Top 10 Most Addictive Things In Life

I was just thinking about TheTopTens and then I thought some more... and then I realised I think about it much too often! Even this list is born from my addiction to it! What are my fellow TopTenners' addictions? Doesn't matter how silly it sounds, if you feel you'd be lost without it, add it to the list.
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1 Music

I couldn't have put your comment better myself. I listen to one type of music while travelling to work, and another type of music at home. Yes the music we play does change depending on our mood.

I'm in total agreement. The bigger the variety of genres you listen to the more you get addicted because then you have a song to suit whatever mood you're in somewhere in your playlist

Who doesn't love music it brings people together! Shout out to Justin Bieber though he makes the best music, laugh out loud that's kinda what I listen to all day!

Music is my #1 Passion if I didn't have it I'd be... I don't know where because the idea of No Music is Terrifying!

2 The Internet

It was. Back in the day, when I was content on my first account, with my 200 followers who supported me throughout everything I did. I don't think they knew how much they meant to me. Now, they're gone, in the blink of an eye. In all honesty, I'm losing interest. I can find somewhere else to be a bad music critic.

This really is one helluva addicting site. Being able to cast votes, comment and create your own lists is an absolute treat. You'll always find something interesting on this site.

The only nerds here are anonymous strangers on this site that go around calling other people nerds. So why don't you take a look in the mirror at yourself and please GET A LIFE!

I love the community. Everyone is respectful. People on here that are around my age (13/14 years) are mature and sophisticated, unlike the kids in my class.

3 Food

I've got this problem.
Ever since I was born, I eat every day.
Often as much as three times, plus snacks.
I try to stop, but my stomach hurts and I just end up raiding the fridge.
1 like = one prayer.

... What am I doing with my life.
90% of it is sarcasm.

I'm not overweight or anything but I have an addiction to fast food, it's not really that serious because I only get it up to 3 times a week.

Indeed especially for a foodie like me who finds food not just as fuel but for enjoyment.

Everyone is addicted to this, otherwise they would starve.

4 Electronic Devices

If I don't have my devices with me I would scream "I'm bored 1 million times" over and over again.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many hours of my life I have wasted on my devices.

I'm so addicted to computers and iPads the most.

Yes they are addictive.

5 Video Games

Yeah because it's fun and a lot of people find it enjoyable. Like there's a lot of games they can play like COD and DOOM (doom is my favorite).

This list is kinda dumb because number one wouldn't be would be crack cocaine. I have only heard the stories of junkies lives and it sounds really bad. Music is great but you don't need music, however crack addicts need crack and will even kill for it, no one would kill for music

Super addictive, finally checked myself into rehab for it last week, but then I fell right back off the train. Or whatever the saying was.

Haha I discovered this little chap about a year ago. Sometimes I spend 4 hours trying to beat my last score. Really addictive. Thank you!

6 Masturbation

So I started masturbating out of curiosity and now I can't stop...

Whoops...didn't mean to vote this! My hand shook...!

Heh, I guess I'll agree with my bud here on this one.

This is a total taboo, but it's fairly true.

7 Television

Television is one of the best source for entertainment and this option must have been supported by a number of people as television is easily affordable by a large Ravi Kumar Tahlan

Get a life! How is it enjoyable to watch animated people (awful animations) scream at each other. It feels like they have bad acting even though it's a cartoon

There is a kid in my school named Xavier. He is crazy about anime and won't stop talking about it.

Anime is the cocaine of television. Once you start watching, you can't stop.

8 Love

It's a very complicated feeling. I've fallen in love so many times. People have done me wrong but I still believe in love and one of the best feelings in the world is to love and feel loved.

I also thought this was the most addictive thing but somehow, I'm now feeling the opposite... it's the worst thing

Proven to be the most addictive thing... How is it not up here!?

"Might as well face it, you're addicted to love."

9 Drugs

I had the unfortunate experience of being an addict... It controls you all you morals you grew up with gone in the blink of an eye... You loose your freedom.. Anything that can take away morals and freedom that you've always had has to be the most addicting thing

I feel serious sympathy for addicts. You're desperate for something that kills you, and strips you of all your humanity. It's heartbreaking to watch someone fall into the depths of drug abuse. Of course, I will never take any.

Don't even think of trying it. Besides drugs being illegal, they do permanent damage to your health.

When I was little I thought drugs were a type of food that was bad for you. Wow.

10 Sex

I have never had sex either (I mean I'm way too young), but it sounds weird.

I find it disturbing. But I don't care if people like it.

Sex is ahead of smoking. What is this world coming to?

It feels too good!

The Contenders
11 Money

Obviously, because our life would be terrible without it.

Mr. Krabs just shows you how addictive this is

12 Pets

I am super allergic to everything except food pretty much, so I have to take meds; I LOVE ANIMALS!

I love puppies like I love my life!

Cats are the best

They're so cute!

13 Movies

I can't stop watching movies! I've became so addicted, that I actually want to be an actor! I watch at least 3 films a day!

14 Chapstick
15 Science

Never much of a fan really. I found this subject in school rather difficult and a struggle to get through.

Glad to know I'm not the only person in the world who finds science extremely addicting.

My brother is SO obsessed with science. It's also one of my favorite subjects in school.

I like science, it's interesting and cool.

16 Daydreaming
17 Alcohol

I hate alcoholics. They just scream, curse, and get mad over everything! They are out of control animals! This is why people shouldn't drink!

One of the worst things to get addicted in is alcohol.

18 Hypnosis/ASMR
19 Self Harm

To everyone saying this is "edgy," just listen for a sec. There are definitely edgy emo people out there doing this for attention, but not everyone who cuts falls under this category. Some do it because it's a way to diffuse all their anger and anxiety in a way. However, it's a temporary and harmful solution to a bigger problem, and it's difficult to stop once you start. So it's definitely addicting for the people who do it.

It is very addicting as when you start cutting it is very difficult to stop and it leaves life long scars. But it gives a temporary relief. Don't ever judge a person who self harms as they might have told you a reason that is not worth self harming but the person may be struggling, so always be there for them even if they need a shoulder to cry on and never tell them to just stop as it so much harder.

I used to self harm all the time. It was truly terrible. There were cuts all over my arms and the principal of my school found it. After I got sent home for having self harm marks, I no longer had access to any sharp objects.
But I've spent now 4 months self harm free and I'm proud of myself for that and all of my cuts have healed well most of them at least.

Once I cut my leg with scissors when I was being bullied in school. the scars are still there I wish they would leave but luckily they aren't noticeable. It was a very foolish decision I made.

20 Manga

Best in the world

21 Kissing
22 Tattoos

Ugh so gross it's like "Why don't I put a needle in my arm so I can have a tattoo of something ugly that last forever? " It's fine if you just have some initials on your wrist but anything further than that is gross.

I know some people who debate about having one done and a year later? Absolutely smothered in this awful "artwork". It looks dreadful on women too!

Tattoos are very addictive. I've got them all over my arms and back. But agree; tattoos on females makes them look butch. Not a very sexy look at all.

I hate tattoos this should be on number one on worst body things and stuff about your body

23 Sleeping

I think I may actually be addicted...
I sleep every night - but once you get addicted, you can't help yourself. Sometimes I do it in bed, sometimes I do it at the work desk, sometimes on the train home.
Send help.

Sleep is life

24 Nail Biting

I used to do this, it's very gross. I did it since I was 3 all the way up to 14. Your nails bleed 24/7 but you keep doing it because of how 'good' it tastes or anxiety. Your nails look like they were destroyed from a razor or whatever. Everyone tells me 'ewww your nails are dirty and gross', I know darling it is and I decided to stop doing it in September 21'. I know it's so hard to stop because of course it's addicting but it's still bad. by the way I love my nails now they're not as bad as before and I haven't hurt them for sometime and I'm gonna keep it like that.

I was going to scroll through all the contenders but I have to vote for this one because I started biting my nails when I was six and have continued for 12 years. Though I've tried time and time again to terminate this embarrassingly addictive habit, I've given up and now just use my nail to see how stressed I am. The more stress, the shorter the nail.

I started nail biting when I was 11,and guess why? I purposely bited my nail when I was trying to be funny, and I've never been able to stop since then!

This is VERY addictive! I know a lot of people who bite their nails. Even my teacher bites her nails!

25 Smoking
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