Reasons Why Banning Trump from Twitter Has Backfired

Look, we get it. You hate Trump, as do all the people on social media 24/7. But let's think about Twitter's recent action of completely banning Trump. This list will cover those reasons.
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1 Twitter's market shares plummet

This is the most obvious issue with the Trump ban. If you look at the market shares for Twitter by Googling them, you'll notice a considerable drop. Twitter of course is super-popular but the ban has caused a huge dip in their shares considering how many people were to view the site just to see what Trump posts (and yes I get it the president says so many dumb things on there). 3.48 billion loss is not something Twitter should scoff at.

This is the most evident.

2 It causes Uganda to ban the platform from their country

This was something interesting after the Twitter fallout. Uganda apparently thinks that Twitter could potentially interfere in their upcoming elections and have banned Twitter (and Facebook) from potentially interfering in their elections.

3 It revives the free speech argument

Well I think everyone should know about this by now, but there's a rather scary precedent in that Twitter seems to have more say in what information is allowed in the platform.

This argument has been rising again over the past year. It has reached a peak

4 People now leave Twitter to go to alternative platforms

Seeing people flock to Parler (which had been removed though), Gab, Telegram, and other alternate platforms is a major consequence of Twitter's Trump purge. Also a possible reason for their market drops. Admittingly I tried to see what Gab had and guess what, the traffic is HUGE to the point where I was not able to enter it! That's how much Twitter screwed up.

Screw Twitter.

5 It shows the double standard in how Twitter handles "risk of violence"

For those that don't know, Twitter has suspended the Trump account over a "risk of possible violence". Here's the oddity. They still allow Antifa accounts to post. They still have Kathy Griffin's tweet of the severed head. They still have numerous accounts who have posted either threatening hashtags or direct threats to the president. There's even Holocaust deniers who still have accounts.

That's because they are pushing an agenda and consider you racist if you disagree.

6 World leaders are condemning Trump's ban.

Angela Merkel is no fan of Trump and neither is the president Obrador of Mexico. But both of them say that the ban of Trump's Twitter account is a terrible thing.

It's funny because the President of Mexico is liberal. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat thing.

7 People are comparing Twitter's censorship to authoritarian regimes

I believe this item speaks for itself for those who know their history. Mike Pompeo described it as "authoritarianism cloaked as moral righteousness."

Twitter has a set of rules, and Parler also does, which they've banned users before. All of these sites have an echo chamber.
Governments are far more lethal, and if they did, they take actual rights away.

That would be correct

8 North Idaho "Your T1 WiFi" blocks Twitter for customers due to censorship claims

Here's yet another event that's a direct backfire to the Trump ban (instead of some generalization as the ones above it). This along with the Uganda ban show direct backfires in the wake of the Trump ban.

9 It renders the "Twitter is a private company" argument moot.

Ties in with the free speech argument. Also it puts something into perspective since I took this item from a rather smart take tweet:

If private companies can “do what they want” then every business across America should be open right now.

10 A Bill passed in North Dakota will allow citizens to file a lawsuit against tech companies

This just showed up recently, and may not even be actually passed, but given what the Idaho WiFi incident says it's possible that more states will follow suit with stuff like this. Citizens who have been censored by Twitter or Facebook and live in and could probably file a lawsuit against tech companies in the future. As I said before more states will probably follow suit if Big Tech keeps at it with the censorship.

This is a good thing I don’t like how major tech companies can get away with whatever they like due to lack of competition. I hope more states and countries allow people to do this.

Many of these bills regarding tech are unconstitutional.

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11 It contradicted the argument that Twitter "does not censor the president"

Remember back when Jack Dorsey had to testify under oath and he said the exact words "we don't censor the president of the United States"? He testified this under oath back in September or so (don't remember exactly so don't kill me). But now they have censored him. It really ends up bringing more fuel to the fire.

I'll go ahead and end this list with an important thought. Censoring something actually does bring more attention to what got censored.

They contradict themselves all the time.

12 An interview was leaked where Jack Dorsey plans to suspend more accounts

I don't know who leaked the interview but this is a new development, Jack said that the censorship of Trump was "just the start" and that he promises his own team that "many more voices would be silenced in the coming days and weeks."

Who could those voices be? I don't think they're all gonna be Trump supporters. Remember, censorship is a slippery slope that leads to something that everyone will hate one way or another.