Top 10 Things that Most Need to Be Banned

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1 Cigarettes

Cigarettes will never be banned because its one of those products that is taxed by the government. If you should ban them you will talk about billions of $ losses. It's a product that governments would never allow to ban. They don't care about your health ( they say they do but that's one of their biggest lie ), they just care about the profits of the taxes they get. And even if by miracle in some fantasy world, cigarettes would be banned, they will looking for their lost money in something else. So, saying that they should be banned, why its legal status isn't contested etc... are all pipedreams. The only thing that you can do is to stay away from smoking ( nobody forces you to smoke cigarettes ) and to teach real information of adverse effects ( we made many progresses in that matter compared to say 10 or 20 years ago ). Just be smart.

Oh, thank you all for putting this in the No. 1 spot. I honestly don't understand why the legality of these things isn't being contested more these days! Ignorance to their negative effects couldn't be lower and their so expensive to keep buying, anyways! Also, you'd think that people would be smart enough to properly teach their children to stay away from them and yet the teenagers of today still smoke.

It's almost fascist and radical to want cigarettes banned. Nobody imposes you to smoke. It's a free choise. Besides, look what happened in history when they banned alcohol. Empires of crime were making money because of the prohibition law ( Al Capone and many others ). Same would happen if you ban cigarettes. The crime world would make profites never seen before. I agree, they are bad for your health but like I said,nobody is imposing you to smoke and many measures were taken already to not be bothered by smokers ( Pubs, restaurants, schools, open social places... ). Before you write something negative for cigarettes think first of the negative consequenses it might give if you ban them. Besides, children and teenagers will be tempted to smoke more quickly when something is illegal. That's a known social fact.
My advice ; don't start smoking, stay away from them, but my other advice is ; before you write something negative, think first rational about it.

Cigarettes are honestly really dumb. "I'm going to lose all of my money and give myself cancer and die a horrible painful death while ignoring all of the warnings that were given to me. Also I'm going to put everyone around me at risk AND annoy them with the smell of my smoke and maybe even start a fire with my discarded cigarette." there are no benefits and it doesn't make you cool it just makes you a douche.

2 Racism

The USA is very raceist, but in a quiet way, mostly by police and at voteing polls, any minority with darker skin will tell you the same, especially in the southern states, and Arizona, Texas, I been there, seen all this! Mostly by older country white men, most often poor, uneducated, simple folks, I don't think they know or can know any better, educated white people mostly are very kind, decent, especially the younger people, this should not surprise you, they also vote liberal, mostly.

I'm fortunate to live in a big city! I deal with all races of people, I can't tell the differance, I see good and bad in all colors, I love DIVERSITY, in culture, food, music, I guess I'm just Lucky, I worry about BIGGER THINGS, like, equality, healthcare for all, fair pay, Peace! Not what color you are, I love to be loved by all!

I absolutely HATE racists, but guys, if you think about it, there's not really any way to BAN racism, some people just don't understand equality, and it's pretty much impossible to ban people's (very mean) opinions.

Okay, Democrats started the KKK and racism as we know it was introduced by Europe. Can we please stop with this nonsense that Republicans are inherently evil and that Europe is some sort of utopia?

3 Porn

This is actually really bad for you. It's like taking alcohol/drugs. At first gives you degrading pleasure, then starts an addiction. Don't let this addiction grow. It sexualizes the opposite gender as materials like a super cool-looking car, but not a person. All you have to do is look away the first times you even glimpse it. If you're struggling through it, ask God to help you. If it's really bad ask someone you trust to help discipline yourself and detoxicate. If porn is banned altogether, we wouldn't have these problems

I think that pornography has a negative impact on relationships and the brain. A lot of it suggests that sex needs to be a certain way, while being completely unrealistic and sometimes even misogynistic and sexist, homophobic, and promotes dehumanization and objectification and violence. It's also been proven that porn is addictive, due to how sex affects the brain. So in my opinion porn is often problematic and can be seen as an issue in the world.

pornography is nasty and gross to see, there's people doing perverted stuff, also the childish side of porn is child pornography, there are pornographic websites, also pornographic videos are too misleading to watch, Amely Roblox, other nasty youtubers, & Porn stars are behind all this, also Animals and Children do not belong in Pornographic videos, Pornographic websites have misleading titles and misinformation, anyone need to stop doing perverted stuff.

Porn relates to us a primates, as animals and as beings with no consciousness or self-control. It attacks morality and suggests sex is a primal need. As civilization progresses human beings must take control over sex and sexuality and become higher beings. Porn takes us back to a time when we were animals. Civilization is what we aim for and porn has no place in it.

4 Bullying

This can be illegal. It depends on the type of bullying. Any form of physical bullying is illegal. Some forms of non-physical bullying is too.

I've been bullied before as well as lots of other people and I don't understand why people do it. If you pick on someone who's different than you, does that make you better than them, does it make you feel better about yourself knowing that you've done harm to someone who did nothing to you or anybody really? NO, it makes you less of a person! People commit suicide because of these people, and what really angers me is that the school system doesn't care one bit. They completely ignore it and if they even acknowledge it, they don't even try to help the victim. God forbid the day that the victim fights back and dares to hurt the bully. Because that looks bad on the school! This proves that schools never care about mental health.

Kids are committing suicide because bullying. Kids are shooting up their schools because of bullying. Why? Why must all these children die, because of OUR laziness, and OUR inability to stop bullying? It should be a crime. End of story.

This behavior comes from sorry parents that don't plan to raise a family properly! Unplanned prenancies! And at the root is the lack of education and poverty, the class divisions that we have where some live in that city on the hill. And so many! Just survive! With good education this can be fixed some.

5 Drugs

Drugs like heroin, LSD...etc are illegal and therefore they are already banned. Drugs like morphine, codeïne, cocaïne, barbiturates...etc have medical uses and can help some people who have medical problems and even cure sick people. Every drug is a controlled substance and scheduled in categories from high abuse potential to very low or no abuse potential and moderate dependance. Drugs without abuse potential and no dependance are free and can be bought without doctor prescription. If drugs are seen on the Streets it's not because of the drug itself but because of some criminal people who are trying to make profits of it. Crimality should be banned ( if that's even possible ) and not the drug. Besides many drugs are present or comes from natural plants, flowers and so on. It would be immoral to destroy natural drug containing plants ( it 60% of the plants in nature ). One way to stop the profits of criminal drug related organisations is to legalize drugs that are highly controlled ...more

What about drugs like Morphine and all other opiates? Drugs like Cocaïne? Amphetamines? Benzodiazepines? They have all medical uses. Opiates as strong painkillers for patients in final stages of cancer or other very strong pains. Cocaïne as a local anesthetic. Derivates of Amphetamines for ADHD. Benzodiazepines for anxiety disorders, epilepsy, pre-medication for surgeries etc... Banning those drugs is a degradation in medecine. All those drugs can be find in the Streets for illegal use but there are criminal laws for it. And even if you should ban those drugs, you think that the criminals would stop making them to sell? The uses and laws of drugs are made for the best interests in a society ( medical use and illegal use ).

Drugs damage not just people, but their families and friends and relationships. They ruin lives, and they are still used carelessly? Drugs are not "cool", they are deadly. I wish the government did more to keep drugs out of America.

Are you insane people? I'm aware that criminalizing drugs has some disadvantages but think about it legalizing it would have much bigger disadvantadges, while criminalizing it little number of people die from overdoses but if it was legalized the number will increase.

6 Animal cruelty

Trophy hunting a part of human nature leaving a animal to die in the cold no different from leaving a homeless human in the cold eventually will die or be saved. remember peta is people eating tasty animals and testing on animals is probably cheaper then finding human test subjects. no life is more important then anyone else's but a few creatures can help advance are knowledge

I hate how people are cruel to them. Animals abusers are idiotic cowards who don't think about what they would feel if they were abused.

If you hurt animals, I hope you endure the worst torture to ever exist and I hate you.

I hate everyone who hurts animals the same thing should happen to them.

7 War

WoW! If we not invaded Iraq, we would all have new schools, roads, bridges, healthcare, money for collage, daycare, this is the STUPIDEST THING, and will hurt us for many years to recover from the MORONS that got us into Iraq!

With out Stupid Wars how can the Republicans win and line their pockets... It's Not like they So Smart... Vote for them you Dummies... They Love iddiots... And Trailer park trash... Tornado bait...

What if silly wars were started, and we refused to fight? Would Ted Cruz fight?.. John Mccain?.. Or would they start a draft?.. Would you sue?

Did you know that Women serial killers tend to VOTE Republican,..issues with Women...experts say...Ted Bundy...

8 Internet pop-ups

I've gotten rid of them now, but before, I couldn't do anything on the computer I use without two ads popping up every three minutes. It's hard to play Super Smash Flash 2 like that. One time, a pop-up ad even replaced the tab I was on.

Internet pop-ups are really annoying things that appear unexpectadly when you are searching through website. Also it is funny when you are told that you win a million. But there are some embarassing situations when you look in website with someone and wrong things jump out.

Internet pop ups are THE single most irritating thing I have ever come across! Just ban them now and be done with it!

Finally after a long time of waiting I can look up the chain chomp from Mario bros... (a lot of ads start filling up the page) Oh come on!

9 Anti abortion laws

There is NO scientific or medical proof supporting that we are even close to realizing when a fetus becomes a human. Absolutely NO PROOF. Scream at me all you want. It does not exist.

And as Ronald Reagan once said (and I'm paraphrasing), "... Since we don't know, let us air on the side of life".

He also said (and this one is a direct quote) that, "I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born".

It puzzles me, constantly, that the liberal-minded side of the argument isn't the one fighting for pro-life. Every other liberal-minded argument is FOR life, not AGAINST it. I just don't understand the morality behind these beliefs.

The fetus, be it human already or not, has potential to become a human life. Imagine if you were aborted. Well, you can't because you would never have happened. Imagine if, let's say, Chuck Norris was aborted. We would all be dead.

Please GOD! Ban Jesus, Christians, anti abortion nuts! I not a fan of killing the unborn, I rather people use birth control! But, we are already full of unplanned children! With NO familys! Alone! This is very crule! So, abortion is often best. I think the most Ahole people are often... Christians! Conservitives! They don't live in Reality! Don't respect LGBT.. People of color!

As much as it is religion, not everyone is going to agree with me. Christians, it is not our place to judge others! Plus, even if abortions aren't legal, they're going to happen anyway. May as well make them safe and legal, to prevent brutality.

10 Abuse on women

It should be abuse in general. I hate that a lot of people forget that women can be abusers too.

Do you mean like the Republican Party abuses Women? with Policies of the Past?...the long ago Past?

What a Great World it would be if all the Democrat Women ran it.

Women are awesome and should not be treated like property.

The Contenders
11 Republicans

I like to look at the political spectrum as a list form one to ten. 1 being right wing/conservative and 10 being left wing/liberal. I would say 60% of people my age (perhaps more) are in the liberal zone. The overwhelming majority in the 10 range are elderly people who do not understand the US or much about current events. These far fighters have, instead, a very outdated view of the world. Many rightist politicians are homophobic and act as though gay marriage is some sort of sin against god. For they're information, the bible does not say a thing about gay marriage. Only more recently have homophobic religious leaders have falsely interpreted it to be so. They are constantly urging Americans to get involved in costly international affairs. I'm not talking about Europe or Asia, I'm talking about hopeless war zones like Sudan and Libya. The United States has no diplomatic ties with Libya nor does the average American care what is going on over there. Same with Sudan. The only country ...more

They say that the more you speak, the less you know.

So many people speak so horribly of conservative governments without really knowing what they are even talking about or even what the big picture is.

I am not going to pretend that I am an expert in politics, because I am not. I am just suggesting to the 99% of people who scream their political views to the world that they show a little more reserve in giving their opinions.

I never liked the USA, until Obama was elected, I never felt a part of the USA family, never included, protected, loved, valued, I cheered on 9-11, in some ways, I was glad Bin Ladin was born! Since Obama, I feel part of a large family, a son, a father, a guardian, a planter of the future I, when I no longer with the liveing, since Obama, The USA, is us, I, you, we, ALL of us! I no longer feel as a stepchild. I will always be a Democrat, I will always VOTE.

Even a blind, deaf mule can see that unless Republicans grant us all Healthcare, LGBT equality, economic justice, women's equal pay, right to choose, environmental protection, immigration reform, Hillary is going to RUN RIGHT OVER! The Republican Party! She already has my VOTE! And just wait for the Ladies to get going!

12 Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol does more harm than good. Alcohol causes a person to lose their ability to think and act with intelligence. Some may argue that alcohol has some benefits but beware, the consequences outweigh the benefits. If you still don't agree then maybe we should look at the number of innocent people who die as a result of drunk drivers. We should also look at how much crime is related to alcohol. Take my word, alcoholic drinks are not proving to be as beneficial to society as one might think.

Honestly guys there are people who drink responsibly, but then there are others who drink irresponsibly. This ends up in car accidents, domestic violence etc. If alcohol is banned it is better for society as a whole. Yeah sure you might not want to give up your beer, but it would be worth it if it benefits society. There would be a decrease in crimes and we won't have to worry about drunk drivers crashing into a car filled with little children.

Alcohol is terrible for you, but as I said with cigarettes, people should have the freedom to destroy their bodies. However, alcohol does harm to innocent people. All cars should require a breathalyzer first, to make sure nobody can drive drunk. Think about how many lives that would save. Not even a week ago, some drunk woman drove into an Oklahoma State parade.

Remember how Prohibition worked out? They repealed it for a good reason - the average American was breaking the law and organized crime was through the roof - much worse than people just getting drunk and making drunken decisions.

13 Censorship

They should ban offensive content in children's books and movies because there is no need for the author to say that kind of stuff in children's books and movies even if he is expressing his opinions.
Also, it's time for America to limit it's rights of freedom of speech. I don't care if America will not become a democracy. Almost all countries limit their rights of freedom of speech. Even Canada does it.

Literally censorship is the stupidest thing ever. Stopping someone from speaking just because they have a different opinion to you negates the purpose of being able to speak at all. Nothing was made to be unopposed. It's okay to have different beliefs. Instead of censoring beliefs you think are wrong, debate like adults!

Oh look, liberal fascists are trying to censor opinions that don't agree with their own. Book burning? Removing a statue of Jefferson Davis? You don't grow as a society by removing "offensive" stuff from history, you use them to learn a lesson about how dangerous it is to repeat the past.

Censorship should be for "disabled" people only because they may get offended by the unquestionable truth/unwanted truth and animals would not understand. Referring to dogs and elephants if you are wonderful.

14 Sexism

Men are not perfect, but women aren't either. Both genders are equal and neither deserve to be discriminated against.

Gender is not important to be fighting over. It's not a problem if someone is a woman or a man, treat them equally

Men and women should both be masculine.

This is sort of illegal.

15 Pollution

This counts for all type of pollution: Noise, air, water, and waste pollution. It causes bad things to happen on Earth, and if it doesn't stop the ozone layer would be gone and the sun will burn everything up, there will be no clean drinking water, and people would die from inhaling carbon monoxide in the air, etc.

Can we fix the planet please?!

16 Rape

This is already banned in most countries, and this should be higher on the list, at least in the top 5. How is this lower than internet pop ups?

Umm, I think this is probably already banned in every country. Just because you ban it doesn't mean it won't happen unfortunately.

Rape is a serious crime, it involves sexual intercourse in a violent, unwanted and forceful way, it can lead to pain, aresst and death.

Although it's obviously bad it is already banned like several other items here.

17 Inequality

Why does the USA being in people from other countries, give them Free healthcare, all kinds of help and money, foodstamps, cheap rent, BUT, you don't do the same for our own citizens? Doesn't charity start at home? The USA treats Mexicans like dirt, yet, they are our neighbors! And contribute so much, not to mention the farm and field workers, yet, no one throws them a bone, I know working poor in america who can't hardly eat well, no healthcare, the USA not care of them, and they born here! Yet, you help people from Iraq, Somalia, etc.. So much!?.. I think our own, should be first, and Mexicans treated better, they help us so much to do well, nation build our own people, first, our country!

Another instance of inequality: how news is reported. Hillary Clinton has as much blood on her hands as Trump, yet he gets four times as much media attention because the liberal-biased CBS, NBC, and ABC all hate his guts and want to see him trashed as much as possible while trying to make Hillary appear squeaky clean. There needs to be more balance on how news is reported through the media, starting by getting rid of triplet liberal programs CBS News, NBC News, and ABC News.

I agree. Americans should work to help Americans first. We do not have the right to bring in any immigrants while a single American is homeless. that is where our help and our money should go. Not to be given to immigrants, and yes, I see non English speaking people cashing a big welfare check on the first of the month.

Get a better paying job stop being lazy rich poor learn to not want more if you want more. Try getting an assistant gov programs or stop complaining an go work to pay for all that crap pay attention to the job industry if you go trying to work for a failing company or chose a low paying one that's your fault no one else's

18 Homophobia

I don't support LGBT at all, because attraction to the same gender takes away the purpose from the opposite. But I don't care if you're gay or not, do whatever you want. I won't stop you from being gay. But I still don't support LGBT

19 Discrimination

I will never know why marijuana is not legalized I know it helps epilepsy patients a great deal, I think, it's just done to discriminate on minorities!

I don't support either political parties, but I love how all these Democrats are talking about how Republicans descriminate like that's totally not all they do themselves.

Privatizing Social Security in such a Volatile Stock Market would be Extremely Risky to older Americans!

Republicans discriminate on everybody! that does not think like them! and America is so much more Varied and Complex and Tolerant!

20 Abortion

I know someone who had a child at 15/16, and didn't get an abortion. Now that child has children themselves. They're good people. Abortion destroys lives, it's murder. The earth is not overpopulating. In the next few centuries, we'd be able to live in Antarctica, and the Oceans. The americas and oceania themselves can fit way more people

I think it's wrong to kill a child before evening giving it a chance in life, it's your fault you went and had sex, didn't use protection, got drunk, or weren't careful enough with your condom. I think it's wrong and is considered murder and anyone that has one should be charged with murder as they have just chosen to kill a unborn child. I'm only twelve, but I still thing this is incredibly wrong, even if the woman isn't ready to be a mother figure yet.

Sarcasm mode activated

Ooh, lets make abortion mandatory so humans go extinct!

Sarcasm mode deactivated

Ya, that's what would happen if abortion was made mandatory, the human race would be gone in 120 years or less. Lets do the opposite and ban abortion.

I hate abortion and I am a Democrat! Please don't murder a helpless baby! Women are saying, "Oh you guys are sexist and not allowing us to have reproductive rights! " You know what? I don't give a damn about your "reproductive rights" if they include the right to murder a fetus. All you pro-choice people take life for granted and don't care about a baby. But everyone only has one life, including a fetus. You people who have had an abortion as selfish. Selfish because you would rather have it easy for yourself and kill a child rather than let the child live. JUST GIVE BIRTH TO IT AND GIVE IT UP FOR ADOPTION! SOMEONE WILL ADOPT IT!

21 Lying

This is already one of the ten commandments: thou shalt not lie. Taking the blame of someone else is a bad idea unless it has serious consenquences

Lying can actually be good at times. For example, when your friend is guilty of something small (like stealing a cookie) and you take the blame because that friend saved your back when you were being bullied. That isn't bad. Right?

I used to lie to myself how great America is, now, I observe, how poorly it treats its own people, involves decent young men in silly wars, the economic inequality, bankruptcy for healthcare, the fraud at the top, how minoraties are treated, women too, lets just say, lets all observe.

Dear Foreign Friends, Do not think the U.S.A. is perfect, we have serious issues with race, access to healthcare, gay acceptance, immigrants, inequality, how we treat women, religion shoved up our noses, we need all of us to communicate, to VOTE! I refuse to lose hope, I know most people are good and decent, and very unselfish.

22 Police brutality

Serve justice instead of hurting and killing people.

23 YouTube ads

Practical info - If you wanna GET RID of YouTube ads (and all sites), install Ad Block programs/extensions - there are many and they are for free. Activate, install or add the extension AdBlock to Google Chrome. I haven't seen ads on YouTube videos for about 2 years thanks to it. Once I saw that AdBlock blocked 83 ads on a site! It works!

Sometimes, you may be watching the most kid friendly video ever, and then the most adult ad ever shows up.

One time I saw an ad that was dirty and it had swearing in it what if my 8 year old brother was watching it?

When I was watching a video in school a text advert popped up and it said 'How to grow your own marujjana; CLICK HERE.' It was a little funny but it's really bad that Google can approve an ad like that.

24 Anti guns laws

You cannot make law abiding citizens safer by taking away their guns. That's been proven over and over again. Everywhere in the world where they have strict gun control the violent crime rate has risen. Everywhere, without exception. And yet people still think they can make the world safer by outlawing guns. The lack of logical thought regarding guns by the left, which usually has intellectual superiority as its hallmark, boggles the mind.

I am a single female, and I live on the bottom floor of an apartment building, and I need agun to be safe. Someone could break in my window. Criminals will always have guns, why would anyone feel like taking them away from homeowners. My aunt is only alive today because she owns a gun, and no one ever talks about that kind of thing. It happens all the time.

People who think there should be no guns aren't thinking at all. Criminals will get their hands on guns one way or another, just like how they get their hands on drugs. All it will do is disarm the law abiding citizen and make them vulnerable. Let's face it, id feel much much safer with a gun in my house

"Don't get my gun, I need to shoot myself. Four years of TRUMP."
-Dude, if you seriously mean that then get off the Internet and seek help immediately. Suicide isn't something to joke about, since you're essentially making fun of those who commit suicide because they're bullied, depressed, have PTSD, etc.

25 A police state

You mean white power... White supremacy?... The Gop controlling us all?... Corpirate... Corporate america relly in charge $$$... I pity us if republicans relly take over... We will all be pak mules.

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