Top Ten Weirdest Things People Argue Over

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1 The Black & Blue or White & Gold Dress

It's a dumb argument, but my family fought about it for hours. My brother and I thought it was black and blue and the rest of our family thought it was white and gold. It's cool to be right though.

The objective, indisputable, and true #1 on this list is the "debate" on whether or not climate change is real.

It turned out to be black & blue. That is all. Gosh, that debate was stupid.

2 Would Taylor Swift be a Good President

So why would this be a topic for debate? We all know she would make a horrible president.

I'd vote Taylor over Trump. Only problem is that I don't live in America.

All she'd talk about is boys. Hell, I'd even vote Trump over her.

3 How Much Wood Could A Wood Chuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood

I'll answer this question.

The saying goes by: How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck COULD chuck wood. This hints that wood chucks really do not possess the ability to chuck wood, which means they couldn't chuck any wood. The amount of wood they would be able to chuck would have to be guessed, and even then, would be debatable. Besides, the definition of chuck is:
1. Throw (something) carelessly or casually.
All acts demonstrated by animals is done for a reason, is it not? Why would a wood chuck want to throw wood? A wood chuck could actually chuck wood, but how much is different based on the individual wood chuck's physical and mental attributes, so there basically is no limit to how much wood a wood chuck could chuck.
In all, a wood chuck can either chuck no wood, or as much wood as it would like. You really shouldn't argue on this, since there is a correct answer. Do your research before saying something stupid.

4 Should Men Have Hair Buns or Dye Their Hair

Not like it matters anyway. Either way of which best suits you or really none at all. Besides, I wanna dye my hair like some kinky boy I am.

5 Coke or Pepsi

Soda is like putting acid into your body, so I'm gonna say neither.

Coke for the win. It's my favorite soda.

6 How Much Cholesterol Is In A Bacon Sandwich
7 Which Hair Takes Longer To Make, The Weeknd's or Donald Trump

The Weeknd's took longer. It evidently stopped him feeling his face.

Definitely The Weenknd's. I love his music but his hair is like a burnt pinneapple.

8 If You Get To Break One Law and Not Get In Trouble, What Would You Do?

Move to Canada. Y'know, if Trump becomes president, we're going to be trapped in America and all.

9 What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

I hate it when people ask me this because is there even a right answer? That's like asking
"Who gave birth to the first human ever?" Although some research could help to figure that out.

The chicken. Because the chicken lays the egg.

10 PB & J or Ham & Cheese
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11 What Would You Do With $1,000,000

Put it in a bank, gain interest, live life in a mansion made of diamonds on a beach, ride unicorns, and buy a winged tiger. Life plan bro.

I'd move to the countryside and chill with my friends and bros, have a BBQ, crash over, party, party all night, 3:00 am- STILL PARTYING!

Buy an Xbox one and Grand Theft Auto 5 for the Xbox one and save the rest to buy Grand Theft Auto 6 later. Smart huh? 8)

12 Chocolate Ice Cream or Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla all the way. Chocolate is alright in small doses for me

I prefer vanilla, though I like both.

13 Boyfriends/girlfriends
14 Whether James Cameron's 'Titanic' Is The Most Romantic Movie Ever Made, Or Not
15 Console Wars

So tired of console wars... Why can't Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft unite to work on one big mega-console in the future that would be so cool and that would stop the console war altogether?

16 My Little Pony

While it is great that the new MLP cartoon made the series more gender-neutral, it also suffers so much drama in the fanbase, and many parents fear that their children are coming across disgusting hentai if they're searching for MLP on the Internet.

I really hate the Bronies. I really do...

17 Is Climate Change Real?

Of course it is. It's just that humans are not the only cause of it. If we never existed, climate change would still occur.

18 Fandoms

My hero academia is a lovely anime really, I have a fantastic time watching it, it just... the fandom... it just blew my mind really. It's abnormal, I can tell you that. Anyway, I don't really like some of them as they ruin the joy of enjoying the anime or manga.

19 If Luigi is a Good Guy or a Bad Guy

This argument is silly... It's obvious that Luigi is a good guy.

Mario is the bad guy because Luigi helps Mario so hard and Mario takes the peach like always -.-

20 Bullies
21 The Shape of the Earth
22 Musical Taste
23 Sonic Couples

They're just fictional characters. There's no need to argue. Plus, there is no canon couple in the Sonic games, comics or shows, and hints, friendships and rivalries don't make them couples, either.

I don't ship anything. There just fictional characters made by Sega.

24 Genders of the Animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's

Let's just say that they're all genderless since animatronics are just robots and have no genitals whatsoever... But judging by their appearances, this is the most likely guess:
Freddy and Toy Freddy: Male
Bonnie and Toy Bonnie: Male
Chica and Toy Chica: Female
Foxy: Male
Mangle: Female
Balloon Boy: Male obviously
Puppet: Male
Springtrap: Male

And none of them are 'good guys' either. Like with most other "mascots" of the horror gender, they're all antagonists while the protagonist is a human security guard. (FNAF4's protagonist is a child at a house rather than an adult security guard, though)

25 Who shot first
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