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This is the rating list of the most popular idioms, suggested by people on the facebook. What is the most used one of them?? Let's find out! Choose the idiom you use or run across more frequently than the others!
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1 Don't judge a book by its cover

Never speak bad about someone until you really know about him.

I heard this idiom from my tutors a lot of times and this is a good idiom

2 Better late than never

Its Good to be late than not coming.

3 Two birds with one stone

Don't know anyone who hasn't used this at least once in their life

4 Cat got your tongue?

When the "Cat has got your tongue", it means you can't find proper words in certain situations. Happy Learning

I think it is like a teacher yells at you and you do not know what to do or say from Mimi

5 A bird in the hand worth two in the bush
6 A piece of cake

I like this idiom because it is always fun to say it to my friends so they will do it Ex: "This is hard to do man, " ", No its easy as pie, I mean cake. " " I'll Try but I don't think I can. " I t means Something is very easy when you might not think something is easy but it might not be very easy

A task that is "like eating a piece of cake" is a task that is easy. Cake, while fattening, is easy to digest. Therefore, doing a task like eating cake, is a task that is easy. Thus, the idiom, "a piece of cake, " was born.

A piece of cake is very often used in America. I think it should be the top idiom. I use it everyday. I Love Cake Ho ho ho merry Christmas

7 Love me, love my dog!

If you love someone, you must accept everything about them, even their faults.

Wow I never even knew that, that was a idiom because it is very funny. I like that one I am going to use that every day.

It reminds me of something important. Thanks to this idiom. I have something to say.. To him.

8 Between a rock and a hard place

In a very difficult position; facing a hard decision.

Between a Level 3 Sentry and a Pyro...

9 You're welcome

The one very common English idiom that doesn't seem to be remembered or thought of as an idiom, but we use it everyday, is: "You're welcome".

Think about it: If you say, "Thank you", and I say, "You're welcome", then by the literal meaning of the words, what am I welcome to? Am I welcome to thank you again, or more often? Am I welcome to your assistance for whatever I thanked you for? Usually not. It's a customary set of words spoken in response to "Thank you", but have no literal meaning themselves.

Never thought of it this way. But I still agree. Thanks. Oh, wait. Instead of you're welcome, what should we use? Something like from Seinfeld?
"You are SO good looking. " Oh, wait, that's Bless you.
Really, I'm sorry. Really, what should we use, though?!

10 To give someone the cold shoulder

To ignore someone; to reject someone.

My girl friend always gives me the cold shoulder.

This is so good idioms

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11 Black and white

I love this idiom. For some reason, it just stands out to me. It seems to me that the person that is representing black is wrong. (I'm not saying this because of racism because I'm not racist. I'm also black myself. I just think that the person that is black, figuratively speaking, is wrong, because it is darker than the color white. )

When it is very clear who or what is right and wrong, then the situation is black and white.

12 To get along like a house on fire

It is really interesting and it attacted me towards it to read it and that's what makes it more good cause every writing should be attractive and every reader wants that.

This one really speaks to me. I gotta work this into a song for my very good friend AK!

To have a very good and friendly relationship.

13 Hit the books

Hiting the books mean it's very hard.
If you made a test and it's was difficult, you can say it was like you hiding books.

14 To chicken out (of something)

To withdraw from something due to fear or cowardice.

15 To dig deep

1) To give money or other resources generously. 2) make a great effort to do
something. (informal)
The idea here is of thrusting your hands deep into your pockets to find money with which to pay for something.

Also means to find somewhere or something within yourself: to either forget, forgive or make a great effort to be brave "dig deep and find your strength"

16 Eyes bigger than your stomach
17 A penny saved is a penny earned
18 To keep a stiff upper lip

To be cool and unmoved by unsettling events.

I love this one. It's one for many random situations.

19 Bite your tounge

If you put your foot down, bite your tongue. If you throw an angry tantrum, bite your tongue.

I like this idiom its one I have heard never thought it was an idiom

20 Building castles in the air

This applies to me because I always make big plans but have never been carried out. I will write this on my wall as a reminder!

It's suitable for those who are really imaginative.

21 The pot calling the kettle black
22 Out of the frying pan and into the fire

It means your getting out of a bad situation into a situation that is even worse.

23 Face the music
24 By hook or by crook

"By hook or by crook" is an English phrase meaning "by any means necessary".

25 In hot water
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