Most Annoying Things About Twitter

Don’t get me wrong, Twitter is probably my favourite social media site or at least one of them, but just like everything else, it does have its flaws, so feel free to add anything I’ve missed.
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1 Way too much drama

Most of the drama that happens online is probably from Twitter.

2 A lot of the cyber bullying happens on Twitter

Every website has cyber bullying, but I believe Twitter has it the worst.

3 You can’t turn off notifications for some things
4 You get notifications when someone likes replies to your comments

Someone replied to my comment criticizing a band I like and doesn’t bother giving a single reason, yet 8 people have liked it. Yes, there’s a limited amount of characters you can put in a reply, but 280 is more than enough to give one reason. It really annoys me when people do that.

5 You can’t put more than 4 options on polls

Most of my polls would probably have more than 4 options if you could do that.

6 Polls can’t be votable for more than 7 days

You can still comment on it after 7 days, but it would be nice to be able to have them run longer because I’d still accept answers after 7 days.

7 You don’t get a notification when someone votes on your poll
8 Videos can’t be longer than 140 seconds
9 You can’t use more than 280 characters in tweets

I only voted because I forgot to explain this item, and as I’ve already mentioned, not giving reasons for things is a pet peeve of mine. I’m the type of person that will probably write long comments for some things, especially if I’m writing an opinion and I’ll run out of characters.

10 A lot of the users shove their political views down your throat

It feels like politic rants about how bad (insert politician) is are everywhere on Twitter. It’s really annoying.

The Contenders
11 You can’t edit tweets

That is dumb, like if you make a mistake on a tweet, then it should let you edit your tweets

12 Suspended for no reason

Yeah give me my account back NOW

13 Way too many hashtags

It may not be as bad as Instagram, but it feels as though people on Twitter are obsessed with them...

14 “Retweet or Bad Luck” Tweets

Nobody will fall for these. Only people who are desperately looking for attention will tweet these in the first place

15 Cancel culture
16 Crybabies

Lots of cocky and despicable users that judge a whole group of people based on their skin yet calls themselves victims.

17 “Like for This Retweet for That” Tweets
18 Typos
19 Too many clown memes
20 Trolls
21 Social Justice Warriors
22 Racist people
23 Inappropriate fanart
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