Top Ten Things Your Hands Say About You

Your hands can be a lot more significant to your personality than you thought it would be. Everyone has different and unique hands, but some us share similar traits. Some people might not look into this, but it can really somehow predict your personality. But that does not mean that is who you are, you are you, you create your own persona. This is just a guide and predictor. Like for example, I have a long ring finger, a short pinkie finger, and skinny hands. It can be anything, from finger to palm to nail shape. There are too many lists about music, and TV, and I admit I make a lot of these lists too, so I want to maybe change the topic into something unique and different. Remember, hand info isn't 100% accurate, so this may not relate to you, but its a fun activity you can do with your friends. Which one is yours?
The Top Ten
1 If your ring finger is long, then you are more likely to be confident, a faster runner, attractive, and social

I have this, and most of these traits do fit me. I am a fast runner(fastest girl in school), I always get compliments on my looks(I don't look that great to be honest), I am pretty confident, and I am kinda social, but kinda quiet too. For a man, this is the norms, but for a girl, it's more rare to have this, it makes you more masculine. If a man has this, they are more likely to be straight(doesn't have to be true, but it's a chance that they are). If a girl has this, you are more likely to be bisexual or lesbian(but don't worry if you have this, it does not make you automatically this, your just more likely to). My ring finger is extremely long, it's the length of my middle finger. You are more likely to be aggressive.

2 Your ring finger length can tell your penis size if you are male

Lol! Boys, you must be careful when showing your ring fingers! It can tell your penis size, according to a study of men during surgery. The longer the ring finger is, the longer the banana is! A longer index means you have a small penis. For a girl however, it does not indicate the size of any part at all.

Just tested this out think it is a lie.

Um...okay definitely didn't know that

3 If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, you are less likely to get prostate cancer, you have leadership skills, you are resourceful, and smart

This finger length is more common in women than it is in men. For women, you are more likely to be straight if you have this(again, your sexuality can be anything, but your just more likely to). For men, you are more likely to be gay or bisexual with a more feminine index. These people make great leaders and you are a person people look up to for advice. You are also less likely to get problems in the knees.

4 If your pinky finger is above your joint, that means you are full of charm and social as well as generous and tactful.

This is the pinky finger of clever wit and high social skills. A long pinky indicates that your probably have a lot of friends due to your charm and how easily you make friends. These people are not afraid or shy about showing their feelings at all, they are all willing to share how they feel all the time. You don't hold grudges and are prone to disliking the unknown. You are open and friendly!

I also have this, but I don't know if I am those things or not.

I wish my shyness would actually be determined by fingers.
Sadly, it dosen't

5 If your pinky finger is the same length as your joint, that means you are a well balanced person. You are thoughtful and organized, you are the type to have to know things or people before you judge them.

You tend to not trust someone at first but once you get to know someone, you will feel very connected and deep to them. You can be a bit cocky and dislike dishonesty at all times. You like to present yourself as a badass person, but deep down you aren't. You are known to be eccentric and a hardworker that is able to complete many tasks. I feel like the personality for this one fits me more, even though I am a short pinky.

I am this one and I am all of these things except for organized because my locker is really messy and I don't do my work on time.

6 If your pinky finger is below the joint, you are kind and sensitive. You are always willing to help, but your also prone to trust issues. But you have big dreams.

You tend to be shy around people, especially those you don't know at all. You easily give a person trust, but when they do something to lose their trust, they get upset. You have a big soul though, and you have the ability to succeed, so don't worry, even though your shy personality might hold you back a bit, you won't give up. You are loyal and dedicated when it comes to love. You can keep a secret. This is the one I have.

7 If your nails are rectangular, that means you are calm, independent, balanced and open minded person.

People with these nails would definitely make great leaders. They are responsible and have great leadership skills. You are very into romance and have a great imagination. You are a friendly person that everyone loves to be around with. You can sometimes overwhelm yourself too much though, so be careful with that.

I have this but I'm the worst leader and I always go off-topic and talk about Halsey because that's all I care about. I am all of the other things though.

That's me! Well, I'm not balanced or calm, but the rest.

8 If your nails are round, that means you are short tempered, impatient, demanding, happy and perfectionists.

You are a genuinely happy person. They like to do things at their own time and you are a unique person who is different from others. You are logical as well and has a lot of common sense. Due to your cheerful and unique personality, you tend to have longtime friends more than the other nail shapes.

Happy does not go in the same sentence as those other words.

9 If your nails are square, then that means you are quick witted, sharp, resourceful, but also explosive, jealous and greedy.

This is easily the most aggressive of all the nails, this is mine and it does fit me. This is the nail of the envy, they envy a lot of things. This nail shape is most common in males, though not so much on females. You have the habit to be stubborn all the time, a lot. You are hard-headed and have a serious attitude. They often need to be more flexible in order to succeed.

10 If your nails are triangular, or inverted triangular, that means you are artistic, change moods, delicate, and prone to breakdowns.

People with these nails have a huge intolerance for loosing and they have the constant need to be the center of attention. They like to be famous. You always come up with new ideas, and you are very good at finding out small details. They are impatient with people who do things at their own pace too much. And you can be sensitive and pushy as well.

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