Best Ways to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

We all do it and we know we shouldn't - speed. While the speed limits are there for our safety, oftentimes our schedules or the seemingly arbitrary prescribed speeds cause us to travel much faster than is legal.

You're cruising along at 46 in a 35 speed zone and suddenly you see it: the police car half hidden behind that tree. The cop inside has a smile and seems to be mouthing to you that you're screwed. You slow down but it's too late. He's pulling out of his hiding space and right in behind you. The lights flash, a single siren horn blows, and you know your day has just changed for the worse.

When the cop approaches your driver-side door your mind races. You wonder if there's anything in the car you should hide, if suddenly moving to grab your license and registration will get you shot, or if the cop might find you attractive enough or your made-up excuse real enough to let you off with a warning. You roll down your window, open your mouth, and below are the best things you can do to get yourself out of that ticket...
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1 Don't Be Rude

Cops will often have their minds made up about whether or not to give you a ticket based on your attitude. Treat them with respect and professionalism and they might just give you some respect back and let you off the hook.

2 Engage in Small Talk

Talking about more than just how their pulling you over has messed up your drive won't win you any points but talking about other things, the nice car the cop has, last night's football game, the weather, whatever, may just humanize you to the cop and get you some compassion.

3 Act Safely

Keep your hands on the steering wheel throughout the entire encounter. Cops will feel less defensive and appreciate that you are trying to make the experience easy.

Show respect for the cop by acting in the interest of their safety. 55% of all cops are killed during routine traffic stops and they are generally more wary during the initial moments of the stop. Ask for permission to grab your documents and license.

4 Know Where Your Documents Are

Keep your vehicle registration and insurance card in a small folder or booklet in your glove box. Keep them current and neat. Cops appreciate the organization and you making the situation easier.

5 Don't Stare at the Cop in Your Side Mirror

Cops will notice it every time. If you are staring them down as they approach the car they will be more likely to see you as suspicious with something to hide.

6 Ask for a Warning

It might not get you out of a ticket but cops say that if you ask for a warning they might just give in and give you one instead of a ticket. Can't hurt to ask.

If it was an accident then you probs wont do it again for a while. If you ask for a warning and you know that you wont do it again, you wont have a fine.

Can I have a warning?

7 Acknowledge What You Were (Possibly) Doing

Whether you think you can lie your way out of it nor not, the cop pulled you over because they believed you were speeding. Take accountability and show respect for their job. Don't openly admit you were speeding because then they will HAVE to give you a ticket but mention the possibility and they might let you off.

8 Ask for Proof

You can in fact. You have the right not to pay a ticket and asking proof with a lawyer. Problem is that a cop works for the law ( where in " theory " you may not lie ) and before a tribunal it's gonna be word against word. Who they gonna believe? Your word or the so-called word of the representative of the law? Guess?

It might not always work but sometimes cops will pull you over on a suspicion and when you ask for proof there might not be any. Most people just accept the ticket and move on but you might be able to get out of it if the cop knows he doesn't have proof.

9 Have a Good Story

Having a baby, holding in diarrhea, meeting your father at the hospital after having a heart-attack, whatever. Think of a life-changing situation and tell your story. Be prepared to follow through and actually drive to the hospital and go inside (in case the cop follows you) but it often works because the cop doesn't want to harm more people than they have to.

10 Flirt With the Officer

Thanks for the advice. I am now married and have 5 kids!

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