Top 10 Things That Make You Happy

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1 Music

I play a lot of music, most of the time it will be something from the 80s, just because I feel like the music was better back then. Prince, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Hall and Oates, Elton John, and so many more. Now that's not to say that all music from today is bad. There is some good stuff out there, just not as much as the 80s.

So many genres. I love relaxing while listening to Blues, Jazz, and Charleston on Saturday nights. A comfy sofa, soft lights, and this playing gently in the background. Just magical.

I love music! I don't know anybody who doesn't! OK, I do know SOMEONE at my school who hates music, and that's this Asian girl named Abigail. I HATE her guts! I never ever talk to her! I hope I don't see her in high school! (I'm in 8th grade)

2 Family

Family has 6 letters. 6 has 3 letters. There are 3 sides on a triangle. The Illuminati logo is a triangle. Family is Illuminati confirmed!

I love my family, and my family loves me!

I always put my beloved family first!

3 Love

Love is a beautiful, wonderful, and powerful emotion. It's like a raging river: easy to fall into and so very hard to escape once it has taken a firm hold of you.

And this list is making me smile. Thank you!

I don't need romance. Platonic love is amazing and unconditional.

It's the best emotion ever. It makes everyone happy, whoever it is.

4 Friends

Definitely. And it's on TTT too for me. I have great friends in real life too.

Friendship >. Romance.

5 God

God gave us everything on this list! I love God!

Allah created this list and everything else! This should be no. 1.

Bless Allah! He is the best!

6 Sense of Humor

Love can hurt, but humor always makes you happy, good humor of course...

Definitely. Without humor, what is life?

Haha! I'm so humorous!

7 Books

When I'm sad, I read. And then I cry because I finished it. And then I'm happy because I found out it was a series. And then I cry again because my favorite character dies, AND the series ends.

But, I digress. It's all worth it. NO REGRETS.

I love this one book, and I hate when people hate it.

8 Food

I know it's selfish because there are starving kids out there, but I just want a darn cheesecake right now.

Having a bad day and feeling emptiness in your gut? Well, we have food, so yeah!

Just imagine that perfect dessert. Mmm.

9 Dancing

Best thing to do.

10 Respect
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11 Holidays

I hate Halloween. It's my second-least favorite holiday.

12 Games
13 Cartoons

Cartoons make me happy, usually. Tom and Jerry, the Simpsons, Looney Tunes, pre-movie SpongeBob - the classics.

Good Disney cartoons make me happy, and some Nickelodeon cartoons.

Cartoons make me happy, too!

14 Massage
15 Hugs

Especially if it's unexpected. Someone realizes you feel a bit low, and they pull you into their arms. It's such a wonderful feeling. It makes you cry just knowing they care.

16 Movies

This depends on what mood I'm in, what day of the week it is, and what the weather is doing.

Watching an old black and white film, or a classic musical, is best enjoyed on wet Sunday afternoons. Casablanca, any Norman Wisdom film, or Singin' in the Rain... Wonderful!

I really love films! Except for horror films, which are sad, and just plain creepy. But some I can handle. Like Coraline.

I have been watching a lot of Disney movies. Most of them are good.

17 Birthdays
18 Sports
19 Birds Chirping
20 No School
21 Nature
22 Writing

Writing is how I get out my anger.

23 World Peace
24 Sunshine
25 Knowledge
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