Top Ten Littlest Pet Shop Songs

The Top Ten

1 Dance Like You Know You Can

Zoe dance is really funny - NoiseVisitor

2 If You're A Guy
3 Be Yourself/Be Like You

Great beat and lyrics.

4 Got to Get to the Studio

The last part is very funny - NoiseVisitor

6 The Biskit Family Business
7 Dino Pet
8 Littlest Pet Shop Theme Song
9 Biskit Twin Rhapsody

My top ten are this followed by
2. All Around The World
3. Wolfified
4. Girl Time
5. Pets and Humans
6. Superstar Life
7. Biskit Family Business
8. My Biggest Secret
9. Humanarian
10. Two For One

10 All Around The World

This one should be higher on that list to me. It's my definitely #1
And I love Delilah. She's do pretty and she has great voice!

The Contenders

11 Iguana Rhumba
12 Wolf-I-Fied
13 Pets and Humans


Well, do you see how everything has 0.6% of the votes? Everything that has 0.6% of the votes, means they have exactly one vote, because this list isn't very popular, and at the time, I guess Lost and Found Box was just added on first. - scienceLover10

14 Girl Time
15 Secret Cupid
16 Kung Fu Dancing
17 Superstar Life
18 My Biggest Secret
19 Humanarian
20 El Corba Theme Song
21 Two for One
22 Cyril McFlip
23 Not Every Star is in the Sky
24 Fun Being Fun
25 The Sweet Shop Song
26 Lost and Found Box
27 Stay Here Forever
28 Twice As Cute
29 Hanging By A Thread
30 Chase Away the Winter Blues
31 Littlest Pet Peeves
32 So Like, Bored
33 Just Not Into It
34 Guilty Tango

Great song! I love the beat and lyrics, the music video is really funny! Haha Biskits!

35 Can't Give Up
36 Hearty Time Pet Food Jingle
37 Tailravium
38 Sprinkles on My Head
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