Top 10 Most Memorable Beauty and the Beast Songs

One of the things Beauty and the Beast is well known for is its amazing songs. This list isn’t limited to the animated film. You can also add songs from the live action film and the Broadway musical.

The Top Ten

1 Beauty and the Beast

Of course everyone remembers this song. I mean, it’s literally the title of the movie. This is one of the most iconic moments in Disney history. This is the song where Belle and the Beast really fell in love. It really sets the mood of the scene. It’s supposed to be as romantic as possible. The overall tone really fits. And it helps that Angela Lansbury has an amazing voice. Combine that with the lovely instrumental background, you got a great love song. This song has been covered by many different people. It has really made a huge impact. This is one of the best Disney songs ever. One of the overall best scenes ever. I will admit that Emma Thompson did a pretty good job at singing as well. Still, it doesn’t compare to Angela Lansbury’s soothing voice. An absolute classic. - MegaSoulhero

2 Be Our Guest

My favorite caretar sings it

This song is brought up the most when talking about Beauty and the Beast. This is a very fun song. It’s the most energetic one in the movie. Lumiere is a fantastic character. He’s the reason why this song is as good as it is. The animation during the musical number itself really shows how much effort the animators put into making it really spectacular. If I were Belle in this scene, it would make me feel better about living in that castle. I also find it ironic that they show her a bunch of food yet she doesn’t eat anything. By the way, I tried that Grey Stuff at Disneyland and it is in fact delicious. This song is just so amazing. Both in the animated film and in the Broadway Musical. - MegaSoulhero

3 Gaston

Gaston is one of Gaston’s songs in the film. It was pretty much a way to give him confidence after he got rejected by Belle. It also tells us a lot about him. He is a tough guy who eats a lot of eggs and uses antlers in all of his decorating. This is a very entertaining song. Not only is it fun, but it also makes Gaston very interesting. It was at this point in the movie that I really started to appreciate him as a character. It perfectly describes the kind of character he is. The kind of character that we love to hate. The song has very memorable lyrics and a very memorable tune. Definitely one of the best songs in the movie. - MegaSoulhero

4 Evermore

I started losing interest in this song for my own personal reasons. I feel like I should share. In my vocal ensemble class, my professor let us audition for individual solos. We got to audition with any song of our choice. I decided to audition with the song Evermore from the live action Beauty and the Beast. Also, each of us had to audition in front of the class. So I printed out the sheet music, gave it to the pianist, and I started auditioning. Afterwards, the whole class applauded and there were even some that cheered. Even some students I’ve never interacted with before said I sounded amazing. Then the very next week, he announced the people who get to perform solos. I didn’t make it in. Yet he let in a girl whose voice cracked multiple times during her audition. I get the feeling the professor doesn’t like me since this isn’t the first time this has happened. I was even told that some students said I was robbed and should’ve made it in. Now every time I hear this song, ...more - MegaSoulhero

5 Belle (Reprise)

This is in my top ten best Disney songs

I was gonna avoid putting reprises on this list, but the Belle reprise is so powerful that I just have to talk about. The entire scene itself is so amazing. She runs out into the fields and the music starts to slow down to emphasis how much she wants to find adventure. Paige O’Hara has a very beautiful voice. I actually feel like she really means it when she says she wants to have adventure. They completely ruined this moment in the live action film. Emma Watson cannot sing to save her life. She also didn’t show any emotion. She was practically just standing there and looked so wooden. It’s sad that an animated character feels more alive than a live actress. - MegaSoulhero

6 Belle

Don’t you just love it when people talk smack about you behind your back? Everyone in the town is judging her because of how different she is. She’s a very hot lady yet she doesn’t seem to care about her looks. And she always spends her time reading. She’s not like other girls. She pretty much stands out from the crowd. In fact, she’s the only one who wears blue. It really shows how different she is. Belle is a special girl. This song proves it. She shouldn’t care about what other people think. She is who she is and others should accept it. Just like how people should accept that the new Star Wars films aren’t as bad as they say! Wow, that had nothing to do with anything. - MegaSoulhero

7 If I Can’t Love Her

This is the song that the Beast sings in the Broadway Musical. It happens after Belle enters the west wing and he scares her out of the castle. Now the Beast regrets what he did. This is indeed a very memorable song. Although, I think it’s a little overrated. Beast isn’t singing about how much he loves Belle, he’s singing about wanting to fall in love with her just so he can become human. Which is understandable. And this is before he got to know Belle well enough. The main reason why I don’t like it as much as everyone else does is mainly the fact that it feels very out of place. It’s clear they needed a song end the first half of the show so they just threw one in this scene. Plus, in the beginning of the second half, that’s when Belle gets attacked by wolves and the Beast has to save her. How was the Beast able to catch up to her if he was too busy singing about his feelings? The Broadway Musical is very enjoyable, but this song was kinda unneeded. - MegaSoulhero

8 Home

Susan Egan is so talented. She’s great in everything she’s in. Even in Hercules, despite me not liking her character, she gave an excellent performance. Home from the Beauty and the Beast Broadway Musical is a great example of how talented she is. This song really should’ve been in the movie. It makes us feel even more bad for Belle. She gets trapped in the tower and supposedly won’t see her father again. We saw the relationship between her and her father early on. So of course we feel her pain here. They were so connected and she has to deal with not being able to see him anymore. The Broadway Musical really is excellent. I saw it 3 years ago. This song was a highlight for me. - MegaSoulhero

9 The Mob Song

Gaston pretty much gets two songs in the movie. Unlike the other one though, this one has a dark tone since it’s about Gaston and the villagers heading to the Beast’s castle to kill him. Up until this point, all the songs were pretty light-hearted. This one really changes the tone. At this point, we grew to love the Beast. Including Belle. So the thought of them getting rid of him is scary to imagine. And of course we know Gaston isn’t doing it to save the town. He’s doing it because he’s still in love with Belle and he knows that she has a crush on the Beast. The dark tone of the song is the reason I like it so much. It fits very well in this scene. Some people might consider the song “Gaston” to be the movie’s villain song, but I personally think this one is the true villain song. - MegaSoulhero

10 Human Again

Human Again is a song that was written for the animated film, but it ended getting cut out. However, they decided to include it in the Broadway Musical. They then later added this song to the animated film in the 2002 special edition. After watching it, I can see why they cut it out. It has a nice tune, but it doesn’t move the story along. It’s nice seeing these characters happy knowing that they will eventually turn back to normal considering they’ve been stuck that way for 10 years, but I really didn’t think it was very necessary. It’s a nice song to listen to. I still listen to it ocassionally. I just think it was better off being excluded from the film. - MegaSoulhero

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