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21 Charge Man

He is SO underrated! His stage is awesome (you're on a speeding train), the music in his stage is upbeat and cool, his design is unique and creative, and the Charge Kick does NOT suck! It's incredibly useful for attacking enemies that are to low to shoot, it's the weakness of Wave Man, whose fight is pretty tough, and it's great for beating shielded enemies! IT can even one-shot Mets WHILE they're protected. Give another weapon that can do that (besides the Black-Hole Bomb)!

Nah, Wave Man's fight isn't tough at all...

22 Centaur Man

You are a Man that is Horse and a robot making you manhorsemanbot - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

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23 Cloud Man
24 Flash Man

He's cool because he can stop time

The coolest master out of Megaman 2. He also reminds me of Choshinsei Flashman - Frouze

25 Needle Man
26 Gravity Man
27 Magnet Man
28 Drill Man
29 Flame Man V 1 Comment
30 Blade Man

Sick design, challenging stage, awesome fight, extremely awesome weapon. What more can you say?

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31 Dust Man

I know people think he is lame but... I don't know it's just somthing about him. His design is cool huge shulder pads the thingy on his head, his buster duz a lot of damage. Dustman is the best!

32 Air Man

My favorite stage in the franchise - CastlevaniaFanboy128

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33 Blizzard Man
34 Turbo Man
35 Wave Man
36 Knight Man

Knight Man is by far the best Robot Master in Mega Man 6. His inspiration is cool, his battle is awesome, and I really like his design

A medieval knight with a flail and a castle full of booby traps. How can you go wrong?

If Knightman had appeared in any other game, he would've been a top tier. An original design, fun fight and a decent weapon. His only crime was that he was stuck in an underrated game. Should be higher, honestly

Knight Man by far the coolest looking robot master in megaman 6, and would've been so much more popular if he didn't come out in this game. Not that 6 is a bad game, but it's slightly lacklustre (even though it's my favourite).
A great level, design, theme and weapon, Knight Man ticks all the boxes.
Also, I find it funny that his DWN number (44) is the same as the ranking as I write this. Anyway, I've gushed enough over the guy, Knight Man for the win!

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37 Plant Man
38 Crystal Man
39 Time Man V 2 Comments
40 Wood Man


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