Most Annoying Things that Can Happen After You've Made a Cup of Tea

I adore a good cup of tea, but also have had many things that have happened that are really annoying. This is a list containing some of these issues.
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1 You leave to go do something, forget about the cup, and then come back to find it cold

Cold tea sucks. Iced tea is good, but lukewarm tea loses a lot of flavor and becomes very bitter, especially for oolong tea.

This is the most common thing to happen to me, and it really annoys me.

That would suck to have a cold cup of tea after doing something and forgetting about it.

2 You take a sip and then realize that you put in salt instead of sugar

If you've ever done this before, you know how bad it is. It starts off tasting normal, then it's as if you just drank straight from the ocean.

It's even worse when you have made the cup of tea for someone else and they find out.

That would be a nightmare for millions of people across the world, including me.

3 You use full cream milk, leave the cup for a couple of minutes, then come back to see the layer of cream/fat separating on the top of the cup

This makes the next couple of sips extremely gross feeling, as it feels almost slimy. The rest of the cup will be considerably less pleasant due to the lack of creaminess.

4 You make a cup of tea, stupidly not realising that it's over 30 degrees C outside, and then feel like you're burning alive with every sip

I don't care how hot and miserable the weather is. I'm still going to enjoy my hot peppermint tea even if my body ends up feeling like it's on fire.

In Australia, the temperature can get really stupid. Yet, I'm still the kind of stubborn idiot who makes myself a morning cup of tea.

5 You look away for a couple of seconds and then a fly lands in the cup and drowns/burns to death

You have two choices in this situation: reach in and burn your hand trying to remove it before drinking it, knowing that a fly landed in it, or you could pour it out. This means you have to deal without your hot beverage or make another one.

6 You take a big sip when it's too hot

I've scalded the roof of my mouth too many times thanks to my impatience.

And then you just stay there, flapping your tongue like a madman.

One way to mess up your taste buds for over an hour or two.

7 People who see you think you're a caffeine addict

At a school camp, we had access to boiling water and tea. For my breakfast and lunch, I'd make myself a cup of tea, and my friends thought that I was a caffeine addict. In reality, caffeine barely affects me. I drink so much tea because I love the taste.

Caffeine doesn't normally have any effect on me unless I'm drinking Monster.

8 Your sibling/parent drinks your tea while you aren't paying attention

My mum drank my tea once after forgetting she had already drunk hers.

9 As you carry it, you spill a bit on your hand, resulting in dropping the entire cup, usually on yourself

This one's just annoying because you burned your hand. You have to put whatever you were wearing in the wash, make yourself a new cup of tea, and possibly broke a mug.

This sounds like the most annoying one.

10 You forget that you're out of milk/sugar

Sure, black tea isn't bad, but I prefer tea with milk and sugar. On top of this, I make my brew my tea in proportion to how much sugar and milk I want to use. Leaving it to brew longer than it should leaves it tasting unnecessarily bitter and unpleasant.

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11 Take a sip and realize the milk you used is expired

That would be the worst if the expired milk went bad when you put it in your tea.

12 Everything goes fine, it's just that tea is a horrible drink
13 When you go to do something and one of your family members takes your tea and when you come back you have no tea and have to make another one
14 You get impatient waiting for it to cool and add ice only to realize you added way too much and made iced tea
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