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I have decided to make a list of common misunderstood words, things that people either think are interchangeable or just completely don't understand. I have made these definition purposefully as simple as possible and didn't go into to much detail, while hopefully not making an error, feel free to correct me if I had over simplified to the point that I screwed up the definitions
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1 Sex vs. Gender

For those who complain about the gender issue being a new thing, think logically. We are living in a highly advanced time. We live in a time where knowledge is at arm's length, and with that comes the ability to question much easier. Information is just a Google search away, with a device that is always in your pocket, when it isn't in your hand, desk, or bed. This is something that was unthinkable in the 90s and a dream in the early 00s.

There are two sexes: male and female. You are born either male or female, biologically. But gender is a whole different thing.
You could be of female sex and of no gender. You could be of male sex and be gender-fluid, etc etc

2 Troll vs. Cyberbully

Troll: just a person that is just trying to get a reaction doesn't usually have any stakes in the interaction beyond getting a reaction from someone.

Cyberbully: A person that specifically is invested in causing you harm on the internet: they may stalk your avatar and send you threats, maybe try to blackmail you, dox you, etc. They will also create multiple accounts just to keep tormenting you even after you block them.

I'm a troll... far from a cyber bully

3 Democracy vs. Republic

Democracy: a system where the people rule, the majority wins, everything is by population rule, minorities are screwed, funded by illegitimate taxes, fines, etc.

Republic: where the people chose representative to represent them, rule is made by laws set in place for individuals. Minorities can have a change if they can prove by a law set in place that their being mistreated, funded through legitimate taxes and fines.

4 Cults vs. Religion

Cult: a group of people that try to control what you can think and say and want you to recruit others into the scheme
Religion: a group of people that believe a form of scripture, they can be cults depending on the religious group, but religion itself isn't

5 Evidence vs. Proof

Evidence: is the case you can build for or against something, hopefully you can build up enough for it to be proof

6 Sociopath vs. Psychopath

The major difference comes with whether the person has a consciousness or not. A psychopath with lie to you and steal your money and won't feel bad at all for it, they may pretend to feel bad. A sociopath in general still has some form of a consciousness they may feel bad after they stole your wallet, whether that person knows right from wrong.

Psychopaths are considered "cold-hearted" and sociopaths are considered "hot-headed". A psychopath can act like a friend and manipulate you just to get what they want, while sociopaths don't really have the motivation to manipulate or act, they let you know they don't like you.

7 Faith vs. Belief

When you look up faith in the dictionary, it says, strong belief based on spiritual conviction and a lack of proof.
No wonder the word is usually associated with religion.

Faith: something you think is true although there is absolutely no proof for it, usually involves religion

Belief: Something you understand to be true you can back up with proof but can't say is true with 100% certainty, because nothing is 100%

8 Hypothesis vs. Scientific Theory

Hypothesis: A set of expectations that you're trying to prove is true.

Scientific Theory: A hypothesis that has been repeated multiple times and has gotten similar results, but is too complicated to become a law.

Anybody who has taken a basic HS science class would know the difference.

9 Movement vs. Supremacist

This is technically true except... there are some movements that pretends to be a social justice cause initially & when they are over-powered enough with support from the society, they slowly start increasing their demands & pushes their agenda on the society in such a way that the society will eventually misguidedly start accepting their views more & more coming towards the future.

3rd wave feminism, PETA, ANTIFA & certain members of the Black Lives Matter movement are examples of what I said. They initially claimed to be a movement for social justice but eventually started increasing their demands turning towards an alternate agenda.

10 Hypnosis vs. ASMR

I don't even understand why ASMR became a thing.

Hypnosis: used to bring you deep relaxation so they can play some fun suggestibility games with your mind
ASMR: People whispering into the microphone and playing with different objects to make a noise that causes a tingling sensation in your body

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11 Fetish vs. Kink

Kink: A broad term that encompasses any alternative sexual preference outside of the norm.

Fetish: A sexual fixation to a specific fetish or act necessary for a person's sexual gratification.

12 Dominatrix vs. Prostitute

Prostitute: a person who will have sex with you for money
Dominatrix: a person that will help you explore your fetishes for money, usually doesn't involve the actual act of sex

13 Weeaboo vs. Otaku
14 Parody vs. Ripoff

Look at how many people call Johnny Test or Teen Titans Go ripoffs. Guys, Johnny Test is a PARODY of Dexter's Lab and similar shows, whereas Teen Titans Go is a PARODY of the original show and comics. And no, just because you hate it doesn't make it a ripoff.

To be fair it is kind of hard to do a parody on a list site, seeing as a parody is something that pokes fun at a trend, whether that be a movie trend, parody on a book genre, or parody of an artist

15 Hoe vs. Thot

A hoe is a person who is sexually promiscuous, a THOT is just a person who acts promiscuous, regardless of their sexual activity. A hoe is by extension a THOT, but a THOT can be a THOT without being a hoe.
For example, a hoe/THOT will sleep with an entire baseball team, whereas a lone THOT would entertain the idea of doing it but not actually follow through.

16 Bisexual vs. Pansexual

Bisexual - You have sexual attractions to both Male and Female
Pansexual - Your sexual attractions are basically limitless in the terms regarding orientation, sex, indentity, etc.

17 Demons vs. Angels

I think you meant demons vs fallen angels.

18 Emo vs. Goth
19 Atheist vs. Nihilist
20 Bipolar vs. Dissociative Identity Disorder

People always say "bipolar" to express someone with two personalities. Bipolar actually means (roughly) a person who has EXTREME mood swings for no apparent reason and may be either in a state of almost hyperactivity at some points (multiple projects, always excited, want to meet people, do stuff) and then be in a state of depression (no energy, sadness, nothing to do).

21 Schizophrenia vs. Dissociative Identity Disorder

Schizophrenia is a sort of paranoia, and does not mean someone with multiple personalities. I was really surprised to discover that.

22 Crossdresser vs. Drag Queen

Crossdresser: Someone who dresses like the opposite gender. Reasons may vary.
Drag Queen: Someone who dresses the opposite gender as a preformance art.

23 Sexual Harassment vs. Rape
24 Obsession vs. Addiction
25 Nudist vs. Streaker
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