Most Unbearable Phobias

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1 Panphobia - Fear of Everything

What a hard life if you had that

2 Chronophobia - Fear of the Passing of Time, or More Generally of Time Itself
3 Acousticophobia - Fear of Sounds, Including Your Own Voice
4 Anthropophobia - Fear of people
5 Thanatophobia - Fear of Death

It is frightening but unless you are hit by a car or bus or some terrorist attacks where you are. Then just live and forget about death. But it's a scary and sad thing that happens.

This makes sense but do you mean death or the personification of death?

I fear death, that's what made me alive until now.

6 Hypnophobia - Fear of Sleep

How do you survive

7 Automatonophobia - Fear of a Ventriloquist’s Dummy

I suppose they can be ugly.

8 Phobophobia - Phobia of Phobias

So you have a phobia, and your scared of it. Wow.

9 Lygophobia - Fear of Darkness
10 Heliophobia - Fear of Sunlight
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11 Nosocomephobia - Fear of Hospitals

Every kid has this fear?

12 Cibophobia - Fear of Food
13 Aviatophobia - Fear of Flying
14 Dentophobia - Fear of the Dentist
15 Phasmophobia - Fear of Ghosts
16 Arachnophobia - Fear of Spiders
17 Verminophobia - Fear of Germs
18 Bathmophobia - Fear of Stairs
19 Syngenesophobia - Fear of Relatives
20 Zoophobia - Fear of Animals
21 Vehophobia - Fear of driving
22 Altophobia - Fear of Heights
23 Apiphobia - Fear of Bees
24 Achievemephobia - Fear of success
25 Metathesiophobia - The phobia of change
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