Top 10 Best Stand-Up Comedy Albums of the 2010s

The 2010s saw stand-up comedy take some major strides forward. This was a time when comedy blossomed from intimate club stages to filling out huge arenas, and onto our screens big and small. It was a golden age that saw the emergence of a whole new wave of comedic voices, while established comics continued to push boundaries in remarkable ways.

So, what were the best stand-up comedy albums of the 2010s? Comedy, like any art form, is so incredibly subjective. What leaves one person clutching their sides with laughter might leave another scratching their head. As such, no list could truly be definitive - but it can certainly be reflective of the broad tastes and opinions of the many.
The Top Ten
1 Hear This! - Dan Cummins "Hear This!" is a remarkable album by Dan Cummins, where he explores absurdities of life with his surreal humor and quirky insights. From whimsical commentary on family dynamics to peculiar life observations, Cummins creates a comedic world that's both wildly imaginative and relatable.
2 New In Town - John Mulaney John Mulaney's "New In Town" showcases his ability to combine storytelling with his unique perspective on life's oddities. From tales of his childhood to his views on modern life, Mulaney's witty anecdotes and impeccable delivery create a memorable comedic experience.
3 Happy Thoughts - Daniel Tosh "Happy Thoughts" by Daniel Tosh is a bold, unapologetic, and often controversial exploration of society's quirks. Tosh's brand of humor is a high-energy blend of commentary and shock-value humor that leaves audiences both thinking and laughing out loud.
4 Hilarious - Louis C.K. "Hilarious" sees Louis C.K. at his finest, providing deeply personal and blunt takes on everyday life. From parenting to aging, his candid reflections and ability to find humor in discomfort makes this album an unforgettable comedy standout of the decade.
5 Animal Furnace - Hannibal Buress In "Animal Furnace," Hannibal Buress gives audiences his unique perspective on a range of topics, from mundane experiences to cultural commentary. Buress's laid-back style and deadpan delivery contrast sharply with his insightful, often hilarious observations.
6 Let It Go - Bill Burr Bill Burr's "Let It Go" is a raw, unfiltered take on the absurdities of life. Burr's fiery tirades and animated storytelling provide a humorous examination of societal norms, relationships, and the overall human condition.
7 Mostly Stories - Tom Segura "Mostly Stories" by Tom Segura offers a blend of personal anecdotes and observational humor. Segura’s ability to craft hilarious narratives from the seemingly mundane aspects of life makes for an entertaining and relatable listen.
8 Finest Hour - Patton Oswalt In "Finest Hour," Patton Oswalt delivers a high-energy performance featuring his brand of smart, culturally-aware comedy. Oswalt's insightful wit and range of topics, from pop culture to personal experiences, make for a humorously enlightening experience.
9 My Girlfriend's Boyfriend - Mike Birbiglia "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend" by Mike Birbiglia is a heartwarming, relatable, and humorous exploration of love and relationships. Birbiglia's storytelling ability shines as he intertwines humor and heartfelt moments in this truly unique stand-up narrative.
10 Thoughts and Prayers - Anthony Jeselnik "Thoughts and Prayers" sees Anthony Jeselnik diving into dark comedy with his signature devil-may-care attitude. Known for his biting humor and edgy punchlines, Jeselnik uses this album to push boundaries and challenge societal taboos, all in the name of comedy.
The Contenders
11 Loose in Chicago - Kyle Kinane "Loose in Chicago" is a testament to Kyle Kinane's talent for turning personal experiences into universally relatable hilarity. With his gruff voice and honest approach to storytelling, Kinane discusses everything from travel mishaps to aging in this laugh-inducing album.
12 Standup Comedian - Demetri Martin Demetri Martin delivers a unique comedic experience in "Standup Comedian." Known for his quick wit and quirky one-liners, Martin's clever use of wordplay, visuals, and music make this album a standout in the realm of intellectual comedy.
13 Stand Up Comedy 2 - Tommy Johnagin In "Stand Up Comedy 2," Tommy Johnagin leverages his self-deprecating humor and sharp wit to weave together stories about love, life, and fatherhood. Johnagin’s affable persona and candid anecdotes make for a deeply engaging and hilarious listen.
14 Me Doing Standup - Norm Macdonald "Me Doing Standup" showcases Norm Macdonald's signature dry wit and unconventional comedic rhythm. With his minimalist approach, Macdonald delves into taboo topics and everyday observations with the same effortless charm, delivering an unforgettable performance.
15 Get a Hold of Yourself - Ryan Sickler "Get a Hold of Yourself" by Ryan Sickler offers a raw, relatable, and profoundly funny glimpse into his experiences. From his upbringing to adulthood misadventures, Sickler's hearty humor and genuine storytelling keep audiences hooked from start to finish.
16 Dirty Clean - Pete Holmes In "Dirty Clean," Pete Holmes delivers a wonderfully odd blend of existential queries and life observations. Holmes's unique brand of comedy is honest, quirky, and infused with an infectious optimism, creating an experience that's both thought-provoking and hilarious.
17 You're the Best - Chad Daniels "You're the Best" sees Chad Daniels deliver his views on parenting and life's absurdities with unfiltered honesty. Daniels's sardonic wit, combined with his sharp observations, create a comedy album that's as relatable as it is laugh-inducing.
18 Full Time Magic - Nate Bargatze "Full Time Magic" by Nate Bargatze is filled with his trademark slow-paced, subtle humor. Bargatze's ability to spin ordinary life situations into extraordinary tales of humor creates a magical blend of comedy that's truly unique and memorable.
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