Top 10 Ways Twitter is Better Than Snapchat

Twitter and Snapchat are great but here are reasons why Twitter is better
The Top Ten
1 You can like tweets
2 You can have a more creative profile picture

On Snapchat you either have a bitmoji a ghost or a selfie. - Randomator

3 You can have a biography on Twitter

Twitter lets you tell some things about yourself on your profile. - Randomator

4 Twitter has Parody/Fake Accounts

These accounts are actually really funny - Randomator

5 You can retweet

Honestly this list is such a terrible list... - Randomator

The closest thing to this on Snapchat is memories - Randomator

6 More memes and gifs.

People post crap memes on twitter - Phillip873

More memes doesn’t make it better

7 You customize your Twitter feed

Snapchat has a bunch of random stories that nobody cares about - Randomator

8 Twitter fights are always interesting

Ehh, Social media drama... - B1ueNew

So true - PlatinumKane

9 You can read articles on Twitter

Who cares?

10 You can’t stalk your friends on a map

Someone clearly wants to kill internet safety (The creator of Snapchat)

You can decide who sees you

Snapchat has a map to see where your friends are at. Honestly it’s creepy

You know you don’t even have to use the map

The Contenders
11 Twitter didn’t have a bad update

Nobody likes the new Snapchat update - Randomator

12 Easier to follow or get followed on Twitter

How does one simply "follow" one on Snapchat? - B1ueNew

13 Twitter doesn’t have annoying filters
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