Top Ten Best Little Things In Life

The Top Ten

1 Finally getting to the toilet when you really need to pee
2 When you finally kill a difficult boss on a game
3 When the waiter/waitress finally turns up in the restaurant with your food
4 When your parents make you your favourite meal
5 When your TheTopTens list is successful
6 Speaking to someone you love that you haven't spoken to in ages

My heart swells 3x its size when this happens! - keycha1n

7 A cup of hot chocolate


8 When your favourite song comes on the radio

(At a wedding in a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco an Andy Lau song plays on the karaoke machine)


And I move with a jerk - Ananya

9 Finding out there's free WiFi in the public place you're in

Oh, this makes me so happy. - RockFashionista

10 Finishing a long school year

The Contenders

11 An electric blanket
12 When your takeout finally arrives
13 A ukulele solo
14 When you don't have any homework

And even if I have to, I won't. - Ananya

Yes, yeet.

15 When your research project is done
16 When your dead internet resurrects itself

I love it when that happens. - Luckys

That's fun to imagine! - Ananya

17 A classical piece on piano
18 A dog on your lap
19 Finally getting out of heavy traffic
20 Chocolate chip cookies
21 Andes candies
22 Reading a Harry Potter Book
23 Finally scratching a massive itch that you couldn't reach
24 A great dream
25 Getting a spontaneous compliment
26 A hot bath
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