Top Ten Best Mega Man Characters


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1 Zero Zero

Mega Man And Zero Are the best Characters - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

Put him in smash bros

He is so cute like the cutest robot!

-created to be a unstoppable god of destruction.. ends up saving the world countless times and being the best friend X could ever ask for... Thanks Wily

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2 Proto Man

A grand ripoff of Super Luigi from the Mario franchise. He is generally hilarious.

Best character arc. Easily. Where Zero just goes from psychotic to friendly near instantly.

He is my fictional boyfriend actually

The cool guy with the glasses.

3 Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man, known as Rockman in Japan, is the title character and the protagonist of the Mega Man series by Capcom.

The main character, going as far down as you do

So good he got into smash brothers

I just voted for Mega man because I only know him, Proto Man, and Roll. And I think Mega man is really cool

4 Tron
5 Bass

Bass is badass. His original theme is also badass

Bass should be top 1! Seriously, he's hot!

6 MegaMan X

MegaMan X is the best Mega Man character! - SunGoku

A true leader!
damn, why isn't him even on the top 3? This is ridiculous

7 Dr. Wiley

Dr. Wily has the best voice in comparison to King Bowser, Dr. Eggman and Blinky the red ghost.

He's the main villain of the series so he should get more respect.

Or if you play Mega Man 8, Dr Wahwee - shawnmccaul22

8 Magnet Man
9 Pharaoh Man
10 Roll

Tron is obviously not a mega man character

Umm...Tron Bonne is a character in Mega Man Legends and even got her own game... - Brobusky

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11 Rush

Much emotion has this robotic dog

12 Alia
13 Gemini Man Gemini Man

You know what his character trats is his self sentred atitud

14 Dr. Arthur Light
15 Top Man
16 Flame Stag
17 Snake Man
18 Beat
19 Vile
20 Mega Man Volnutt
21 Metal Man
22 Treble
23 Sting Chameleon
24 Velguarder
25 Dr. Cossack

Dr. Cossack could create "Romney Man".

26 Kalinka Cossack
27 Solar Man
28 Centaur Man
29 Ice Man

Best robo master ever!

30 Guts Man

That fatass is actually very fun to fight. uts Man would be a great rival for Waluigi. Both are too tall!

31 Elec Man
32 Cut Man
33 Eddie
34 Duo
35 Auto
36 Sigma Sigma
37 Axl
38 OVER-1
39 Fire Man
40 Chill Penguin
41 Spark Mandrill
42 Armored Armadillo
43 Launch Octopus
44 Boomer Kuwanger
45 Storm Eagle
46 Flame Mammoth
47 Bubble Crab
48 Crystal Snail
49 Magna Centipede
50 Morph Moth
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