Top 10 Things that Cause People to Overreact the Most

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1 Swear words

I don't swear but my god people overreact to them so much.It is just stupid.

Just don't cuss or swear

Let's not forget people who overreact when you censor swear words

2 Different opinions

Everyone should respect others' opinions.

Oh my gosh they are just opinions.Ok I have done this a few times but I have stopped for the most part.

It's just opinions!

3 Fake news
4 Being told to calm down

The fact that people get more emotional when they're told to calm down I wonder if saying the opposite like "be angrier" would actually make them calmer.

I am guilty of this sometimes and I try not to overreact but I just can't.Sorry I have anger issues.

Nobody should be told to calm down. No one likes it and it doesn't help the situation.

5 Criticism

There's a difference between bullying and criticism.

6 Failure

No one likes when they get 99% and not 100%.

One of my two major fears.

Well, yes, kinda

7 Edgy jokes

From my understand as of now, edgy jokes are funny because they are offensive, as in, I mean that they're funny because you 'shouldn't' say them. Is it funny if you say something good like 'I ate my green beans' and not 'I ate my baby'? No

I don't get the whole point of "edgy jokes" I mean how is it funny? Is it amusing because of the people who like "edgy jokes" and their mindset is more amusing or just the offensive jokes themselves? And thanks- Kevinsidis

Edgy jokes are the best and Edgy memes are one of the few things that can make me laugh.

8 Movies

It's just a silly little kids film. It doesn't deserve to be treated like crap and to be unfairly compared to Inside Out and Wreck It Ralph.

It may not have good animation, but I love Mr. Clipboard. A underrated classic. Critics, why so serious?

This one is just a matter of fans who only stick to the old movies and refuse to grow up.

I love the original six, ever since Disney ages though, eh...

9 Video games

Just watch some of these YouTubers' reactions and you know it's not genuine, only acting scared to get dem views.

The most popular thing ever?

The fanbase is far worse

10 Retaliation

Some of my teachers have done this and many other people can relate to this.

When I do this, everyone gets mad like, what the heck!

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11 Homosexuality

It's not that big a deal. If you're gay, that's cool. I won't react overly positive or negative because there's not much that's special or abnormal about it, which is how it should be treated: a totally normal thing seen in a small percentage of people.

If you're straight, cool. If you're gay, cool. If you're bi, pan, or anything else, cool.

Forgot about this.

12 Revenge
13 Net Neutrality
14 Spiders

I can understand this if you live in Peru. But where I live, spiders are harmless.

If it weren't for them we might not have been alive!

Just get a hammer.

15 Cartoons

Seriously people, this is far from the worst cartoon ever made.

It gets too much hate.

16 Bisexuality
17 Weed

Actually this deserves to be overreacted as it can kill you, at least I hate it

18 Politicians
19 Pluto

It's an object in space, deal with it, don't fight over it if you don't even live on it

20 Amusement park rides
21 Breakups
22 Reaction Videos

I really like those...

23 Drinks

My sister's friend is literally addicted to this beverage, drinks 3 gallons in ONE day.

Why do people overreact about Sprite?

Best drink ever!

24 Police
25 Pranks
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