Top 10 Worst Laws and Policies Around the World

Laws are needed in every nation to protect the rights of every citizen living there. But sometimes, they go too far. So, this is a list of the worst laws and policies that exists or used to exist in some parts of our world. Vote for the law that you don't approve of. Thank you.
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1 A woman may only have sex with her husband, and the first time this happens her mother must be in the room to witness the act - Cali, Columbia

Could they go out of town to do it the first time?

I wouldn't even have sex if I lived there.

Um... that would be awkward

Now that's just creepy

2 Women are not allowed to drive a car - Saudi Arabia (1957-2018)

Thankfully this law finally repealed in June 2018 after many protests and petitions from various women's rights organizations in there.

It's surprising that they were still backwarded well into the 2010s.

3 Chewing Gum is Banned - Singapore (1992-2003)

Yes. There was a time when chewing gum was banned in Singapore because apparently it could lead to "mischief-making" like "putting chewing gum on our subway train doors so that they don't open." A single piece of gum could land you a fine of $1000. Do it a second time and you'll owe the state $2000. A third time means you'll be forced into hard labor, cleaning the streets while wearing a sign that says "I'm a litterer." It's a shame, because chewing gum can actually be a great way to activate your metabolism.

I would not live in Singapore.

4 Forgetting your wife's birthday is a punishable crime - Samoa

If I was forced to get married I would live here because my birthdays are so underrated and I don't enough birthday recognitions.

Yikes, going to a prison just because forgetting your wife's birthday?

I suspect it's just polynesian culture. Not the worst really at all, however it's a bit odd if I do say so myself

And forgetting your husband's is not?

5 The three generation rule - North Korea
6 It is illegal to feed or otherwise help migrants - Calais, France
7 Merchandise Based on Winnie The Pooh Are Banned - Poland

It's true. Merchandises based on the cartoon character "Winnie The Pooh" are banned specifically in the area of Tuszyn, Poland. Why? Because that character has been labelled as an "Inappropriate hermaphrodite" as it doesn't wear pants and has non-gender-specific genitalia. Jeez...SJWs are also starting to poison in Poland as well...

How is Winnie the Pooh inappropriate just because he doesn't wear pants, He's an animal.

Budapest has a street named after Winnie the Pooh.

8 People who do not own a burial plot will not be buried when they die - France
9 Keeping a fish hostage in a bowl/container is banned - Rome

Psychopaths Ethically Terminating Animals has taken it way too far

10 It is illegal to own a dog - Reykjavik, Iceland (1924-1984)

How about lions? Or gorillas? Or dolphins?

And I was beginning to like the place.

Really? I'll have to get a xenomorph...

For the record, this law is only applicable to the capital city in Iceland named Reykjavik

The Contenders
11 YouTube is banned - China
12 Feeding Pigeons Is Illegal - San Francisco

At the lake Balaton, a lot of people feed the ducks inappropriate things like bread and biscuits.

Not only is it illegal to feed the animals some refer to as "the rats of the sky," but San Francisco even created an entire webpage highlighting the "dozens" of reasons why. (Hint: So. Much. Poop.)

What's the punishment? Going to jail lol? Also what if you dropped some food accidentally and they eat it? Is that still breaking the law?

13 It is legal for a man to have sex with an animal, provided that it weighs less than 40lbs (18.1437kg) - Washington (1787-2006)

I wonder if Shane Dawson and his cat were in Washington when he had his "time" with the cat.

The state of Washington wasn't even founded until 1889 though, It even says on the picture.

Wait till the cats in Washington start a #MeToo movement of their own...

Why would you do this in the first place?

14 If someone knocks on your door and asks to use your toilet, you must say yes - Scotland
15 It's illegal to lie about your star sign - Sedona
16 Listening to foreign music or watching foreign movies is not allowed - North Korea
17 Instagram is banned - China
18 Criticizing the government is illegal - China, North Korea, Russia, and Iran.
19 No handling salmon in suspicious circumstances - England
20 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act - United States

Uh this was an absolutely stupid idea but it's not really a law "around the world" given the other entrees on this list.

21 You must always smile in public - Milan, Italy
22 In Alaska it's illegal to look at a moose from a airplane - Alaska
23 Illegal to flush the toilet after 10PM - Switzerland

Basically, don't flush at all?

24 All unmarked swans in open water belong to the monarch - England
25 Illegal to appear in public in Chicago if you were ugly - Chicago (1867-1974)
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