Top Ten Best Things to Do with Your Enemy's Phone

You notice that someone you seriously hate has left their phone on to charge right next to you. So what do you do to make them suffer? Anything, and I mean anything counts. So add what you want, and think of someone you hate to the end of the universe.
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1 Call his/her ex, copy your enemy's voice and be as obnoxious as humanly possible

And when s/he sees him/her next, pow!

2 "Lose" it

"Where'd my iPhone 5 go...? "

3 Replace his/her girl/boyfriend's number with his/her parent's number

I can only imagine how absolutely embarrassing it is going to be for the enemy or whoever you're pranking. They would think they're texting their girlfriend or boyfriend, when in reality, it's their parents or someone else...

I did this to my friend. Man, you should have seen the look on his face when he was texting his "girlfriend" when in reality it was his parents who he was texting. His girlfriend's name Kimiko, and his name Toshio. I live in Tokyo, by the way.

This would be so hilarious! He phones his mother, or his girl's mother, and says "hey, babe, you're mah woman, n' I gonna snog yer GOOD". I can only imagine the response.

Brilliant! Absolute bloody GENIUS! Oh how I'd love to do this; the ultimate humiliation - while I stand smiling sweetly in the corner!

4 Make hundreds of expensive calls
5 Replace the ringtone and text tone with something humiliating

See the list of embarrassing ringtones by an anonymous TopTenner and Britgirl's list of amusing text tones for reference.

I would love witness that!

6 Put superglue on it and call him/her, so it is welded to his/her hand and face

Oh, boy, would that be bloody hilarious! If that guy was going into work/school, it would be awkward when he couldn't get the phone off his cheek!

That would be hilarious to watch as s/he tries to put it down, or stretch his/her thumb over to answer another call or message.

That would be hilarious.

7 Send messages to his/her friends like "Kiss me!"

I did this to my brother and his best friend was a tad shocked. Still haven't found the other half of my tooth.

8 Delete all their photos and download porn (or delete all their porn depending on what's on).

That is just evil... too bad my enemy may like it. I think he bisexual. Am a Demiseual.

9 Destroy it
10 Delete all their apps
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11 Replace music they love on it with music they hate, only rename the files so they think all is normal

Very true, Dan, but boy, would it be worth it! I'd still laugh if I were caught in the act. Maybe just certain songs that really get to them.

12 Lock them out of it
13 Send "I'm Pregnant" to his/her parents

To HIS or her parents?!?! When was your last Biology lesson?

It would still be hilarious if your enemy is a boy.

14 Turn silent OFF before something important, and call him/her in the middle of it

During a serious board meeting. That anonymous TopTenner's choice of embarrassing ringtones: Boney-M's Daddy Cool! Let the shames begin!

Especially bad if s/he has an embarrassing ringtone...
"I'm sexy and I know it. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo..."

15 Mute it and disable all means of volume control

That would be so annoying. Without sound, of what use is a phone?

16 Smash it with a sledgehammer
17 Toss it in the bin
18 Take a gajillion photos on it

I would hate this

19 Damage the screen
20 Poop on It
21 Send nudes to their parents
22 Send rude messages to their parents
23 Put porn on it
24 Download illegal stuff on it
25 Throw It in the Grand Canyon
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