Males' Rating On Shyness In Women

On International Womens Day - please help me out here. I've been told by some men shyness in females is super-cute, while at the other end of the spectrum, some men find shyness a total turn-off. I'm genuinely interested in the honest opinions of males, mainly, but if you are a female with an opinion too, that's also welcome.
So...on a scale of 1-10, (a 10 rating would mean that you see shyness as super -cute and a rating of 1 means it's total turn-off) how would you rate shyness in females? Please be as honest as you like :)
Thank you :)

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1 7

I think seven is a good rating. Shy girls are most of the times honest girls ( a slut isn't shy ). It's also a good rating because above that it's almost deranged shyness ( they have a mental agony and you can't even get a communication with them ).

2 3

Kind of cute, but it gets annoying sometimes. Like I can't go a day without doing anything stupid and spontaneous, but when I see people that don't talk like at all, I'm kind of confused by it. Like, do you not have the impulsive urge to blurt out every funny and irrelevant thought that comes into your head, like "Hey teacher, your new wog looks like a very unappetizing bowl of spaghetti."? I dunno, I wonder if there's a brain disorder that's the opposite of ADD like I have, called like EDD, "Excitement Difficint Disorder" or something. Guys, somebody has to make that a thing. - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

It's ok. At first it can be "cute" but then it will get kind of annoying. Although I can relate, because I am sort of shy in my own way. What do you think? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

3 4
4 10

I find it really cute when girls are/act shy - Jonerman

5 9
6 1
7 6

Is it? Is it really your vote? I say it's mine

8 5

I'm neutral I'm not sure what I like more - Curti2594

9 2
10 8

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11 4.2
12 3.14
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