Top 10 Greatest Comedy Segments in WWE History

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1 Daniel Bryan and Kane's anger management class The segment featuring Daniel Bryan and Kane attending anger management class provides humorously tense moments as both WWE superstars, notorious for their explosive tempers, attempt to navigate through calming exercises and group therapy activities. Their contrasting personalities clash in a setting far removed from the ring, leading to plenty of comic relief.
2 Vince McMahon takes a lie detector test In the segment where Vince McMahon takes a lie detector test, comedy ensues as the WWE chairman squirms under the pointed questions. McMahon's increasingly awkward reactions, as well as the exaggerated readings from the lie detector, make for a highly entertaining spectacle that puts the boss in an amusingly uncomfortable position.
3 Intoxicated JBL tries to fight inflatable Godzilla The scene where an inebriated JBL decides to grapple with an inflatable Godzilla offers pure WWE-style comedy. JBL's hilarious attempts to take down the blow-up monster, fueled by his exaggerated intoxication, generate laughs as the absurdity of the situation escalates.
4 The Rock: This Is Your Life This Is Your Life" is a comical tribute to The Rock, orchestrated by Mankind. Featuring unexpected guests from The Rock's past and a series of amusing anecdotes, the segment is rife with humor and playful banter. It showcases the chemistry between two superstars, making it a memorable and light-hearted event.
5 William Shatner sings WWE entrance themes William Shatner performing WWE entrance themes stands as an iconic WWE comedy segment. Shatner's theatrical renditions of various superstar's themes, delivered in his trademark dramatic style, create a delightful contrast to the usual high-energy music, eliciting plenty of laughter.
6 The Price is Raw The "Price is Raw" segment is a delightful parody of the famous game show, "The Price is Right." It sees various WWE personalities engaging in price-guessing games and other challenges reminiscent of the original show. This fusion of game show elements with wrestling personalities creates a hilarious mix-up.
7 Steve Austin sings Kumbaya to Vince McMahon In the segment where Steve Austin serenades Vince McMahon with "Kumbaya," laughter ensues as Austin, better known for his hard-hitting persona, adopts a soothing tone. This unusual display, complete with an attempt at playing the guitar, gives a fresh twist to their rivalry, proving that even the toughest characters can have a soft side.
8 I just kicked Stan! The "I Just Kicked Stan!" segment is a classic WWE comedic moment where Shawn Michaels superkicks a backstage employee named Stan, in a display of exaggerated aggression. The unexpected and comically extreme reaction to a minor annoyance creates an iconic and laugh-inducing scene.
9 Stone Cold's reaction to Tough Enough contestant Ariane Andrew's favorite match Stone Cold's reaction to Tough Enough contestant Ariane Andrew's favorite match provides an amusing clash between wrestling perspectives. When Ariane cites a rather non-iconic match as her favorite, Austin's incredulous response, coupled with his dry humor, creates a humorously memorable moment.
10 Kurt Angle gives The Alliance a milk bath Kurt Angle's segment of giving The Alliance a milk bath serves as a hilarious reversal of Stone Cold's famous beer truck scene. Angle, arriving in a milk truck, sprays the rival faction with a high-pressure hose filled with milk. The spectacle of seeing wrestlers drenched in milk adds an entertaining and comedic layer to their feud.
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11 Stone Cold and Booker T's brawl in the supermarket
12 Stone Cold fills Vince McMahon's car with cement
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