Top Ten Best United States Routes

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1 U.S. Route 66 U.S. Route 66, affectionately known as the Main Street of America, extends from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California. Covering about 2,448 miles, it became an emblem of American road culture in the mid-20th century. Now mostly decommissioned, this highway remains a symbol of America's historic drive toward the West.
2 U.S. Route 99 U.S. Route 99, often referred to as the Pacific Highway, once stretched along the West Coast, from Calexico, California, to Blaine, Washington. Known for its scenic views, this approximately 1,300-mile route, although largely replaced by Interstate 5, continues to be a vital corridor in the Pacific states.
3 U.S. Route 101 U.S. Route 101, the Pacific Coast Highway, spans about 1,540 miles from Los Angeles, California, to Olympia, Washington. As one of the original national routes, it serves as the primary coastal highway for the West Coast, offering breathtaking ocean views and iconic landmarks.
4 U.S. Route 40 U.S. Route 40, also known as the National Road, runs approximately 2,285 miles from Atlantic City, New Jersey, to Silver Summit, Utah. This historic east-west highway, which once reached San Francisco, passes through a dozen states and several major cities, reflecting the country's diverse landscape and culture.
5 U.S. Route 1 U.S. Route 1, the longest north-south highway in America, spans roughly 2,369 miles from Fort Kent, Maine, to Key West, Florida. Traversing the Eastern Seaboard, it offers a tapestry of America's coastal scenery, historical sites, and bustling urban centers.
6 U.S. Route 30 U.S. Route 30, the Lincoln Highway, is a coast-to-coast route running about 3,073 miles from Astoria, Oregon, to Atlantic City, New Jersey. As America's first transcontinental highway, it brought significant development and tourism to the towns along its course.
7 U.S. Route 20 U.S. Route 20, the nation's longest road, covers about 3,365 miles from Boston, Massachusetts, to Newport, Oregon. Crossing the breadth of the country, it offers a slice of America's heartland, with farmland, small towns, and national parks dotting the route.
8 U.S. Route 6 U.S. Route 6, often called the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, runs approximately 3,205 miles from Bishop, California, to Provincetown, Massachusetts. It traverses several states and diverse landscapes, contributing to the development and connection of numerous small towns.
9 U.S. Route 27 U.S. Route 27, known in sections as the Claude Pepper Memorial Highway, stretches approximately 1,373 miles from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Miami, Florida. As a significant north-south route in the eastern U.S., it meanders through several states, offering a mix of urban centers, rural towns, and scenic landscapes. The highway plays a key role in connecting communities and fostering regional growth.
10 U.S. Route 50 U.S. Route 50, nicknamed the Loneliest Road in America, spans about 3,073 miles from Ocean City, Maryland, to Sacramento, California. Providing a glimpse into the nation's remote and less traveled areas, this highway embodies the spirit of the American road trip.
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11 U.S. Route 41 U.S. Route 41, also known as the Tamiami Trail in parts, extends roughly 2,000 miles from Miami, Florida, to Copper Harbor, Michigan. Serving as a primary north-south artery in the eastern US, it offers a unique blend of coastal and urban landscapes, enhancing its allure for road travelers.
12 U.S. Route 11
13 U.S. Route 81
14 U.S. Route 83
15 U.S. Route 77
16 U.S. Route 95
17 U.S. Route 14
18 U.S. Route 80
19 U.S. Route 98
20 U.S. Route 51
21 U.S. Route 49
22 U.S. Route 75
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