Top 10 Worst Things About the Season Autumn

Autumn can be a pretty fun month, but there are some negatives about the season. Hi, I'm Pnut. And today, i'll be telling you the top 10 worst things about the season fall.
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1 Flu season and allergies

This can be really annoying but I'll keep this one short. Basically it's really annoying to get allergies and it can happen often happen throughout the season. Even worse, it could possibly be the beginning of flu season, and since we are in quarantine, this would make it even worse.

2 Back to school shopping

Oh boy, what a bore. School shopping is always boring and it's really irritating when it sometimes starts in the middle of Summer. They are two things that could possibly happen. One, you're spending a small fortune for the next school year, or two, you're wrestling for the special things for school, such as wrestling a child for the last pack of highlighters. It's basically Black Friday, but with no presents at the end.

Oh my god... I have ptsd from seeing those back to school adds in the middle of July. Kill me

3 Raking leaves

Have you ever had a time that you started to appreciate your leaves in your backyard or around your house? Well, once it's fall, they will turn all brown and start dying. And then they will be on the ground. Then you will have to rake them. And it can be really annoying sometimes. I can't talking like this. Help.

4 The days get shorter

Honestly, who even likes days getting shorter. Whenever you wake up at (let's say around 6:00 AM) it's dark. And when you get home (let's also say 6:00 to 7:00 PM) IT'S DARK. While it isn't as bad as the days getting shorter in the beginning of fall, mid and late fall is pretty much a nightmare for me. It'll always feel like the days will go by so fast.

I really hate longer nights. For me it's harder to wake up in the morning when it's still dark outside.

It sucks when it gets dark too early worst in november after daylight saving time ends

5 Endless hot weather

It's actually not really now where I'm living. I think that depends on where you live I guess. Summer has hotter weather than autumn

I enjoy the heat and I live where it's freezing in winter and not too hot in summer

6 Black Friday fights
7 It gets colder

So, it can be pretty cool and and not too bad at the beginning, but once we get more further into the season, it can get really cold. And kind of like bundling up, you'll have to start wearing for pretty much the entire season. To make things worse, it's freezing in the Winter. If you live in Florida you're pretty lucky. I'll be in my underground bunker. I'll see you again in the spring people.

Would low-key rather be cold than hot. You can always make yourself warmer if it's too cold. But if it's too hot, what can you do? Tear your skin off?

8 The end of summer

Summer time would be over, and now we would have to be in Fall. this is just an opinion, but I like Summer more than Fall, and I think most people on this site enjoy the beach. So this kind of sucks.

This is what I hate most about fall. I never want summer to end because it is my favorite season.

Eh...summer is basically purgatory where I live.

9 School

It's at least better than quarantine, I'm sure we can all agree on that. Be happy you can still go to school in 2020. School isn't that bad

10 Critters in leaf piles

Time to ruin some possible childhoods! It was always fun for you to jump in leaf piles and heck, maybe some of you still do. But whenever there's a leaf pile most likely, they are going to be critters in it. I'm talking about spiders, ticks, and maybe even rats. So next time, make sure to check there isn't critters in the pile. I think I just ruined some childhoods.

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11 It's called autumn

What a stupid reason. Whether it's called fall or autumn, it doesn't matter much to me. It doesn't affect the season. It's just not really a bad thing ok

Yeah, what a terrible name for a season.

I like it. Better than just "fall"

12 Holiday music

Just to make this clear, I have nothing against Christmas. But if there's one thing I hate from Christmas, it's the holiday music. This probably sounds like it would start playing in Winter, but no! Sometimes, they would play right after Halloween is over. That is so early! Just play it at the beginning of December, when it's actually close to Christmas! And stop playing it once Christmas is over, not the whole next month (which is January).

I remember a few days ago for my drum lesson, the workers were playing Sleigh Bells over the radio and I wanted to vomit. I'm writing this in September.

13 Spiders

Eh, not really a good reason to don't like autumn. I don't like spiders but

14 Bundling up

Once it's Fall, most likely you're going to have to start wearing jackets all the time, and the same thing applies with Winter, but that is for a (Possible) list in the future. The workers at my school are very strict of wearing jackets. Let's see how they do this in 2020.

15 Beetles

I don't see much beetles. They look pretty cool in my opinion. Just don't go to forests if you don't like them because that's where they live

16 Halloween

Trick or treating used to be fun at least.

My easy first, so distracting really.

I personally like Halloween but I respect opinions of those who don't like it

17 Rain
18 Wet leaves on the sidewalk and road
19 Winter is coming
20 Seasonal affective disorder

It's super annoying because when seasons change, or it suddenly gets colder I get a washover of depression because of it. I feel like crying in my room rn.

21 Almost everything has something that is pumpkin spice

I'm don't really like pumpkin spice, or pumpkins for that matter. But almost everything probably has to do with pumpkin spice. Most likely whenever you go to a store in Fall, you'll probably see something that is pumpkin spice. To me, it can be real annoying sometimes.

22 Decorations everywhere

I put up the halloween decorations in september, thanksgiving in october, and christmas in november, that whey I can have my christmas tree up longer, because I love christmas.

I used them in september and october!
and in november we had christmas.

This doesn't strike me as a bad thing, really.

23 Horror movies
24 Getting out the raincoats and umbrellas
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