Top Ten Struggles of Having a Common First Name

I myself have a very common first name (Noah), so I truly understand the struggles of it. Here's only a few.
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1 Having to go by your first name and last initial

It's quite irritating to be honest. Or if you don't go by your first name and last initial, in a conversation, someone addresses "Noah" for example and you don't know which one, causing confusion. Some people even call me by my last name because it's so frustrating sometimes!

In elementary school, there was a program with autistic kids there which I was in. In one class, there was only four kids and two of them had the first name Anthony!

It's literally THE most annoying thing ever. But If one has a nickname, it can become easier

2 Your name isn't as unique to you

"Names, if you've forgotten amongst all the excitement, have a utilitarian purpose... if your child has the same name as 10% of their school, let me tell you, you have failed." -Hank Green.

I get that my name has a meaning to it (It means rest and comfort in Hebrew) but it doesn't sound unique to myself because there are so many other Noahs (I've tried counting and lost track! ).

Michael is definitely a common name, even where I'm from. That's why I've always been called Mikey.

3 You feel like you could be outshadowed by someone with the same name

This really annoyed me back in 7th grade. There was this other Ethan in my grade that was getting all of the girls, making me feel as if I'd been replaced with a more athletic, snobby, smarter version of me.

Having a common name isn't even bad, I have zero struggles with having a common name. Feeling overshadowed is the only somewhat minor inconvenience.

My name is Carson, and there was also this senior kid in my chemistry class named after me.

4 Meeting new people/Talking to other people

When talking to someone about someone else, I have to bring up first and last names constantly due to how many people have similar names in my school.

5 Feeling like your name is being overused

There are many names that end in Tina (Christina, Valentina, Martina) but not too many people just have Tina as a first name which isn't shortened - I don't really know of any at least. I quite like my name; it's petite and means "river".
P.S - Noah is a nice name. I haven't met anyone with that name.

6 The awkward moment you meet someone with the same first name isn't as funny after a while

I have 6 people in my class with the same first name and 2 with the same last initial. Theother frustrating thing is that we are all friends, and it can get confusing

7 No cool nicknames for common names

People with really common names don't really get to have cool short names of themselves because their name is so commonly used, it almost becomes a routine to say it.

I have what people in my grade consider "cool" as a nickname for me (just my first and last initials) and I hate it. They even act like Kaitlyn isn't my real name!

8 It doesn't sound as unique when it comes off the tongue

Like I said earlier, it almost feels like a routine to say it...

My name is short and kind of common, so I agree with this one.

9 Your name feels bland

Male names in general are bland, that's why I would name my boys (MANY years down the road) something from another language with a deep meaning. For girls, I'd stick with names like Cynthia, Rochelle, Celeste, or Brielle if they don't become too common.

Noah, ain't too common! Either way, I think it's a nice name!

10 When you have another classmate/coworker with the same name

So whenever the teacher calls on you for an answer, you both say it.

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11 "Oh, I've met a few _____s before!"

Please, we know. My name's common as a bank on a business highway.

12 When someone yells your name in public and you can't tell if they're talking to you or not

I always instinctively turn when someone says my name, even though there are probably ten other girls with my name in the room.

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