gun rights is just one of many examples of this (I'm an owner of multiple guns including 2 assault rifles). It's right in front of you and obvious that both sides take their... more

2 Sports

Just like most of the others on this list, I'm referring to extremist. The insane ones who really thinks they're on a certain side of a "war". I pretty sure you all know what I'm talking about. The overly obsessed idiots who get ridiculously dressed up and will verbally and physically attack fans from the "other side". Don't get me wrong, some trash talk is always fun but these kinds of "fanatics" will often cross the line intentionally looking for a fight. I like some sports myself. Of course Boxing but also Basketball, and some seasons, Baseball. I also find MMA entertaining and love watching the Olympics. In fact the 84' Olympics is what made me start boxing. So I'm not anti-sports by any means but sports can bring out the worst in people.

3 Religious Extremism

Certified insane in my book. I truly believe religious extremism = insanity. Like straitjacket nuthouse insane. The three major religions, Islam, Judaism and Christianity, are mostly to blame for this. Not too many "extreme" Buddhist or Hindus causing problems out there. More people have been killed (murdered) in the name of religion then for any other reasons. And like politics it causes people to become shameless hypocrites. And for the record, again, I'm talking about extremist. I have no problem with people who find comfort in religion without judging others, becoming bigots and trying to force their beliefs onto others.

4 Divorce

Divorces can get really, really ugly. The person asking for the divorce usually becomes completely mean and cold about it while the other goes into depression and becomes erratic. Like me, I'm sure some of you have been through this. They can get so bad, you can't believe these people use to love each other. Really sad when you think about it. That at one time these people were so in love and then ends in hatred. I have seen divorces that absolutely destroys some people forever and they are never the same again. My dad's one example. Even though he re-married he was never the same after my mom divorced him. Sucked the life out of him. Rarely smiled anymore and never seemed to be able to fully enjoy himself. He really loved my mom and she selfishly destroyed him. Divorces can not only bring out the worst in people but it can absolutely destroy their soul too.

5 The Pursuit of Wealth

I think this really depends on how you approach to earn money. If you are pursuing it to maintain a sustainable life, that's fine—as long if you can tolerate what you are doing. If you are going to sacrifice your time on something you don't tolerate for the sake of earning money, you are likely to struggle and eventually fall from your job. The same goes for your passion, once you turn something that you enjoy (from time to time) a job, you are most likely to drain yourself, unless you are sure that you're really enjoying it. It's all about balancing between money and your happiness.

6 Alcoholism

Alcoholism ruins more lives and families then any other vice in this country (United States) and is why I have it over Prescription/Hard Drug Addiction. Granted their are functioning alcoholics and "happy drunks" out there but for the most part a drunk is unreasonable, unstable, erratic, not fully "functional" and usually quick to turn violent. And to be clear, there is nothing wrong with adults getting drunk from time to time. I use to drink kind of a lot but over the last 15+ years, I only drink about 3 - 5 times a year. It's the true alcoholics I'm referring to here.

7 Prescription / Hard Drug Addiction

I have seen good people go insane after they become addicts. Good, honest, good natured, well mannered, responsible hard working people start lying, stealing, hustling, become irresponsible and lose all their self esteem. The drugs usually responsible for this are heroine, meth, coke, crack, and most of all, believe or not, prescription drugs. Marijuana is never on the level of these drugs. I know the media focuses on street drugs but prescription drugs are the most abused drugs in this country (United States). Feel free to research that. There is hope for some. I've also seen some of those same people clean up and become their same old self again.

8 Bullying
9 Obsessive Love

Love can bring out the worst in people. I always said 90% of people (civilians) are killed (murdered) for two reasons; love and money. I use to say three reasons; love, money and drugs, but then I thought money and drugs are technically one in the same. So, anyways, love is a major factor in a lot of murders along with other insane behaviors like stalking and sabotage. And to do this and put someone through this that you supposedly love? Crazy. I've seen people go through this. It's ugly, scary and insane.

Love can both be beautiful and tragic, that's life. We just have to learn to let things go. That and not be money hungry.

10 Social Media

The extent that people go through for views and likes is utterly ridiculous, pathetic and insane to me. People will become or do soul-less, moral-less, intentionally controversial and straight up disgusting things for views. My proof (one of many I can use) that Social Media brings out the worst in people is Social Media "freaks" will record someone dying so they can get a lot of views and possibly go "viral" making them pathetically feel "famous" rather then trying to help that dying person. They always like filming people who are in desperate need of help instead of actually helping them. I also despise people who film and exploit the mentality ill on the streets for views. Also, the people making fun of them in the comments are just as bad. Soul-less with absolutely no morals. The priority of views and likes on Social Media is more important to these losers then a fellow human's life.
Personally, I don't do Social Media. I NEVER had a MySpace or Facebook page, don't do Instagram, Twitter, or anything like that. It's all pretentious, soul-less and / or fake to me.

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11 Haters
12 Inheritance

My brother and I actually went through this with my step-mom on a low level and it was ugly. (Mostly between her and my brother. I just wanted our old family photo albums, which all were before she came into the picture, which she wouldn't give up so I had to just forcefully take them.) I heard some pretty crazy stories about families fighting over an inheritance and it can get really nasty. People turning on and hating family members they grew up loving for money and materials. I guess it shows who the selfish jerks are in the family. Sad. I guess money in general brings out the worst in people.

13 Religion
14 Opinions

Usually the origin of fights, opinion differences. This brings out the worst in my stepdad for example

15 Toxic People
16 Family
17 Envy

I personally think that Envy is a really big problem. I mean think about it, there's lots of people out there, who want what everybody else has, no matter how useless it is. Now I'm not saying a little envy is bad. Cause everybody's felt a little envious at some point. But being envious a lot can cause problems. That's just my opinion though


18 Music

Your attitude can be affected by music, and it's rarely for the better of it.

19 Indoctrination
20 Brainwashing
21 Power
22 Low Self-Esteem
23 Discrimination and Prejudice
24 Cabin Fever
25 Pets
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